Hey guys this is my story hope you like it.

Sasuke was walking down a feild.He was on his way to Sakura's house.In his hand was a box with a soild gold enganment ring inside the box.All of a sudden he was awakened from his thoughts when someone hugged him from behind.

In shock he looked back and saw a girl with long black hair and blue eyes.She smiled and said Sasuke bemine"her voice disgusted him.He felt someone else prsence and shook her off.She burst into tears and left.He looked where he felt the percence and founda saltytear.He surraged and countinued to walk towards Sakura's house.

When he finally got there ,he was shocked to see on the door a note that said"Goobye".He sprinted to the Hokages office she would have to know where Sakura was!.

He ripped the door of it's henges surpirsed to see Neji seated arcoss from the Hokage.Tsunade looked like she was going to kill."UCHIHA WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING'!!!!Sasuke payed no heed to her and said angerliy"DON'T YOU GET THAT SAKURA IS MISSING YOU-He did not finish because Neji but a hand on his mouth preventing any foul words to be spoken.

Neji looked at Sasuke through narowed eyes".Uchiha I think we are here for the same reasons calm down.'Neji said in a low voice.Sasuke glared at him and he then glared at Tsunade.Neji then started speaking...

Sakura was at the village gates holding her stomach."I am so sorry baby I have to leave [shocker yah sakura's pregnant and so is someone else read on!

"So your leaving to eh Sakura "said a said yet familer voice from behind.When she turned she saw Tenten with her backpack on.Sakura looked at her and then understood.In a soft voice she said "Tenten tell me what happened and I will tell you what happened to me".

Tenten nodded sadly.Well it all started when..Flashback.

Tenten was walking to the training grounds.She was going to spar with Neji.When she got there she saw nobody there.She felt two people were behind the bush.

Whta she saw made tears go to her eyes.There in a clearing was her boyfrined Neji kissing another girl!With tears threating to spill she ran away.End of Flashback.

Oh Tenten I am so sory!"said Sakura in a low and sad voice.Tenten just shook her head and faintly smiled."Sakura what happened to you?"she asked while sniffing.Sakura nodded and started"Well...Flashback

Sakura was taking a stroll around her favorite path.She senced someones presence and went to where it came.What she saw broke her heart.There infront of her was Sasuke her boyfriend hugging another girl!!!The girl said somethinng in his ear.She was so sad and ran at top speed home..End Of Flashback.

"Oh Sakura'Tenten said looking at her friend sadly.She then noticed Sakura holding her stomach."So your with a child too"Tenten said holding her stomach.Watching Sakura nod.They both thought the same thing"First I am have his child then I can not even take care of it in my own village..Suddenly they said "I will come back when the time is right"

Nodding at eachother they left the village without a seond glance.

"No you can not go after them"said Tsunade.Both men had told them there story and now where looking at Tsunade shocked.'They will come back'she countiued.They both knew better than argue with Tsunade.With a sad nod both left her office with a "poof"Tsunade closed her eyes.The girls had each come at diffrent times to tell her what had happened .

She did not know whitch side was true.She really NEEDED HER SAKE RIGHT NOW!!!


Hey did you like it .Well this is my first story and please do not flame me!!!Just for heads up Sasuke,Sakura,Tenten,and Neji are 19.Hope you liked it !!!