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I still remember the day my father told me about the Hyuga clan tradition. Every girl in the Hyuga clan must marry to the person with whom they share there first kiss.

I had so many questions that day. What if you don't kiss the person back? What if it was an accident? Why only the girls?

Each question got the same anwser. If it's a kiss than it's a marriage. I had never really thought that tradition was fair but what could I do? It had been this way for years and who was I to change it. Everyone in Konoha knew of our family's tradition and accepted it. I thinks that's why no guy had ever tried to kiss me. Not that I mind. I want my first kiss to be with someone I truly loved, someone who truly loved me as well because there were no second chances. That one kiss would seal our fate and secure that we would indeed be married.

As I've grown older I have grown fonder of a certain chuunin. I've grown so fond of himI no longer think it's just a simple case of admiration but pure love.

I was so sure, more sure than I've been about anything that I've ever thought of.

I wanted Naruto Uzumaki to be my first kiss.


I sat up in my bed and stretched. Immediatly afterwards I cluthed my arms a a shrill of pain shot through it. My body was truly aching from all the training Kurenai sensei was putting us through. We were being trained like the villiage was about to be attacked or something. My brain also hurt. School was pretty tough too. I was extremly glad that it was Friday and the weekend was almost here.

I climbed out of my warm cozy bed and pulled my clothes from my closet. I had to hurry and get dressed so I wouldn't be late.

I stared at my paper as I drew small hearts around the words Hinata Uzumaki. I loved the way it looked and I loved the way it sounded even more. I said it over and over in my head. Hinata Uzumaki. Hinata Uzumaki. Hinata Uzumaki.

"Hinata Hyuga."

I jumped and looked up. Iruka Sensei was looking straight at me. I blushed.

"Can you anwser the question?" he asked impatiently.

"I-I- u-uh..." my voice drifted off as my gaze lowered to my book.

Iruka sensei sighed and pointed to Sakura who anwsered correctly. Even if I had heard the question I don't think I would have been able to anwser. I wasn't exactly the smartest person in classs or the dumbest. I was average but my averageness was getting kinda bad since I couldn't concentrate. I was always watching Naruto.

I felt someone poke me in the back. It startled me and caused me to jump a bit. I inched my head around slowy. Naruto sat behind he smiled. I blushed and smiled back or atleast tried to.

As I turned back around my eyes met with Sasuke's. He was glaring at me. I looked down quickly. He hated me. I knew it. He was the guy to our school and he didn't talk much. All the girls were head over heels inlove with him. All the girls except me and Tenten. Everytime my eyes would accidently catch his he looked beyond angry. He just scared me.

The bell rang and everyone began to get out of their seats. I shut my book and stuffed it in my backpack.

"Hey Hina!" Kiba cried slapping me in the head.

"Ow." I mumbled rubbing my head.

"Daydreaming again weren't you?" he asked grinning.

I blushed again for the thousanth time. "I-I wa-wasn't d-daydreaming."

"Yeah yeah I believe that."

I followed Kiba out the room and towards the exit. "It's t-true. I wasn't d-daydreaming."

"O.k then what were you doing?" he asked stopping and turning to me.

I blushed again. "I-I was..."

I couldn't tell him I was writing my name with Naruto's last.

He shook his head. "Hey! Let me see what's in that book!" he said reaching for my backpack.

"No!" I cried but it was too late he had already grabbed it.

I tried to grab it back but he began running. "Akakamru!" he cried sending Akamaru after me. Akamaru didn't look to pleased to hold me back but he did it anyway. I could see the apologetic look on his face. I watched in horror as Kiba pulled the book from my back pack. He opened it and-

"Leave her alone." Shino said hitting Kiba in the head causing him to drop the book. The papers began flying everywhere.

"Look what you did!" Kiba cried.

I pushed past Akamaru and ran after the flying papers collecting them as fast as I could.

"Need help?" Shino asked.

I shook my head quickly. "No! I'll do it!"

I ran around the school yard breathlessly picking up all my papers. I was going to kill Kiba when this was over!

There was only one more now. It was still blowing in the wind. I ran after it. I watched it fall to the ground. I let out a deep breath and fell to the ground. That's when I noticed the pair of feet that stood infront of me. I looked up slowly. Sasuke stood above me looking down at the paper. Before I could reach it he bent down and picked up the paper.

I shook my head. "T-that's m-mine."

"I know." he said as his dark eyes scanned it throughly.

I jumped up and tried to snatch it from his grasp but he only stepped back and moved it from my reach. Curse these Konoha boys for being so tall.

"P-please don't read it." I pleaded.

"Too late." he said folding it up and putting it in his pocket.

"Hey give it back!" Kiba cried running towards us.

"Sorry. I don't feel like it." Sasuke said stuffing his hands in his pockets and walking away.

"What's going on?" Naruto cried as he exited the school and took a look at the scene infront of him.

"Sasuke's being an ass!" Kiba said crossing his arms.

Naruto looked from sasuke to me. He looked confused.

"He took her paper or something." Kiba explained.

Naruto nodded and ran after Sasuke. "Come on Sasuke give it back." he pleaded as he hrew his arm arund Sasuke's shoulder.

Sasuke paused and turned around. He glared at me once again. I looked down.

"Fine." he said finally. I looked up.

Sasuke dug into his pocket and removed the paper. "Here." he said holding it out to Naruto. "You give it to her." he said.

My entire body beagn to shake. I couldn't let naruto read the words on that paper. It was all stuff about him. His name, hearts, my name, more hearts.

Naruto reached out his hand to grab the note.

"No!" I cried.

Everything paused as everyone turned to look at me. And I mean everyone. Even the people passing by had their eyes on me.

"You can keep it!" I said standing up. "P-please keep it!"

With that I ran away my face red with embarrassment.

I hated Sasuke Uchiha! I hated him so much!

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