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Summary: Bella is on vacation with Charlie before she moves in with him. While there she meets a girl named Melissa who looks exactly like her. Since she is dreading going to live in forks with Charlie and Melissa wants to get away from her parents divorce and her boring life, they decide to switch lives for a while. Will Bella make Melissa's life much more interesting? What will happen when Melissa meets the Cullens and the infamous werewolves?

Setting: Set about one week before Bella moves to Forks to live with Charlie. She is on vacation in Houston, Texas for some bonding time with Charlie before they have to live together.

Disclaimer: I am sadly not the genius mind behind all of this, Stephenie Meyer is! We must all bow down to Stephenie.

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Switching Lives

By: Librarian2be

Bella's POV:

"Mom come here and help me get this thing closed!" I called out through the

house as I sat on top of my suitcase trying to zip it closed.

I watched as my mother stumbled slowly into my room. She was still in her pajamas and her hair looked like a birds nest.

"Bella, what do you need? Do you know that it's 3:30 in the morning?" she exclaimed while somehow looking both half-asleep and angry at the same time.

"Yes, I know and I'm sorry. I couldn't sleep so I started packing my bag but now I can't get it closed. Will you help me?" I pleaded.

"So you get me up at 3:30 in the morning and then expect me to help you! No, you can just get that bag zipped yourself!" She scolded.

"Come on you owe me!" I pleaded, "It's bad enough that I have to go live with Cha- Dad without having to go spend a week in Texas with him having father daughter bonding time." I said sarcastically with air quotes.

"Come on Bella, I will be good for you to spend some time with him." She stated as she zipped up my suitcase and walked out of the room to get a couple more hours of sleep before she had to drive me to the airport.

I lay down on my bed and thought about what living with Charlie was going to be like. There was no doubt in my mind that I would be doing all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping for the house since Charlie could barely do the bare minimum that was needed to survive. Also, school would be horrible. Everyone would stare at the "new girl" and then laugh and forget all about me the minute I trip over something. Nothing will be different from how it is now. I will have no friends and will spend the next 2 years of high school with my nose stuck in a book. I wish I could switch lives with someone. With that last thought I drifted off to a deep peaceful sleep.

Melissa's POV:

My name is Melissa Dawn. I'm 16 years old and I live a very pathetic life in the suburbs of St. Louis, Mo. I live one of the most boring lives in the world. I am what people would call a nerd because I spend most of my time immersed in school work or a book. I have a few friends but they are just like me, and we don't get invited to anything. In addition being socially boring, I am physically plain. I have long brown hair which refuses to do anything but hang there, very pale skin (I am so pale that I must wear SPF 45 sunscreen all year long or else I will turn tomato red. A sunburn will not help the fact that my face is already red 90 of the time from being embarrassed about one thing or another), and actually kind of pretty brown eyes (however, you can't really see then behind the glasses I have to wear). People pretty much ignore me except for when they are laughing at me for falling down. This happens a lot since I can barely walk across a flat surface without tripping.

My family life pretty much sucks. When I was five, my father cheated on my mother and left her the day after my little brother, Kevin who is 11 now, was born. Needless to say I was devastated. I went from seeing my father everyday to having him move all the way across the country to Denver, Colorado and only seeing him about 4 times a year. Throughout my childhood he continued to move all over the country: first Colorado, then Washington, then Japan, and finally Houston, Texas. I was doing ok with this and had adjusted to the situation until I got a very important phone call. He told me that he had gotten re-married. This fact alone did not really bother me. I was not so naïve as to think that he would not see other women; however, I did not want to ever meet the women he was involved with. He told me that he wanted Kevin and me to meet out new "step-mom" who just happens to be only 30 years-old. My father is 48. So my mother is now forcing me to visit with my father for a week in Houston, Texas. As I was packing when a fight erupted between my mother and I. This almost never happens because we are very close.

"mom, do I have to go?" I pleaded

"yes, It will do you some good to spend some quality time with you father. And who knows maybe you will like his new wife." She said very motherly.

"No, I refuse to go. He has never wanted me in his life before. What caused the sudden change in heart?" I screamed.

"I not going to argue with you Melissa. Just give him a chance!" She yelled back.

"Fine! I will go but I won't have a good time and I won't be nice to her!" I screamed.

I plopped down on my bed and stuck my nose into a copy of Pride and Prejudice which was falling apart from being read hundreds of times. My mother stomped out of the room screaming, "We leave in 2 hours!" I wish I could switch lives with someone. This was the last thought I had before I let my mind escape into the imaginary world created by Jane Austin.

