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I pull my jacket tighter around me. It isn't snowing yet, but it's still pretty cold out. I look over and Harry's trying valiantly to get Teddy to keep his cap on. Ever since Harry took him in, he's been on this kick about keeping Teddy immersed in the magical world. No doubt from having to live with the Dursleys, Harry's trying to compensate…Which is why, when I told him that I was leaving work early to meet Ginny at King's Cross, he decided to go get Teddy and come with me.

It's crazy how much control the kid has over his changing abilities already. When the train comes in, Teddy's hair turns bright scarlet. Harry picks his cap up from where Teddy's thrown it on the ground, looks at me and shrugs, and sticks it in his pocket.

The train comes to a stop in front of us and kids rush off to meet their parents. After a few minutes, I can see a flash of ginger hair coming towards us.

"Hey Nym!" she says, "Hi Harry."

She holds out her hands and Harry, rolling his eyes, hands her Teddy. She grins as Teddy giggles and changes his hair to ginger. We walk through the barrier and out of the station. Harry works for the Ministry now, as an Auror trainer, so he can get a Ministry car whenever he wants. I load Ginny's bags into the boot while she puts Teddy in his car chair. She sits in back with him on the ride home. Every so often, I look back and watch her playing with him. I'm a little worried about how good she is with him…

We pull up to the Burrow, which looks like a small mansion now. You see, when the war was still going, Arthur and Molly had to keep putting on and taking away the Fidelius Charm, so that the Inquisitors wouldn't think they were hiding anything. When they finally went into hiding at Muriel's house, the house was really weak from the magical strain it had been through. So, after Kingsley gave Arthur a pay raise, he had the place demolished. It was unsafe anyway; and they built a new house in its place.

We get out and walk through the garden, Teddy yawning the entire time. Once we're inside, Ginny says a quick hello to her parents and takes Teddy upstairs for his nap. I say hi to Arthur and Molly and follow her with her bags. I'm so whipped…

When I get upstairs, she's put Teddy in his crib and is entertaining the sleepy child by forming different colored cloud animals above him. Anytime she wants a snake to appear, she uses her Patronus.

"Hey," I say quietly, she smiles up at me.

"Did you ever figure out why your Patronus is a snake?" I ask her when Teddy finally falls asleep.

"Snakes, apparently, signify metamorphosis," she grins, "So I'm guessing it's you."


"Tonks?" she says, stalling me when we get to the top of the stairs.


"…Do you want kids?"

I knew I knew that look she was giving Teddy…

"Yes," I smile at her, "but not until you're out of school. And we're married. Your Aunt Muriel will be waiting for me to make an honest woman out of you, once she finds out."

"I vote for telling her now then," Ginny grins.

"One more term, Weasley," I laugh, and we head back downstairs…

Angels never came down

There's no one here

They wanna hang around.

But if they knew,

If they knew you at all,

Then one by one the angels

Angels would fall.

-Melissa Etheridge

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