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My back was now against a tree. It seemed as though no one was paying attention to us. There weren't really many people who could actually see us now unless they went behind the cotton candy stand.

"E-Excuse m-me?" I stammered.

"You heard me." He replied, running his fingers through my hair. "I will tell you what I was thinking if you-"

"Hey, Hinata!"

Sasuke and me both turned to see who had spoken. To our left stood.....Sasuke. Sasuke was standing a few feet away from me and.....Sasuke. I looked back at the Sasuke infront of me to the Sasuke on our left.

"What's going on?" I asked, confused.

"Damn, Ino!" There was a puff of smoke and suddenly Sasuke wasn't standing infront of me, instead there stood Sakura. She slapped her forehead and sighed. There was another poof and the other Sasuke turned back into Ino.

I clenched my fist. "Why were you guys pretending to be Sasuke?" I asked, angrily.

"I'll get straight to the point." Sakura began, turning back to me. "What's going on between you and Sasuke?"

I clutched the basket tighter in my hand. It took all my strenth to keep from hitting her with it. "There is nothing going on with me and Sasuke."

"So you don't have a major crush on him?" Ino asked.

I blinked. This was stupid and ridiculous. Everyone with eyes could see I was madly inlove with Naruto. Couldn't they? Did it look to people as though I was inlove with Sasuke, or even liked him?

"I....," I began, easing my grip on the basket and unclenching my fist. "....I don't like him at all."

For some reason I couldn't bring myself to say the words hate. Not after he saved me today. I just felt bad saying I hated him when he had been so....well I don't know.

Sakura and Ino seemed to believe me. They both apologized and left me standing alone. After I made sure they were really gone I let out a deep breath and looked around. I didn't see any of my targets. No Kiba, Kurenai sensei, Shino, Naruto or Sasuke.

"You look like a lost duck."

That was Sasuke's voice. I could tell. He was behind me. I debated on whether I should turn around or not. I finally decided to be nice. "Happy near New Year, Sasuke." I said, turning around and smiling.

"Hn." He said walking away.

"Um....Wait!" I cried after him.

He paused, but did not turn around. "What is it now?"

"I want to thank you for saving me today."

"Is that all?" He asked, impatiently.

"No, um....I wanted to give you this." I said, holding out the rice cake.

He turned around and studied it. "Your giving me this for saving you?" He asked.

I nodded.

"No other reason?"

I didn't know how to respond to that. There really was no other reason. He certainly was not my friend. It felt so rude to say there was no other reason but that was the truth. Even if it hurt. Besides, I didn't think it would hurt. He wouldn't care.

I started to nodd when my eye caught something strange. A tiny black bug crawled up Sasuke's leg. I knew that type of bug.

"Shino!" I cried.


Shino stood infront me. He adjusted his glassed.

I snatched the rice back, placed it in the basket, and folded my arms across my chest. "Why?" I asked.

"Because you wouldn't tell me anything," He replied, calmly. "and simple observing wasn't giving me much. Be thankful I didn't eavesdrop."

"Are you trying to justify yourself?"

"Techinically I am right." He said, once again adjusting his glasses.

"Well, I don't think so." I said, walking away.

He didn't bother coming after me. I guess with all his logic he found it a better idea to let me cool off. He got that part right atleast.

I had only taken a few steps when I spotted Naruto. He was stuffing his face with ramen. "This is the one night to get it free," He said, stuffing some ramen in his mouth. "I'm going to make the most of it."

I giggled. I had so much fun just watching him. It made all my worries just slip away. I felt happy again. Just like you should feel at the end of a year.

I raised my hand to wave but just as I did Sasuke appeared infront of me. This time I was sure it was him. Who else wanted to pretend to be Sasuke?

"The start of a new year is...." He paused as though he were searching for words. "uh....what's a Sasuke like thing to say?" He asked, scratching his head.

That was certainly not Sasuke. I knew exactly who it was too.

"No rice cake for you either, Kiba." I said, stomping my foot.

"Whaaaat?" He asked, turning back into himself. "What did I do?"

I ignored him and began to walk away.

