Note from LbN: Alrighty! Here we go again. For those of you who haven't read the first two, Ginny's dating Tonks. The first two stories follow books 5 & 6 for the most part, only in Ginny and Tonk's point of view. This one is not DH compliant, except for a few major plot points that have made JKR a hero in my mind.

Angels Would Fall (G/T)


Tonks and I had a row. It was bad. To make things worse, she left on a mission for the Order two days later, so I haven't seen her since; a whole week. I've never been this worried in my life. I'm so tired right now, I can barely even think. Here's what happened…

A week ago:

"Wotcher, Ginny," Tonks smiled. She made her way over to the redhead for a hug, "What are you doing?" she asked eyeing the clothes and books strewn about Ginny's room.

"Well," Ginny began nervously, "I'm sort of…sorting through my things…I won't need all of it…"

"Gin, what are you talking about?" Tonks asked, for the pile Ginny had pointed out was her Hogwarts uniforms.

"I'm not going back to Hogwarts this year," Ginny said simply, with just the slightest trace of a blush.

"Excuse me?" Tonks smiled, "How do you figure that one?"

"Hogwarts," Ginny began, "isn't safe anymore. I have my books for this year, I'll just home school it. And…" she trailed off.

"And what?"

"And, I'll be able to do stuff for the Order."

"Ok, you had me until that one," Tonks said, "You'll never manage to convince any of the members to let you join. You're not even of age!"

"You know I can fight Nym! You've seen me."

"I know that. But just because you can doesn't mean you need to. Your mother would never allow you to join."

"Who said anything about me telling her?"


"You don't actually think that I'm going to take you with me on missions, do you?" Tonks asked incredulously.

"No, not at all. Fred and George are going to. They know I'm safer at home. They're going to send their messages through me to other Order. You can't follow a Patronus into a guarded area, so it'll throw people off."

Tonks stared at her for a moment.

"No," she said.

"No?" Ginny asked.

"No. And I'm going by Fred and George's after this to give them both a good kick up the arse for ever agreeing to it. Are you completely insane? Look at any Muggle war, the messengers are the first to be picked off! Do you think it'll be any different? Do you think this will be easy? Because it won't be; there aren't any safe jobs in the Order! You're not putting yourself in danger like that."

"Says the woman who's made a career out of it…" Ginny rolled her eyes.

"I'm a fully bloody qualified witch!" Tonks shouted, "You're lucky, Ginny, really lucky. You've made it through two battles at a young age, but luck won't be enough if you keep it up. They saw you as a nuisance at the Ministry. They were just trying to get you out of the way so they could steal that prophecy. Their patience ran out this last time. They're fighting to kill now!"

"I know that!" Ginny yelled, "Why do you think I want to help? I don't want any of you to die! You all can't do this on your own!"

"You are not going to do this," Tonks stated.

"You can't tell me what to do Tonks," Ginny said scowling.

"You're right, I can't," Tonks said," But your mother can."

End Flashback

I still can't believe she told Mum. That's a low blow. Well, as you can imagine, we fought some more about that after Mum had told off me, George, and Fred. Then she left. She told me she loved me and she didn't want me to get hurt, and she left. You've got to hand it to my father; he's been trying to get us to make up via Patronus for the entire week. I'm going to see her tomorrow at the wedding. She's one of Harry's babysitters so she'll have to be there…


This mission wasn't as dangerous as the last one. Tailing the Carrows was a slice of pie next to breaking the fuck into Azkaban to retrieve a couple of Order members. Ah, good, Arthur's here. Tired as I am, I manage to trip over the steps as he leads me into the house; silently, in case there are any Death Eaters lurking around here. Once we get into the house however, he and Molly are all talk. I love them both…

"Tonks, dear, sit down," Molly tells me, "You look dead tired."

"Everything go ok?" Arthur asks as Molly ladles a good amount of soup into a bowl and places it in front of me.

"Perfectly," I tell him, starting in on my soup, "Haven't had a mission that simple since training."

"Good, good," he says.

