Fiyero smiled as he gazed around his girlfriend's pristine, pink bedroom. Her bed was neatly made and her pet kitten sat in the gilded pink kitty bed, glaring up at her pet bird. All of her makeup and cosmetics were lined up neatly on the vanity, where her tiara rested, a family heirloom.

He felt like a large, gulumphing oaf, and the very fact that he was male seemed to be enough to make him completely out of place in the feminine room.

"Glinda? Are you there?" He called, looking toward her emmense closet.

"Be out in a clock-tick, dearest!" she said back.

Glinda appeared a few minutes later, dressed to the nines. She smiled at him, but he cringed inside. "Glindie, I thought we could be together, tonight, for once." He knew from her outfit she planned on going out."

"But Madame Morrible is hosting a benefit for... for... well, I don't remember what for, but I already told her we would show up!"

He rolled his eyes and sighed. "C'mon. Remember Shiz? I know for a fact you were never opposed to playing hooky everyonce in a while. For old times' sake!"

She groaned, but said, "Alright. If we get yelled at, it's all on your shoulders."

He smiled, and grabbed her hand to lead her away.

She fussed the entire time. He had led her to the Wizard's rose garden, now empty of people. "Isn't this nice? See all the stars and the moon and hear the crickets?"

She looked at him and hesitated. "I suspose it's pretty." She frowned. "But really, I'm far to overdressed for this."

He groaned. "Glinda, please! Please, for once, lets us just be happy! Let's quit caring about appearences!" He smiled. "Let's go away! We can go West and visit my parents and then spend a long weekend at a little inn. We can spend every moment together."

"Fiyero... I can't. I can't leave the City."

He scoffed at her. "No Glinda, you can't leave the adoring people." He couldn't quite fight down the feeling that someone else would have appreciated the night more.