Bella's POV:

"Bella, It so good to see you. Look at how you have grown since I last saw you. Here let me get your bag. So what would you like to do first?" Charlie said hesitantly as if he did not know what to say to me when I stepped off the plane.

"I don't care Cha-Dad. I'm really tired. Why don't we just go to the hotel and go to bed early so that we can get up early and do something fun for Thanksgiving tomorrow?" I said with a yawn so that he believed I was really tired. In all actuality, I was not tired at all since I slept on the plane. I just did not want to have to sit through a dinner which was sure to be awkward since neither of us knew what say to each other.

"Ok Bella," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. But he seemed to believe that I was tired.

The week passed on very much in the same manner. Neither of us saying much and the only real thing we did together was eat and go see the Thanksgiving day parade prior to eating a turkey dinner at the hotel. I could tell that living with Charlie was not going to be much fun.

On the final night of our stay in Texas, we were going to go eat at a famous steakhouse; however, Charlie was not feeling well so I decided to go alone. As I walked into the steakhouse, I didn't have the faintest idea that my life was about to change forever.

Melissa's POV:

As I stepped off the plane and into the airport, I wondered if my father was even going to remember to pick me up. My father either doesn't remember to pick me up or is about 2 hours late. As I scanned the airport my eyes fell on the many smiling happy families who were traveling for the holidays. I guess that I should be thankful that I even have a father but when I could not find his familiar face in the crowd, Icouldn't help but feel a little depressed that I had been let down once again. So I sat down on one of the airport couches and dove into a copy of Jane Eyre.

I was about halfway through the book when I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I turned around to find a very pretty and young blond woman smiling at me.

"Can I help you?" I asked hesitantly.

"Hi! I'm Suzanne, you new step-mom." She said with the fakest smile spread across her face.

This is just great. Not only could my father not remember to pick me up, but he could not be bothered to come once he remembered. So he just sent his new wife who looked like a supermodel to come get me. I wanted to slap that fake smile right off her face but I decided to save my anger for dad.

It was an hour ride to my dad's house and we spent the whole time in complete silence. She just drove and kept smiling and I just stared out the window. When we finally got to the house my father was asleep, so I just went to bed. For thanksgiving my father put on "the dog and pony show" trying to act like a "real family". Like that would ever happen! The rest of the week was spent with me ignoring them and with my nose stuck in a book. On the final night, he suggested that we go to a famous steakhouse for a farewell dinner before I left.

As I walked into the steakhouse, I wished I could just get away from my horrible and boring life. Little did I know, my wish was about to be granted.

Bella's POV:

I walked followed a very cute waiter to my table and sat down. I looked like a total loser and people probably thought that I had been stood up by my date or something. The waiter came back and took my drink order. I ordered a diet coke and then made my way to the bathroom so that I could try to leave unnoticed. Going alone tonight had been a bad idea. Before I even had a chance to react, my foot caught in the strap of my purse and I tripped. As I fell I hit a waiter who was passing by with a tray full of sodas. I watched in slow motion as all of the sodas flew in the air and came tumbling down on me. I was soaked with soda and as I stood up I heard the steakhouse erupt in laughter. I flushed flaming red and sprinted to the bathroom.

When I got to the Bathroom, I screamed "I hate my life!" I looked into the mirror and my eyes fell upon my face. However, in the mirror I was not wet and I had glasses. I realized that I was not looking into a mirror but at someone who looked just like me but with glasses. Then I fell into darkness.

Melissa's POV:

The three of us sat around the table in complete silence. Suddenly, my father very sternly said, "Melissa, I'm tired of this! Get over me leaving your mother and talk to us. I'm trying be nice and so is Suzanne"

As rage came over me, my whole body shook. What right did he have to tell me to get over it? He left my mom and me! I hate him!

I sprinted as fast as my clumsy legs could carry me toward the bathroom. I burst through the door and cried, "I hate my life!" I looked up into the mirror to check and see if my face was all red and splotchy. I gazed upon my face; however, my image was sopping wet. I realized that I was gazing upon the face of a girl who looked just like me!

Then I fell into darkness.


When both girls began to stir, they sat up and looked at each other in awe. At the exact same time they muttered, "We should switch lives!"

What will happen next? Will they switch lives? Will their families notice that they are not themselves? You'll just have to review and wait to find out! Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!!!