"I was just trying embrace the holiday spirit." He said, running after me and wrapping his arm around my neck. "What's so wrong with that?" He asked, giving me a sincere look.

I sighed and stopped walking. "I guess you can get a rice cake." I said, fishing one out the basket.

He took it happily and bit in.

Bark bark

Akamaru, who was now trailing behind us, cried.

"I didn't forget you." I said, tossing one to him. He caught it in his mouth and barked some more.

"He says thank you, but next time bring him more. You must have forgotten he's bigger now." Kiba translated.

I smiled. "I will."

"So whats got you so jumpy?" Kiba asked, taking another bit of the rice cake.

"Oh, where do I begin?" I exhaled. "You won't believe what my father said to me before we got here."

"What did he say?"

"Oh, he went on and on and on about me bearing Sasuke's children and how I must stay healthy and all if I want to live through it all."

Kiba nearly choked. "He said that?"

I nodded.

"You should starve just to make him angry."

"I was thinking of that."

"So did you try out my plan yet?" He asked.

I shook my head. "I haven't exactly had the chance."

"That's good because I have an even better plan." He grinned.

"What is it?"

Kiba opened his mouth to speak but closed it. He was steady staring at something infront of us. I followed his gaze to a group of girls laughing and talking. I saw them often but I didn't know their names.

"I uh....gotta go." Kiba waved. "I'll catch you later about my plan." He said, taking off.

"Hey, do you girls like dogs?" I heard him say to the brunette of the group.

I giggled and looked away. That's when my eyes caught glimsp of Naruto. He was still stuffing his mouth with ramen. He had three empy bowls infront of him. "Yum!" He excalimed, happily.

I giggled at that too. He may not have room for my rice cake but I could atleast talk to him. Just when I lifted my foot to walk Sakura slung her arm around Naruto's neck from behind. "Slow down there. You might-"

Cough cough

Naruto burst out into a fit of coughs and Sakura began slapping him frantically on the back. When he finally caught his breath he blinked and let out a sigh of relief. "Gee, thanks Sakura." He said, grabbing his bowl again.

"Anytime." She shrugged. She started to walk away when she paused and once agin wrapped her arms around him from behind. I watched her lean down and whisper something in his ear.

I turned away. I was shaking. I couldn't go over there now. I couldn't just approach him after Sakura. I'd seem so boring. I would just have to wait. He probaly wouldn't even pay much attention to me anyways. His mind would still be on her.

"You look like you can use one of these."

A man behind a dumpling stand handed me a stick with four dumplings neatly stacked.

"Oh..um....t-thanks you." I smiled.

I thanked again and stepped over to the side behind another stand. I was away from everyone. No one would see if I dropped a tear or a million tears. I looked down the hill I was standing on the edge of, fixing my eyes on all the fire flies and light bugs.

"As I predicted. You're feeling better."

It was Sasuke's voice and it was coming from behind me. I knew better than to trust that this was him. I turned around clenched my fist. Without thinking I lunged my balled fist at him.

He dodged my attack. He was fast. This was Sasuke.

Unfortunantly I lost my balance and began to fall face first down the hill. Dropping the basket, I reached out and grabbed Sasuke, pulling him along with me. We went tumbling down the hill toghther. After about three tumbles Sasuke regained his composure and leaped up and before I knew it he was coming back down, his leg about to hit my face. I crossed my arms across my face and blocked the attack.

I finally stopped myself and helped myself to my knees.

"You finally decided to do something about this hate you feel for me." He remarked, a grin on his face. "But why tonight."

"Beacuse, I thought you were Kiba." I replied, catching my breath and standing up.

"How could you confuse me with your dog friend?"

"It's been somewhat of a long night with alot of encounters." I said, dusting off my kimono. "...although it's not halloween everyone wanted to pretend to be you."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Hn."

"But I should have known." I said, looking up at the moon. "There are somethings you'll never say to me," I exhaled. "...some things you'll never hesitate to mention. I know this yet I managed to get tricked more than once tonight."

Sasuke folded his arms across his chest. "Are you saying I'm predictable?" He asked, a hint of anger in his voice.

