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The rest of our journey was quite uneventful. Sasuke and Naruto walked ahead of me. Sasuke was silent. Naruto spoke. But not to me. He was talking only to Sasuke. Had I upset him?

"Can we take a bathroom break?" Naruto said out of nowhere.

I could see the village from a few feet ahead. "Look," I pointed. "We're already here."

"Well I'm gonna go behind that tree. Catch up with you guys in just a sec." Naruto bolted behind a nearby tree.

I walked alittle faster. Sasuke and me were even paced now. He wasn't paying any attention to me though. I didn't care. It just felt uncomfortable.

I focused on keeping a steady even pace along with my breath. I was so focused on that that Sasuke's words startled me.

"Your family tradition," He began. "...I have-"

"Back!" Naruto shouted from behind us. He ran in between us and slapped his hand on Sasuke's shoulder. "What'd I miss?"

It wasn't long before we were in the village.

The village was small but beautiful. There were so many plants and trees I had never seen before. The trees had lots of vines and leaves. It looked more like a tropical forest than a place that humans inhabited. There were a variety of different colored birds flying from tree to tree. The air smelled so fresh. There was a river in the middle of the town and I could see young kids playing with small toy boats in it. I could see farmers tending to their crops. They looked like they enjoyed their routine. The people here looked so happy and sociable.

Two woman ran to greet us. "Glad you arrived." One said with a bow. We'll escort you to the Yamazama household.

We followed the two woman down a short trail to a house surrounded by vines.

"Welcome." A dark haired man who was standing infront of thehuge grey house. He was dressed in a dark green robe and he looked as though he was trying to appear older. "The Hon village is very thankful for your arrival." He looked at all of us and gave a bow.

We bowed back.

"This way."

We followed him into the grey house. The inside was much better than the outside. You wouldn't have been able to tell that it was so beautiful by looking at the outer appearance. The walls were a dark maroon color and the carpet was wooden with with rugs. There were tall lamps lighting the entrance. We were led to a cool room. I noticed the air was much cooler than the other rooms although I could see no sign of where it came from. There was a window open. Vines spilled in through it. But not in a sloppy way. Somehow they looked pretty.

An old woman with long white hair sat infront of a small table. She was wore a black and green kimono. She looked extremly old and frail. She sat at a small table as she drank tea. There were two girls beside her. One wore a orange dress. She looked about 17. Her short brown hair was braided to the side. She reminded me of a doll. The other girl wore a brown two piece kimono. Her waist was adorned with a red and black tattoo of what looked like a tree and vines. Hair was long and red. She was beautiful. Her body was perfect down to her fingers toes. She was looking us all up and down. Mainly me.

"Greetings, Ninja from Konoha." The woman stood and bowed. "I am Kunahu." She looked to the girls standing beside her.

"These are my grand daughters," She pointed to the red head. "Kunari," She pointed to the brown haired girl. "..and Kira."

Kira bowed but Kunari just stood there with a smirk on her lips and her arms folded across her chest. She looked annoyed.

"Kunari." Kira tried to pull Kunari into a bow, but she resisted.

"Konoha must have lost its generosity and judgement." She spat. "Sending amatuer kid ninjas. Tell me how exactly you plan to protect my cousin?"

"That's rude!" Naruto cried.

"Kunari!" Kunahu said, shooting her grand daughter a look. "Watch your tongue."

Sasuke had his fist to his mouth as if he were trying to hold back from saying something. He looked more annoyed than Kunari.

"I am very sorry." Kunahu shook her head. "May I know your names."

I felt uncomfortable. I also felt like punching this Kunari girl. How dare she insult us like that. We were here to help them out.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said loudly. "And I am not an ameatur ninja."

Kunari smirked.

"I'm Hinata Hyuga." I said calmly.

"Oooh...the Hyuga girl..." Kunahu smiled. "You have grown into such a beautiful young lady."

I blushed. How did she know me?

