Chapter seven

Getting better and getting to know the one you love

"Ah you're up good, now will you be a good boy for dad and drink these all up?" asked Severus softly as he entered his son's room.

"Where am I?" asked Raven looking lost and confused.

"This is your room little one," said Severus smiling softly.

"My room?" asked Raven eyes widening.

"Yes yours, no one can ever take it away from you" said Severus lovingly.

"It's for a baby" said Raven wide eyed looking around.

"Yes, because I didn't get the room changed when I thought you died, I simply left it. The room will be decorated different for you, just as you would like it, we will go though some books see what you like" said Severus softly.

"Really?" asked Raven looking excited.

"Of course" said Severus smiling.

"Thanks dad" said Raven shyly.

"Your welcome, now take these son then we can go have a bite to eat" said Severus softly.

One was a calming potion, which was taken first; the next was a nutrition potion and a vitamin potion. One to help get his child up to his proper growth development another one was to stop the pain and one to give him strength. Severus was happy to notice his son drank them all down not complaining.

"I've never had my own room; Dudley got two of his own rooms though! And he didn't even get to decorate his rooms!" said Raven exited.

"Well you are lucky then aren't you?" Asked Severus.

"Yep" said Raven smiling almost blindingly.

"Come on then lets get some breakfast" said Severus softly.

"Please" said Raven smiling.

"Come on then little one" said Severus scooping his son up in his arms, he had missed so much and he was determined to make it up to his son for everything he had missed.

"We have a busy day today" said Severus.

"What are we doing?" asked Raven curiously.

"Lots of things," said Severus mysteriously.

"Ok" said Raven shrugging his shoulders forgetting all about everything as he caught sight of the food.

"Come on then" said Severus putting his son in a seat and raised it with his wand.

"How did you do that?" gasped Raven.

"Magic" said Severus.

"Magic's real?" said Raven surprised.

"Yes it's very real, I will show you how real later on" said Severus smiling "But for now eat up, and drink your milk, it will keep you strong".

"Ok" said Raven not needing told twice.

They ate breakfast, and spent a really enjoyable morning deciding on what Raven liked the best. His room was going to look great, in the end they had decided for Raven to have a little tower he could go onto and see the stars. He also wanted a sky look on the top of his room, blue and cream walls, blue with golden snitches on it and the cream with brooms on it. All in all it looked really nice, too Quidditch for Severus' taste but this was his son there was no way he would deny his little boy anything.

"Can I see some magic now?" asked Raven exited but still a very subdued little boy for his age.

"Yes you can, come with me can you walk?" asked Severus softly.

"Yeah" said Raven nodding eagerly.

"Come then" said Severus walking softly, he had to crawl there compared to how he walked all the time.

"Where are we going?" asked Raven.

"To play Quidditch" said Severus softly knowing his son would be excited.

"Cool" said his son his onyx eyes sparkling like you would not believe.

"Your so much like your father" said Severus upon seeing the intense sparkling.

"I thought you were my daddy?" asked Raven confused.

"Yes two men can have babies son, you have two daddies instead of a mummy and daddy" said Severus.

"So where is my other daddy?" asked Raven excited.

"He's in heaven son" said Severus fighting back tears.

"Oh" said Raven. Not really understanding what Severus was saying, he would eventually.

"We are here, come in then" said Severus going over to the shed opening it he took out a broom and quickly put it on the floor and summoned it 'UP'.

"Wow" said Raven squealing in delight.

Sliding on the raised broom he got his son onto the front of him, smiling softly never had he ever been so content in his life. Than right at this moment,

he had his son back, and he was going to get better he would make sure he did.

"This is the best daddy" said Raven softly, cuddling into his dad.

Severus felt tears forming in his eyes, yes his son was back and he would let no harm come to him. Raven would know everything he would keep nothing from

his son, not even if it was supposedly for his own safety.

Eventually he had to fly back down, a sleeping son snuggled into his arms.