I bit my lip and looked away. Maybe that was what I was saying. Maybe it wasn't. I wasn't quite sure.

"Predictable, huh?" He said, grinding his teeth. This seemed to really make him angry.

"I didn't say that." I said, quickly.

"But you were thinking it."

"Well you're not preictable in a fight it's just......."

"When I'm around you." He finished with an exhale.

I nodded. "I hate you...... I can't stand you. ......airhead-"

I paused as Sasuke stepped infront of me. He pushed a lose strand of hair behind my ear. His fingers were warm and soft. "Tell me if you predicted this." He whispered.

His fingers begin tiptoing up my ribcage and I felt chills. I was frozen solid.

"You know if you leave yourself open," His fingers were now right beneath my breast.

Was he going to knock me out? I looked past him to the fireflies and light bugs that were surrounding us. It was beautiful to see them out in such cold weather, lighting up the frosty night.

"...you'll never-"

I may never find out what Sasuke was about to do or say next because what did happen next was not Sasuke's actions.

"Hinata! Sasuke!" Naruto called from untop of the hill. "There you are!"

Sasuke immediatly stepped back. Naruto ran down the hill and in less than five seconds was between us. He looked from Sasuke to me to Sasuke again. "I was looking for you guys." He said. "I didn't think you'd....be toghther."

"You were l-looking for me?" I blushed. He had definently seen the previous events. I wonder how much of them he had seen. For some reason not going to him earlier seemed like such a dumb idea now.

"Yeah," He nodded. "You dropped your basket." Naruto held up my basket. I hadn't noticed it until then.

"And what reason were you looking for me?" Sasuke cut in.

"Oh, I wanted to ask you something about the mission." Naruto replied. Then he quickly covered his mouth. "Was she supposed to know yet?" He asked, blushing.

"Huh?" I blinked. This was getting so confusing.

"I guess you can tell her now." Sasuke shrugged.

"Tell me what?" I asked.

Naruto looked at Sasuke once more before beginning to speak really fast. "Well, Tsuande has this mission for us and she didn't want us to tell atfirst for some reason but she assigned Sasuke to make sure you were healthy and o.k before we set out." Naruto said, gasping for air after the last word.

So that was why Sasuke had taken care of me today. It wasn't because he cared or anything. But why didn't Tsunade want to tell me about the mission? There were so many questions left unanwsered.

"When is this....mission?" I asked.

"Tommorrow." Naruto replied, rubbing the back of his neck.

"B-But...." My voice trailed off as I thought of the meeting I would have to miss. Well that was depending on what time tommoroow we left out.

"You were supposed to be asking me a question, right?" Sasuke glared at Naruto.

"oh, yeah that." He chuckled.

Sasuke exhaled, shook his head and began walking away.

"Wait! There was a question!" Naruto cried, running after him, my basket still in his hand. "I just can't seem to remember it now."

I smiled. Maybe because I felt stupid. Maybe it was because I may be missing that dreaded meeting. Maybe it was because I had a mission tommorow with Naruto, or maybe it was because he paused and turned back to me. "I still have your basket." He laughed. "It smells good."

"There's something in there for you."

"Really?" He asked, his eyes popping open wider.

Sasuke, who was still walking away and who was a few steps from the top of the hill, paused. He didn't look back but he did stand there for a few seconds before disappearing over the hill.

I nodded. "I made you a rice cake."

Naruto immediatly charged back down the hill. I wondered how he could run so fast after eating so much. "Which one's mine?" he aksed, licking his lips and handing me the basket. His eyes were on the rice cakes.

"You can pick one." I smiled.

Naruto began digging in the basket.

"Why couldn't you guys tell me about the mission?" I asked.

"Tsunade's orders."

"H-How long have you and Sasuke known?"

"Since.....two days ago." Naruto replied.

"D-Do you know why Tsunade didn't want me to know?" I asked.

"She said-"

Boom Boom

"Hey look! the fireworks!" Naruto cried, pointing to the sky.

The fireworks had started back up the hill. Rainbow lights soared in the sky and sparks fell down.

Naruto grabbed my hand. "Let's go watch from up there."

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