Ducky and the Killer's Corpse
Rating: R to be safe
Category: psychological pondering
Genre: Gen
Summary: Ducky communicates with a Killer's corpse
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Don't own a thing… OWE a lot… but own nothing
Warning: Darkness this way…

"I imagine that if you commit a murder – plan and execute it – it's simple; not much harder than cutting off a chicken wing before you bone it…. That the sight of their eyes, looking up at you is about as discomfiting as looking into the lifeless eyes of the fish you're about to skin."

"I would think, that your hearing becomes 'tunnel visioned'; that there's a fuzziness that inhabits the space between your left and right ear. Perhaps, overwhelming that silence is the sound of Mozart's 'Requiem', or Ella Fitzgerald's 'My Heart Belongs To Daddy', and that you hum along with these geniuses as you push the blade into the flesh."

"Your favorite colour would have to be red, brilliant red/dark red…. Whether it trickles or spurts forth makes no matter, just as long as you can see it…. And can smell the metallic sweetness of it. Perhaps only the warmth of that blood as it lands on your skin – your chin/your cheek/your hands – can be felt. Perhaps, everywhere else, your body is cold, almost numb."

"I wonder what you look for in your murders. Do you look for mother? Father? Approval from heaven or hell? Do you want to immortalize yourself…? Or is it simpler than that? A case of you wishing to play God?"

"There is an urban legend of someone having written on a subway wall: 'God is Dead. – Nietzsche'. Some witty spirit followed up that first note with the statement: 'Nietzsche is Dead – God.' You, my dark hearted friend, have been rather like Nietzsche in your pursuits…."

"It's fortunate for us, that God has written the last line."