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Itachi exhaled slowly, walking down to Kisame's room. The shark-man had been on the same mission for a week now: what could he possibly be doing? Itachi had gotten bored fairly quickly, and he was headed over to Kisame's room to see what he could fool around with. Maybe Kisame had an unfinished mission report he could finish…

Itachi opened the door to his partner's room, slipped in, and closed the door again. He exhaled slowly, running a hand through his black bangs, and walked over to Kisame's desk. Papers were piled haphazardly all over; pens and pencils were dumped on top of those; several books had been thrown on top of the mess. Itachi began absently rifling through the junk, searching for anything of particular value. Old mission reports…receipts for food, equipment, and other crap…books of…God knows what…a slave authorization?! Itachi picked up the paper, red eyes running over the paper. It was signed with Pein's signature alright, and it was simply saying that Kisame had permission to keep a specific prisoner as a slave, and, as his slave, Kisame could do whatever he wanted to him. Itachi sighed. Ever since Kakashi, six months ago, he had hated even the thought of the practice of slavery, despite how common it was in Akatsuki. Itachi sighed and dropped the paper back to the desk, trying to think about how this had happened. He glanced down, checking the date on the paper.

"Three weeks ago?!"

Itachi resisted the urge to slam his head into the wall. Either he had been treating this new slave very nicely, or he was even crueler than ever.

The floor creaked behind him.

Itachi whipped around, kunai at the ready, only to see a small figure shying away from him. When the male yelped and darted away, Itachi realized that this must be Kisame's slave.

His hair was a light silver, falling into his face and almost gracing his slender shoulders, which were shaking with fear. He had a layer of bandages wrapped around one eye: his left. The other, however, screamed of his agony. The eye was something between a deep black and a stormy gray, something Itachi thought was very unique. The male's features were very attractive, but beauty could hardly be shown in his state. Blood and bruises covered his face and most of his body, and several other unknown substances covered the rest. A pair of pants and a shirt were all that he had to cover himself, but apparently it was enough. Bandages had been wrapped around his arms, legs, and torso in several places, but they were few and far between. Kisame wasn't the kind of person to take care of his possessions, apparently…

"You must be Kisame's slave."

The male slowly nodded, still backing away and trembling with fear. When Itachi stepped towards him, he suddenly seemed to panic, falling to his knees and gasping, but never doing more than that. His trembling got worse and worse with every passing moment, and Itachi could see that he was afraid of him. He took another step towards him-

And the trembling stopped.


Itachi was taken aback by the sudden recognition on the slave's part: however, he hardly recognized the other. "H-Have we met?" he stammered, stopping in his tracks. The slave nodded frantically, and gazed up at Itachi. Itachi's heart skipped a beat: it couldn't be-!

"No…no, I let him go! I brought him back…!"

The slave shook his head and slowly stood up, his eyes pleading with Itachi. "Itachi-sama, please!"

Itachi shuddered and stepped back. It couldn't be…it just couldn't be…

"What are you doing?!"

The slave suddenly yelped and fled at Kisame's voice, and Kisame stormed in, dropping Samehada just inside the door. "Sorry about that," he muttered. "Wasn't bothering you too much, was he?"

Still a bit shaken, Itachi wordlessly shook his head. "Not at all…" he said.

"So, what brings you here?" Kisame asked, stretching his arms up over his head. "Since you obviously got here before me…"

Itachi shook his head. He would lie and say he heard something, but then the slave would get in trouble…and he couldn't exactly say he was bored, so he started snooping…

"Pein asked if we had any mission reports left to hand in," Itachi finally said. "I came to check and see if you had any."

Kisame shook his head. "Nope, got 'em all in. You?"

Itachi nodded. "Just checking…"

Kisame nodded. "Sure. Okay, whatever. You can stay, go, whatever…"

Itachi slowly nodded. "I'll be out of your way," he said, just as slowly as he had nodded. He headed towards the door, and his hand was on the knob when he turned around and asked, "Where'd you get the slave?"

"Picked him up off a mission," Kisame said. "He gets a little bratty, but you just have to show him who's boss."

Itachi nodded and continued, "What village?"



Itachi's heart leaped to his throat the second he heard the village's name. He hurriedly closed the door behind him, rushing back to his room and collapsing on the couch, taking deep breaths. "It's not Kakashi," he told himself. "He said this one was a little bratty-it couldn't possibly be Kakashi…he's too sweet." But a tiny voice in the back of his mind whispered, He said the same about Kakashi. He beat him, even when he had done nothing wrong. He said he was defiant and disobedient…it must be!


Itachi stood up, pacing the room. "God, I'm going insane," he muttered. "Normal people talk to themselves. Insane people argue…but they lose! Aw, shit!"

Itachi groaned and fell back to the couch, putting his face in his hands. Did he really miss Kakashi that much? Maybe it was time to take a trip down to see his love…it had been too long. No doubt Kakashi was missing him…Itachi sighed. His mind was definitely made up, though. Once a thought got into his head, he couldn't resist acting upon it until he had done so. Itachi knew he would have to find out, or accept that it was Kakashi.

But he wasn't sure which one he wanted to do more.


Kisame could hear the soft sobs coming from his room the second Itachi left.

It annoyed him no end that he had gone through all this trouble for a useless brat who did nothing but cry. But at least he did what he was told…Kisame thought he was slow and stupid, but Pein seemed to recognize intelligence and the desire to please in the slave's eyes, and so he was allowed to keep the slave. Kisame couldn't care less about his name: he was just a dumb beast, after all. A name for him would symbolize affection for the creature, and even if he already had one, Kisame didn't care about it. In truth, he didn't even care about the slave: he just needed a pretty fuck whenever he wanted one. He also needed something he could take his emotions out on, and it would also be lovely to have someone else do the chores and dirty work around the apartment…

"Get in here, slave!" Kisame finally bellowed, becoming impatient with the slave rather quickly. "Get in here!"

