this is just a pome that i made up so i hope you like it. i think it fits for Zero more then anyone but what do you think?

review and tell me..

The pain

the pain you coast me

the pain you coast me i could never deserved it to you

the pain you coast me you could never understand.

here's a little of how i feel

I feel like you stabbed me 100 times in the back

i feel like i fell of a building over and over

I feel like i was run over by a car over

I feel is like I'm dieing a slow and painful death

i feel all this and more

you could never understand

the way i feel

and you never will

you say you know me and how i feel

but the true is you DON'T

you don't know how my body acks from the pain

you don't know the tears i cry at night.

you don't know the pain i have to Bar everyday

the pain that i will carry from now until the day i die

but for now am the living dead

that wantering this world

not knowing were am going

caring the pain you coast me.