Kunahu looked to Sasuke, but he was still looking at Kunari. He kept his gaze on her as he spoke. "

What happened next happened so fast I barely took it in. Kunari lept up and lunged toward Sasuke. Her fist was clenched tightly. She was extremely fast. It was less than a second before she was above him coming down with a punch. I didn't see the outcome because at the same time pieces of splinter and kunai were coming at me fast. I immediatly began to stop them with my byuyakugan. At the same moment I saw vines rise up and wrap around Naruto's legs.

"Kunari, stop!" Kira, shrieked.

Was Kunari doing all of this?

The splinters and kunai were coming faster and faster. I had to focus.

"Get off of me!" Naruto struggled with the vines. "What is this?"

Kunari and Sasuke were throwing punches and kicks, neither hitting the other. They were so fast. Kunari disappeared behind Sasuke and started to kick him but he dodged it. She disappeared again and was in front of me. Her fist heading for my face along with the kunai. A loud shrieking sound began to echo the room. It shot pain into my ears. I quickly covered them. I felt vines come up and wrap around my feet. It was all too fast.

Kunari's blow was blocked by Sasuke. He jumped in front of me, blocking the blow and kicking Kunari back. "Keep your ears covered." He shouted at me. "I can't hear it but it will make you go deaf."

Sasuke activated his sharingan.

"KUNARI STOP!" Kunahu yelled.

At that moment the vines began to release me, the splinters stopped, and Kunari fainted.

"Kunari!" Kira shouted, running for her cousin. "We need a medic!" She cried.

Naruto ran to my side and looked up at Kunahu. "We came here to help. Not be attacked,"

"I am sorry." Kunahu said. "This was not our plan. She will be reprimanded."

"Sure does seem extremely grateful to attack your allying help." Sasuke said, angrily.

"I am truly sorry." Kunahu said again.

The door bursted open and three woman came running in. They appeared to be medics. It wasn't until they entered that I felt the throbbing in my head. Naruto clutched his head at the same time. "WHAT IS THAT?" He screamed.

It felt like my head was seperating from my neck. I fainted.

I woke up in a small cool room. I was laying in a small bed. There was a window beside the bed and I could see that it was night time. I sat up and looked around. "Naruto? Sasuke?" I called, in a whisper.

There was no sign of either of them.

I began to stand up when the door opened. In walked Kira. When she saw me her face lit up. "Thank God you're up." She said, happily.

She sat down on the end of the bed I lay on. "You should be feeling perfectly fine. Are you?"

I was. No pain at all actually. I nodded. "I'm fine."

"Great" She smiled. "You were suffering from the effect of that sound. But we fixed that."

"Where are Naruto and Sasuke?" I asked, glancing around the room.

"Naruto is sleeping in another room and your boyfriend finally left your side to stand on lookout."

What was she talking about? Boyfriend?

"My boyfriend?" I asked.

"Yes." She giggled. "He waited in here the whole time we treated you. He didn't trust us to much after Kunari's attack. He stayed in here while you slept as well, but had to leave only a few minutes ago. It was so romantic. He looked so worried about you. At one point you grabbed his hand in your sleep."

Had Sasuke really done that? Why? I had grabbed his hand? What had he done?

"H-He's not my boyfriend." I blushed.

"You sleep talk to." Kira went on as if she hadn't heard what I just said. "You were going on and on about how you loved someone's blue eyes and blonde hair and smile."

I had been sleep talking about Naruto? Ok now I was really embarrassed.

"Your boyfriend-"

"He's not my boyfriend!" I cut her off. "I actually dispise him very much."

Kira looked shocked. "But-"

"I'm sorry we have not had time to properly meet." I changed the subject.

Kira looked alittle sad but she shook it off quickly. "Oh I have to apologize for my cousin again. She isn't a bad person. She...well...she..." Kira looked out the window and let out a deep breath. "..Kira was meant to be a guardian of our village. She had set out to be a ninja when she was young. It was always her dream. She possessed so many powerful jitsus. She could control plants, heal fast, and make produce a sound that made people's ears bleed. She was a Gennin by the age of 10. That's when she got very sick," A sad look came across her face. "Now using any jitsu takes a lot of strength from her."

