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3. That True?

Gibbs stood and watched as Abby stepped into the elevator. As if paralyzed he just stared after her. The door of the elevator slid shut. It was only then that he became aware of the fact that something was incredibly wrong here.

Realizing how serious this was to Abby, realizing how serious this whole situation was, he started running. He couldn´t let her go. He mustn´t let her go!

Abby watched as the door of the elevator slid shut and she wasn´t sure whether to sigh with relief or cry with unhappiness, when suddenly... .

A hand appeared in the gap that yet was left before the sliding door completely seperated Abby from the squad-room. The door slid open again and Gibbs entered the lift. One step only. And now the door slid shut again, brushing his back.

Abby stood at the opposite wall, hands behind her back, holding on to the handrail tightly. She briefly wondered if she should have taken the stairs instead. The distance between the both of them wouldn´t be that small now. Although, that wouldn´t matter anyhow! He would have caught up with her nevertheless.

Abby glanced at him when he joined her, but then she immediately lowered her head. She knew what was about to come. He would demand an answer. She couldn´t flee anymore. And only seconds after the elevator had started to move, Gibbs switched the emergency-stop.

The elevator abruptly came to a halt and the inside went almost dark, only the emergency light weakly lit the cubicle.

He approached her. Smoothly, calmly and rather slowly. He stopped right in front of her, keeping a small distance between them, just enough to not make her panic. As he spoke, his voice was soft but sounded somewhat desperate as well.

"Abby, give me a reason for this." He held up the sheets of paper, her notice of resignation still on top.

Abby shook her head no.

"Are you mad at me?" Gibbs firmly wanted to know.

Again, Abby shook her head no.

"Abs, don´t make me angry! You do have a reason for this! Or do I need to give you one first?" His tone had become more powerful, more warning with each word and he had stepped forward.

"Look at me, Abby!", he demanded harshly. He wanted to force her to an answer. He could make things worse. But could things actually be worse than they already were? He was about to loose her, so it wouldn´t make any difference in the end.

Abby lifted her head, found his left grab her chin, his thumb tugging at her jaw to force her lips apart only a split second before he launched himself at her, his tongue taking possession of her mouth. It actually matched an act of violence.

It was what she didn´t do that made him wonder. Abby didn´t push him back.

And it was what she did, that made him pull back. Abby let him, without actually joining the "kiss". In addition to that she closed her eyes and he felt her body, that was trapped between him and the back wall of the elevator, relax against his.

Gibbs knew he wasn´t good when it came to a woman´s emotions, but this was all too obvious. Shocked about what he had only just learned he dropped the sheets of paper that he was still holding in his right.

"That true?" he asked.

He couldn´t believe it. How could he not have seen?

Eyes downcast, Abby tried to avoid his gaze and with this at the same time admitted what had only been a suspicion so far.

"How? When? Abby, you were not supposed to hide this from me!"

"And you were not supposed to steal my reason," Abby said despairingly.

"Did I?" Gibbs wanted her to confirm.

"Gibbs, I couldn´t stand this any longer. And now you´ve made it even worse!" Abby was fighting back the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes.

"Abs, why didn´t you tell me?" Gibbs asked lowly, yet demanding an explanation.

"Tell you what? Hey Gibbs, I´m in love with you, just wanted to let you know – or what? Gibbs, you were my boss! You were a friend! I didn´t dare to ruin this!"

"And now, Abs? What were you about to do? Leave a note and run away!? What´s that, Abs? That´s not what friends do! You could have trusted me..." Gibbs suddenly fell silent as an expression of guilt washed over his face.

Hell, what was he about to do? He needed her, needed her so badly. Abby had made him live again. He wanted her to be close, he used to go down to her lab whenever he didn´t feel well. When Abby was around, he almost always was able to cast a smile. Okay, she was really hyperactive, but he lived on her energetic nature. She used to challenged him by talking about most intimate habits and he usually interrupted her by saying something like "Too much info, Abs," because he feared to loose control over the feelings that he tried to hide from her with such effort. He was afraid of scaring her off, had in no way expected her to have the same kind of feelings for him as he had for her. And he was accusing her of not being honest?

"... and me ..., I should have trusted you," he eventually continued very lowly, making Abby look up and into his eyes. She knew him inside and out, yes. But what she now saw – he really had been able to hide this from her as well as she had been able to hide it from him.

"Gibbs, you... !?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, I do, Abs. I was afraid of loosing you as well. As a friend ... and as the best lab-tech I ever had!" And with this confession he closed the distance between their lips again and this time kissed her ever so gently, ever so tenderly. And Abby happily responded.

When they finally broke this slow and sweet kiss, and Gibbs looked into Abby´s mist eyes again, she asked: "What now?"

And Gibbs smiled at her, saying, "First of all...," and he bent down to pick up her notice of resignation, stood again and, looking her deep in the eyes, he tore it into tiny pieces.

"And ... now?" Abby wanted to know again.

The shreds of paper fell to the ground as Gibbs got closer again, smirking.

"Abby, don´t tell me you haven´t got any idea of what to do next?!"

The End


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