The slave came quietly, silent tears streaking down his face. The sobbing had subsided, but the tears still flowed.

"Oh, what did you do this time?" Kisame snarled. "You look like you know you're about to be punished."

The slave his shook his head, kneeling at Kisame's feet and murmuring, "I-I just…he…Itachi-sama…that is…"

"Speak, animal!" Kisame growled, kicking the slave in his prominent ribs. The poor creature yelped with pain, skittering back away from Kisame.

"I'm sorry, please, don't-!"

"Shut up."

The slave's mouth snapped shut, but a single tear fell down his cheek. Kisame raised a hand and slapped him, firmly and harshly, sending him into another sobbing fit. The slave refused to move, though: he simply knelt there, at his captor's feet, and cried. He knew if he moved he would be punished, but this was too much.

"Now, if you're going to speak, do it," Kisame snapped, leaning back. "Otherwise, get out of my sight!"

"Y-You asked me a question, K-Kisame-s-sama," the slave whimpered. "I-I was doing m-my best t-to answer you…"

"So do it!"

The slave flinched back at Kisame's biting words, but shakily replied, "H-He didn't recognize me…"

"What? You mean Itachi?" Kisame asked, kicking his feet up on the coffee table in front of the couch. "Not surprised," he continued. "Probably forgot about you after he threw you out. I'm not surprised he threw you back, either. Always did hate you."

The slave lowered his head, another silent drop of pain sliding down his cheek. He said nothing, but his pain was still evident.

"Y-You called me, Kisame-sama?" he finally whispered, still kneeling at Kisame's feet. Kisame's face broke into a grin.

"As a matter of fact, I did," he said, standing. He dug his foot into the slave's ribs, and the male yelped in pain, scrambling to his feet. Kisame's hands traced around his back, looping across his shoulders as well.

"I'm feeling a little lonely tonight," he murmured, leaning down to claim the slave's lips in a harsh, bruising kiss. "I want you to sleep with me."

The slave knew he had no choice. He submitted quietly to Kisame's desires, accepting his punishment for existing with silent sobs and desperate tears of pain.


Itachi woke up the next morning unable to take his mind off the slave.

Whether or not it was who he thought it was was another matter completely. Itachi had never really been sure of what he thought of the salve: when he first saw him, his first thought had been one of pity. Then, he had skipped to sympathy, then empathy. Then, finally, recognition. He knew who it was, alright: he just didn't want to accept that he had fallen back into Akatsuki's hands.

Sighing, Itachi got up and dressed himself, grabbing something to eat on his way out. He finished and headed over to Kisame's room.

The shark-man answered immediately.

"What?" he asked, seeing Itachi.

"Where's the slave?" Itachi asked. "I want to see him."

"Little demanding, huh?" Kisame asked, a smile breaking out over his face. "Whatever. I'm not sure where he is, he disappeared after he got breakfast on the table."

"I'll find him," Itachi said, sweeping past Kisame.

"He comes when he's called," Kisame called after Itachi.

Itachi shook his head. "I'd rather find him," he said simply. "Besides, there's not much to look through."


The slave could hear Kisame telling someone else that "he would come when he was called." Then, the voice of Itachi came towards him, replying, "I'd rather find him." The slave's heart leapt into his throat when he heard this: why was Itachi so bent on finding him and speaking to him alone? He curled up in his corner, a blanket wrapped around his body. Kisame had treated him especially harshly the night before, and he doubted he would ever see his shirt again.

"Where are you?"

Itachi's voice broke through his thoughts, and the slave suddenly gasped and recoiled, fully expecting a blow as Itachi approached him. "It's okay, I won't hurt you," Itachi said, crouching down in front of the slave. "Come here, it's okay…"

The slave seemed to have that one moment of recognition again: he suddenly sprang into Itachi's arms, throwing his arms around Itachi's neck and sobbing into the Uchiha's shoulder. When was the last time he had been able to do this? Certainly not for six months past, now…

"Sh, sh, sh," Itachi consoled, reaching up and caressing the slave's hair. "Sh, sh, sh…sh, it's alright, you're going to be okay…" The slave found comfort in Itachi's embrace: so warm, so welcoming, so familiar…

"Listen to me, okay?" Itachi whispered, looking the slave in the eye. "I need to know who you are," he continued, voice still low. "I want your name. All of it."

The slave let out a shuddering sigh and wiped the tears off his face with the back of his hand, including the moisture that had dripped down from the soaked bandages covering his eye. He looked up at Itachi, then away; then back at Itachi. All the while, Itachi waited patiently for the slave, holding him in his lap and gently kissing him.

"Come on," he prodded, kissing him again. "Who are you?"

Finally, the slave looked back up at him, black eye burning bright, and asked, "You don't know me?"

Itachi looked like he had been slapped. "It's not…it can't be…"

"Please Itachi-sama!" the slave begged, sliding out of Itachi's lap and falling on his knees. "Please, I've missed you so much! Please, please tell me you haven't forgotten me! Please, tell me you still love me! Don't do this to me, please don't! Please, tell me you still love me!"

Itachi was stunned by the sudden outburst. Then it was true…

"Love…" he whispered. "I-I never forgot you," he said, trailing a hand down the side of his lover's face. "I never stopped thinking about you…I just didn't want to believe that you were being hurt this badly again…"

The slave shook his head, crowding into Itachi's chest again and crying again. Itachi wrapped his arms around him and kissed down on his silky hair, whispering to the slave,

"Love, I never forgot you…I would never dream of that…love…Kakashi…I've missed you so…"

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