Kira fiddled with her fingers. "It kills her that she cannot protect me."

I put my arm on her shoulder. "I'm sorry."

She shook her head. "Its not your fault." Kira forced a smile. "Your boyfriend is the first person I've seen come close to matching her. I've never seen someone who wasn't from our village immune to the sound."

I didn't know what to say.

"I'm sorry about your hair too by the way." Kira winced.

"What's wrong with my hair?" I asked.

"The kunai...remember?"

I had no idea what she was talking about. I reached for my hair. I didn't feel anything. I reached higher. It was there. Just shorter. My hair was at my collar bone.

I shrieked. "What happened?"

"One of the splinters...it cut straight through it."

There was so many different emotions running through me at the moment. Shock, anger, confusion, annoyance, worry. You name it.

I couldn't stop touching my hair. It had taken two years to grow it to that length. Naruto had said he liked my hair. I liked my hair.

"Is Naruto ok?" I asked.

"He's fine. He just had a different reaction to the medicine. He's knocked out. Sleeping like a baby." Kira stood up. "You need to eat. I'll go get your dinner."

I was supposed to rest tonight. I didn't feel tired. Sleep was the furthest thing from my mind. Kira had brought me dinner but I wasn't too hungry either.

She explained to me about her upcoming marriage. She was in an arranged marriage with a guy from a neighboring village. The soul purpose of the marriage was to form alliances. Kira didn't know the guy much. People from the other village were protesting the marriage and most wanted Kira dead. That is where we came in.

Now I was alone in this bare room, starring at the ceiling. Letting my thoughts roam.

What was this meeting my father was going to hold about? What could I do to avoid this marriage? Did Naruto really like me? Was he upset with me? What was going on with Sasuke?

Finally I could no longer stand another minute in bed. I needed fresh air. I sat up and headed for the door. I creeped queitly down the hallway. I found the entrance to the front door and slipped out.

I let the fresh air spill into my lungs. The air here just seemed so different from Konoha. I wondered why my father wanted me here.

"You never listen, do you?"

Sasuke's voice startled me. I jumped and I turned around to see him standing behind me.

"I'm sure they told you to get rest or something like that." He shook his head. "You really annoy me. You couldn't even protect yourself against that girl. I don't know why Tsunade sent you."

"You didn't do much better." I snapped.

Sasuke didn't say anything. He only looked up at the sky.

There was silence between us. Fireflies flew all around us;lighting up the night. The trees seemed to be alive. The vines moved and shook with the wind. The sound of the river was so peaceful.

"This place-" We both started and stopped at the same time.

Silence again. Had we been thinking the same thing?

I started to play with my hair before remembering it was short now. I frowned.

"Stop worrying about your hair." Sasuke said. It was like he had read my mind. "You're lucky you're alive. Lucky you have your hearing as well."

He was right. I just didn't expect to hear it from you.

"Besides it suits you better."

Had he just said what I thought he did? Why was I blushing? My face was burning actually.

Silence again. I had to say something.

"Thank you." I said, finally. "Thank you for...what you did."

Sasuke sighed. "Hinata, I wasn't going to let her kill you when I had planned on doing so myself."

I gasped.

"Calm down. I'm not going to do it. Not my intentions anymore."

I really hated him. Why would he say something like that?

"I wish you would. That would be better than being forced to marry you." I said, angrily. "You are evil. Hateful! And you have taken away my life!" I cried.

I threw my fist at him. He didn't even try to dodge it. He took a blow to the face. A hard one. The impact of the hit startled me. Somehow I hadn't imagined things playing out that way.

"Oh my god" I gasped, clasping my hand over my mouth. "I-I d-didn't mean to...Well I thought..I-I thought you would move."

Why was I apologizing? He deserved this.

Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. "Go get your rest, Hinata. You and Naruto will be back to the mission first thing in the morning."

He began to walk away.

"Wait!" I called after him.

He just kept walking. I should have ran after him, but my legs didn't move. I watched him disappear into the woods.

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