Possibly Perfect

NejiXTenten. It was the wrong place, the wrong time, the wrong reasons… and the right pair.

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Extra Chapter: Shears of Fear

Neji's eyebrows furrowed as soon as he opened the door. It was the first day of his week-long vacation. What could have gone wrong so soon?

"We're supposed to go buy some things today, then dinner." He said as he walked away from the door, his voice was marked by irritation. "Do you know how many times we've had a date interrupted?"

The visit's purpose was explained briefly and to the point- tactless. Usually, he would appreciate such an approach but at that time, he was pissed off by the fact that his guest didn't seem to give a damn at all that he was getting married very soon. He deserved the break for crying out loud.

"You tell me."

"Many times that if another one gets cancelled I'm not sure how she's going to take it." He paused. "And that's just Tenten."

He didn't want to delve into Hanabi's reaction yet.

"She seemed to be okay with it…" Shikamaru said as he followed him. "At least that's how she sounded over the phone."

"You called her before you told me?" He stopped and turned around to face the other guy.

"Well, I was thinking you'd refuse it."

"What's with you? Why didn't you talk to me first? And here I am thinking I have at least one logical person working for me!"

"Why are you so angry about it anyway?"

"Because that girl is capable of coming up with concepts that a common person will never ever be capable of coming up with!"

"Sounds like a tongue twister to me."

Neji glowered at him. Shikamaru thought he never heard him sounding and looking as annoyed as that. Perhaps, a business trip six days before a planned wedding wasn't such a good idea.

"I can't go alone, can I?"

"Whatever happened to your confidence level?"

"I mean if you're not coming, no one's going to wake me up in case I doze off while someone is talking and you know that happens to me all the time."

"If you need someone to keep you awake then take Naruto."

"You think Naruto can stay there and not mar the image of the company?"

He did have one logical person working for him, after all. He sighed. Their talk came to a halt when they heard Tenten's voice calling out Neji's name.

"Didn't I tell you she's okay with it?" Shikamaru asked, looking confident as he shoved his hands in his pockets. "Does that sound like an angry Tenten to you?"

"Oh, you're here as well?" Tenten said when she saw the two. "Good, now it will be quicker and easier…"

"W-what's that…?" Neji uttered the question.

Tenten smiled as she raised the shears she had with her- the stainless blades reflecting the light.

"Come here you two…"

"Oh! I knew it... I knew it... um..." Shikamaru said as he rushed toward the door. "Um... I forgot something!"

"Forgot something? You liar! I told you, you should have talked to me first!" Neji followed him but Tenten caught him by his arm.

"That's too bad but it's alright, I'm okay with just Neji!" She beamed.

"You two are lovely together!" Shikamaru waved at the couple. "Please excuse me, I really need to hurry. Bye."

"Bye!" She waved back.

Neji had a grim look on his face when the door shut. Nara Shikamaru, wait until I get back in the office, he thought. But that wasn't the time to think about osterizing methods. He needed to do something about her.


"Huh?" She noticed the sudden seriousness in his voice.

"Give me that weapon."

"Weapon?" She blinked.

"Yes, give it to me..."

"Oh you mean this?" She asked as she looked at the shears that she was holding.

"Let me take care of it, okay?"

Tenten thought he was being overly cautious. Perhaps he just didn't want any accident when the wedding is so near. But it was great that he volunteered since most of the people working in the house were on their day offs. She handed him the shears- which he took slowly and carefully.

"You can forget about what Shikamaru told you, I'm not leaving for some business trip."

"Really? Is that why he came here? So we'll go out tonight?" She asked in succession.

He nodded in reply.

Even though she said that it was alright for Neji to leave, she was actually against it. But she had to face reality- she didn't really have a choice. It was a business thing. The news that the trip was cancelled was a pleasant surprise. She immediately brightened up. It didn't really matter why it was cancelled- in fact, it didn't really matter to her how it was connected to the shears.

"Well then, I'll leave the rest to you..."

He gave her a smile so tense he thought he was lucky that she didn't notice it. She was too absorbed by their scheduled dinner that night. For that reason alone, he knew he did a good job prioritizing things. And she did a good job scaring Shikamaru out of their house- now where to keep the shears?

Tenten was all dressed up, ready for their dinner date. She was beyond happy that the business trip was called off. It sure was nice to know that finally, they could spend time together. She went to the garden, just to check- and she was aghast at what she saw. Didn't he say he would take care of it?

"He even took the shears from me... what was that all about..." She murmured in confusion. "Damn it, the hedges need some pruning..."

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