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Frankie sat on her bed; another family had rejected her and taken home a bright and bubbly 6 year old. Frankie sighed and stared out the window thinking perhaps one day she would get a family but today wasn't her day.

"Frankie, pick your sorry ass up and clean this mess!" Don the owner of the orphanage snapped, Frankie rolled her eyes, in her 5 years with her biological mother she had seen and heard a lot and in the 12 years she'd been in the orphanage she had seen and felt much more.

"Right" she stood and avoided the steely gaze of Don, he slammed the door to her dingy room in the attic of the building and stuffed all her belongings in her bag, she had never unpacked any of her stuff she'd been given it remained in bags unless she needed it. Her idea was if it was packed and she needed a quick escape she could grab her bag and bail.


9 AM and Frankie lay sleeping in her bed, the door opened quietly, Don slipped into the room and Yanked her out of her bed by her hair.

"Up bitch!" he spat, his hostility towards her had never bothered her, the physical violence…well she'd experienced it when she was younger at the hands of her parents…nothing new.

"I'm up!!" she yelled as he dumped her on the floor and kicked her ribs once before leaving.

"Asshole" she muttered as she grabbed her essentials and sped to the bathroom, she cleaned quickly and changed into her routine cargo pants, sneakers and a tank top. Her long brown hair hung to the middle of her back, her sapphire like eyes were dull and life less.

She gathered her gear and hurried back to her room before Don could heap any shit on her for taking to much time or just being alive.

"Usless and disappointing, no one will want you" he had said when the last family declined taking her in, she had kept her emotions under wraps and ignored the disgusted looks people gave her.

Any hope she had of being accepted by people had gone out the window, her mother was incarcerated for murder her father was the victim and she had no other family, Social services put her in the orphanage because she was so troubled, witnessing a murder at 5 and then being shipped into a place completely alien to her had messed her view of family and happiness up badly.


Night time fell and a large white SUV pulled up out side the orphanage, a tanned man with white blonde hair and a petite woman with brown hair stepped out and entered the large doors.

Don jumped from his chair and greeted the two people, hoping they were going to take another undeserving child to a new home away from solitude and out of his hair.

"Hello, my name is Don, welcome" he said shaking their hands and pasting on a fake smile

"Hi, we're here to see if we can adopt a child" the woman said happily

"Age, Gender?" Don asked excited that he was able to rid himself of yet another ankle biter

"We were looking for an older child, gender doesn't matter" she replied, Don sighed and led them up the many stairs to a door.

"This is the only older child I have, no one wants her" he replied dropping the happy act and showing some of his true colors.

"We'll decide that" the man accompanying her snapped

"Frankie! Get up wench, people her to see you another rejection no doubt!" He yanked her up by the arm and shoved her towards the door; she stepped out into the small space and looked at the floor.

"Shit head" she muttered, a giggle made her look up

"Hello, Frankie, I'm Alana and this is Ric" the woman smiled holding out her hand, Frankie stared at the hand looked back at the floor. Last time she had shook someone's hand she was beaten for it by Don.

"Mind if we talk?" she asked, Frankie nodded and shuffled past Don quickly and into the room

"So tell me about your self" Alana said joining Frankie on the bed

"Not much to tell, I'm 17, look the way I look, don't care what people think and am pretty messed up" she said, she wasn't trying to sell herself if they didn't like her for her then she didn't want to go with them.

Alana nodded and smiled she liked Frankie already, she would get along famously with Ric and probably a lot of their friends, "Well I like you, hang on one second" she stood and talked to Ric outside the door and re-joined Frankie on the bed.

"They're organizing the papers now, your coming home with us" Alana said excitedly

"Why me?" Frankie was confused the could have any of the little kids, to cherish and watch grow up, a kid to lead through school and teach things to, Frankie was older and couldn't understand why they wanted her…no one had ever wanted her.

"We travel a lot, we wanted a teenager who could handle themselves, and also someone we could love and share our lives with, you fit the bill" Alana explained with a smile, she placed a hand on Frankie's arm and Frankie jerked hers back. She wasn't allowed contact with anyone.


Ric, Alana and Frankie walked out of the orphanage and hour later; Frankie trailed behind like she had been taught at a young age "Your not an adult or a human being so you trail behind like a dog" her mother had drilled it into her head from the age that she could understand, any defiance or rule breaking was soon beaten out of her.

"Come one" Alana dropped back from Ric and walked beside Frankie

"I'm not allowed to walk with you" Frankie stated as if it was the law

"Hey, your part of our family now, all the old rules go out the door. We have our own ways" Alana comforted, she ushered Frankie into the car and shut the door, this girl was going to be hard to crack and bring out of her shell, but Alana was determined to get her to open up.