Part Twelve: Everything

Summary: With everything in front of them, they left everything behind. Duo and Heero are finally together again.


There was a very obvious difference between the boxes that sat in our new cozy living room. Mine were all neatly taped up and stacked in double rows according to the room in which I had written they belonged in.

Duo's were bent and dented and in a few very memorable cases, falling apart. We had already found the spice rack mixed in with his shampoo and condition and a pair of slippers.

I love his spontaneity, even though Duo blushed red-purple when I saw his fuzzy bunny slippers.

The slam of a car door was quickly followed by a rumbling of muffled curses and stomping feet. The screen door bounced open as Duo carried the last of his boxes into our new house.

Water dripped steadily from his bangs- a sudden downpour was making a calming tattoo against the roof as well- but even that couldn't stop the smile that graced his handsome face.

I love his smile.

"That's it now- finally. I hope you like this house Heero, because we are never moving again."

I took the boxes out of his arms and laid them at my feet before wrapping myself around him. The rain water made him cool and left a fresh, earthy scent on his skin. I inhaled deeply before speaking.

"I love this house. I love the area. I love the town just fifteen minutes away. I love you." Duo hid a smile from me as I continued. "I love my new job. I love our new car. I love you."

"You said that one already." He complained, pulling back to look at me.

"That one's my favorite."

Duo rolled his eyes but didn't complain as we fell into a comfortable silence, just holding each other in our new living room. With my arms around his waist, I could feel the little bit of tension that remained.

"What's wrong?"

Duo blinked for a moment, before shrugging slightly. "I'm just…..are we doing the right thing? I'm sure Une would welcome you back with open arms if you-"

I shook him slightly, rolling my eyes at his thoughts. "Duo, I do not want to go back to the Preventers. Quatre has literally been throwing clients at me and Bill needs all the help he can get at the garage." I smiled, just for him. "I am at peace, here, with you."

"I just can't help but think that one day you'll get bored and wish you'd never quit the Preventers to live on Earth with me." Duo huffed in exasperation. "I hate feeling like I'm making you give everything up."

Guilt gnawed at my stomach- Duo's new doubts and fears were the product of my own idiotic actions. That lingering fear of abandonment had been transformed into this hovering darkness over every promise for the future I've made.

"The doubts will leave in time." I promised again. "The fear will continue to fade, and fade, till it's gone."

Duo shrugged again. "Maybe."

"It will."

The moment was broken when the portable vid in my back pocket began to vibrate. Duo snickered softly before dipping his hand in my pocket to grab the phone and steal a quick grope.

Quatre's face filled the small screen and before long Duo was lost in a rambling conversation about the house and the trip down to Earth.

I quietly unpacked a few plates and forks for the take-out we'd picked up on the ride in. Duo's words caught up with me as I piled up our dishes to be washed.

'I hate feeling like I'm making you give everything up.'

Perhaps we were giving up certain parts of our lives for this, but the Preventers were not my everything. My everything had a long chestnut braid and wicked, violet eyes and was standing in our living room surrounded by boxes. That was what I wanted in my life- Duo was what I needed to move forward.

I might have been leaving something behind, but what stood before me was infinitely more important.

I left the kitchen as the sink began to fill, just to stand in the doorway and watch Duo talk.

With everything in front of us, we left everything behind.


No matter what.