The Akatsuki do not belong to me. D':

Pein sat in front of his mirror, grinning widely at his reflection.
"Who's that smexy Akatsuki leader?"
He pointed at the mirror. "YOU are!" He said, picking up a bottle of hair gel. Pein poured the bottle's contents onto his hand and plopped it on his hair, mixing it around slowly and humming to himself.
"KOONAAAAAN!" He yelled.

"Mmmn?" His blue-haired partner replied, her arms crossed.
"Where's my brush?" Pein asked in a sing-songy voice.
"...Right next to you, Pein." Konan said, a hint of humor in her voice. Was Pein going senile or something? She though. Pein grumbled and grabbed it, combing the sides of his hair.
His wonderful, wonderful orange hair. How he loved it. When he wasn't busy, Pein would spend hours combing his hair.
And then the comb reached the top of his head, and as it went across the middle, Pein froze.
...Less hair? No. No. It was a mistake. It had to be.

...He'd better check. Just in case.
"KONAN!" Pein snapped, getting his partner's attention with his aggrivated tone.
"Yes, sir?" Konan asked, straightening and coming to his side instantly.
"...Check the top of my head. Am I..." The fearsome leader gulped, and the next words pained him: "...'Thinning'"? He asked. Konan chuckled, looking at the top of his head.
"Ahahaha! I highly doubt that you're-"
Konan took a step back.
"How bad is it!?" Pein wailed.
Konan paused. "...It's not that b-"

"NOOOOO!" Pein screamed. The leader of the Akatsuki, the cruel cold-hearted man who never seemed to have matching socks and made children shake with fear and babies cry, screamed his poor, balding head off. His hands slapped on his cheeks (( "CHEEKS" AS IN ON HIS FACE, PEOPLE. GOODNESS. )) and screamed like a little girl.
Konan clasped her hands over her ears and winced. "It's-- not that-- bad!" She tried to say over the high-pitched screaming.
The other Akatsuki members rushed to the room, all staring at their leader.
When Pein finally stopped screaming, he curled into a ball and began to roll back and forth, crying and sobbing. He muttered to himself over and over.

Konan took a step away from her mentally unstable, and, now, balding partner.

"What's up with Boss, un?" Deidara asked, pointing a thumb at Pein.
"He's balding." Konan asked.
The Akatsuki gasped in unison.
"...What does 'balding' mean...?"
Where among the responses.
Konan waited for the excitement to subside before she continued. "It seems as though we have a predicament." She muttered, turning to her crying leader.
The Akatsuki where now left for few options.
After a short meeting between the non-crying members, they all agreed to one thing-

Pein was going to need a wig.



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