Rebecca Miyamoto (A.K.A. Becky) let out a frustrated sigh as she walked through the front double doors of Peach Moon Academy. 'I can't believe I was late for teaching AGAIN!' the eleven-year-old genius thought sadly, 'This is way too much work for a little kid like me...'

After checking in at the front desk, Becky made her way to her classroom, dragging her feet the entire time. 'Maybe I can say I got attacked by a group of dinosaurs on the way here,' she contemplated, 'No...dinosauras don't appear this early in October. am I gonna explain my tardiness to the class?'

Suddenly, the young girl's concentration broke as she caught the sound of something coming from down a nearby hall. 'Eh? Is that...moaning?' Becky wondered as she walked further down the hall, the noise steadily growing louder and louder with each passing moment.

Soon, Becky found that the noise was coming from within one of the empty classrooms next to her. "What the hell is going on in there?" she muttered to herself as she pressed her ear up against the door, trying to see if she recognizes the voices within.

Eventually, Becky heard a voice cry out, "Oh...oh, Himeko-chan...ah...oh..." Becky immediately recognized the talker to be none other than Rei Tachibana, another of her students. 'WTF IS GOING ON IN THERE?' Becky thought nervously, her hand reluctantly reaching out for the doorknob.

Slowly creaking the door open, Becky peeked inside and saw something she had really hoped wasn't true: Rei and Himeko were laying on top of each other, locked in a passionate kiss. They both were only wearing their underwear and various articles of clothing were scattered all over the floor.

Becky took a few steps back and used the wall behind her to keep her balance. Her entire face was still beet red from the scene she had witnessed only moments ago. She really didn't want to believe it,

'What the hell is going on here? Shouldn't they be in class right now? Why are they practically mating like rabbits? WHY THE HELL DO I FIND IT SO DISTURBINGLY ATTRACTIVE?'

Unable to deal with it any longer, Becky ran out of the school, screaming her head off about lesbians and such. Meanwhile, Rei and Himeko continued their powerful love session...

Those stupid, stupid handcuffs.

Miyako Uehara was really starting to hate those goddamn handcuffs. Whenever she refused to follow along with the rest of her idiotic classmates, that blue-haired girl Sayaka Suzuki would use a pair of handcuffs to drag her along. It was not something Miyako enjoyed doing.

However, Suzuki seemed to enjoy using them more and more every day. She would even use those devious handcuffs just so Miyako would sit with her at lunch or accompany her to the bathroom. Basically, she was starting to enjoy the idea of bondage.

'I'm not sure how much of this I can handle...' Miyako thought sadly as Suzuki used the handcuffs once again to drag her out to gym class. Once they entered the locker room, Suzuki slammed Miyako up against the wall and kissed her gently on the (rather large and shiny) forehead.

"You know I love you...right?" Suzuki whispered, a sweet little smile on her face. Miyako just rolled her eyes and scoffed. This has been going on for several weeks now, and all they ever did was kiss and use handcuffs. Whether they were going to have bondage sex or not, Miyako wanted their relationship to grow beyond kissing.

'It must be those goddamn handcuffs!' Miyako thought as she began to change for gym, 'Suzuki is so caught up with keeping me close, she's forgetting the main purpose of our relationship: TO HAVE SEX!'

Sighing, Miyako ran outside with the rest of the class, her mind still pondering on how to handle the situation...