Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Within a room, not just any room, but Sam's bedroom, she was hunched over on her bed and fuming over something. Danny Fenton/Phantom and Tucker Foley sat on the edge of the bed, trying to cheer her up. They had made no progress.

"What's Sam upset about anyway?" Tucker asked his friend.

"She's still bitter about the 'Thanksgiving Incident' last year I guess." Danny replied.

"Well having your boyfriend convince the very animals that you were trying to protect to maul you isn't exactly a moral booster." Sam muttered darkly.

"Sam, I didn't have a choice. I couldn't let your undead Turkey army destroy Amity Park!" Danny threw his hands up in the air for emphasis.

"And if anyone should be angry it should be me! You made those Turkeys with me in mind didn't you?" Tucker accused. Sam fell back onto the bed, allowing the two boys to see a glint in her amethyst eyes.

"Uh-oh. Sam, you've got that look again, the one that means you have a hair-brained idea that's going to kill us all." Danny and Tucker slowly inched their way towards the door, only to find Sam blocking the exit.

"Tucker, you're a genius! That's where I went wrong, undead turkey army! If anything that made people hate them even more. But now I have new, better plan…" Danny raised his with is index finger up as if he was about to ask a question. The Goth answered it before he could even speak.

"And no Danny, it doesn't involve seducing you." Danny hung his lead low. Sam continued. "My new plan is to break into the turkey killing farm/factory thing. Rescue the Turkeys via a prison break style cliché, rehabilitate them and teach the birds how to survive in the wild, and then release them. Would anyone like to join me?" Tucker sighed.

"I've got nothing better to do." Sam smiled.

"What about you Danny?" The halfa looked up and his face showed that he was heavily thinking about it.

"I'm not sure. After what happened last year…" Sam then walked up to Danny.

"Well, if we free the turkeys then maybe we could…" She whispered the rest into Danny's ear. His eyes widened.

"Count me in!"

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