I make my way through soup and two slices of bread, chuckling as Molly describes the hectic wedding preparations. When I'm finished, Arthur tells me about the security for tomorrow and wishes me goodnight before he and Molly go off to bed.

Climbing the stairs, I hear them talking quietly in their room. When I get to the first landing I pause, looking at the door to my left. Ginny's room. I knock quietly, but don't get an answer. Pushing the door open, I see her. She curled up in bed, fast asleep. I tiptoe over and give her a small kiss on the forehead before making my way up to Percy's old room.


I haven't talked to, or even seen, Ginny today. The wedding's about to start though, so I'll see her in a minute. Today started with Arthur, Kingsley, Harry and I going back over the plan. Harry was given Polyjuice Potion and now looks like a random redhead from the village. He also looks like he belongs to the Weasley family. Kingsley is sitting beside him, I, behind him. If anything happens, we have to Apparate with him to my parents' house.

The music's started, and everyone turns. The second pair of people down the aisle makes my heart stop. I have no idea, nor do I care, who the guy is. But Ginny is there. The second I see her, I decide that her Christmas present is going to be gold robes. She looks absolutely beautiful…


It's very hard to concentrate on what's happening in the ceremony. Thank goodness it's a short one. I spotted Nym in the audience when I was walking up the aisle and two things grabbed my attention. First, this is the first time I've seen her dressed up before; as in, not in her normal pant/corset or shirt combo. Second, she looks gorgeous. You know, like the unfair kind of beautiful that's normally exuded by only Fleur. Don't get me wrong, she's gorgeous every day of the week, but I've never seen her this…elegant looking before.

Fleur and Bill have just been joined. They look so happy! It's officially time to party…


The party's pretty good. Gabrielle caught Fleur's flowers when she threw them. It was cute; I think she was aiming for her. I've danced with Bill and he thinks it's hilarious that I keep staring at Nym. He says for being mad at her, I sure don't act it. This sucks. With her on "Harry detail" she hasn't had one moment to dance. Not that I've asked, I haven't had the chance. Harry, the bonehead, keeps slipping off into corners, talking with Ron and Hermione. They have to keep a constant eye on the three of them; they're afraid that they will Disapparate off on whatever quest Harry has planned. I'm bored, I'm going inside.


Yes! Mad-Eye's just arrived. That means I am officially relieved of my duties and can actually have some fun, instead of chasing Harry around. After grabbing my drink I scan the crowd for Ginny. Where is she?

"Hey Molly," I smile, walking up and giving her a hug, "Have you seen Ginny?"

"She's inside. I think all the excitement is a bit too much for her," Molly smiles, "If you find her, tell her they've cut the cake."

"Alright," I tell her walking away.

The house is quiet when I enter. I climb the stairs and knock on Ginny's door.

"Come in!" she says.

She's still in her dress robes, reading at her desk when I enter.

"Wotcher, Ginny."

She turns around in shock and then, almost literally, flies over and wraps me in a hug.

"Tonks! Oh my god, I've missed you!" she mumbles into my shoulder, "I'm sorry about last week; I know you were just trying to protect me. I shouldn't have yelled at you. I've been so worried—"

"Hey, hey," I tell her, pulling her away a little so I can look at her, "It's alright. Really. I've missed you too."

Before I can say anything else, she's kissing me. Kissing me like both our lives depend on it. Holy fuck.

"Tonks," she says, "I want you."

Holy Fuck.

"Ginny," I hesitate, "We shouldn't. What if your mom finds us?"

"She knows I'm with you, she won't worry," she says, kissing me again.

"But," I mumble between kisses, "there's people…"

"You're a fully bloody qualified witch," she smiles and pulls my wand out of my pocket, "Make sure they don't hear."

I cast a quick silencing charm on the door and she's all over me again. Somehow, we make it to her bed and she pulls me on top of her.

"Are you sure about this?" I ask.

"Did you mean what you said before you left?"


"That you love me?"

"Yeah, completely."

"Then I'm sure…"

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