Things We Learned from TMNT

1. Giant mutated rats can master the martial arts, but struggle when it comes to technology

2. Streets of New York City will randomly and conveniently be deserted

3. Brothers frequently try to maim each other

4. Even when you look like you're wearing a turtle costume, you may still feel the need to dress up

5. Purple Dragons have such bad eyesight, they don't notice when someone only has three fingers and green skin

6. Only show your true feelings for siblings when they have been captured or almost dead … or pretending to be, at least

7. No matter how hard you try, nobody dies

8. Flattery won't get you anywhere – even if it's about hats

9. The rumours about crocodiles in sewers are true

10. When you and your group is knocked out, you all handily wake up at the exact same time

11. It's always helpful to have clones around

12. You know what they say: You can't keep a good mad scientist down

13. Even mutant turtles have pets

14. Mothers are more perceptive than they appear (especially Mrs. Jones)

15. Specially trained government agents have such fantastic aim that you can basically stand still and you won't be shot

16. If you have swords, you aren't allowed to use them

17. Hockey-wielding vigilantes are not even remotely freaked by giant turtles

18. Old rats slap hard

19. Don't make rats angry – they carry a grudge

20. It's okay to walk the streets wearing little else besides a belt and bandana, but one must always wear a towel when exiting the shower

21. Nano bots are pesky

22. Marshmallows apparently stick to faces

23. April and Casey need to coordinate their dates

24. The Shredder is stupid: has he never heard of a gun?

25. People randomly throw away TVs

26. Utroms are heartless bastards: they don't think twice about leaving their pet crocodile behind

27. Don really needs a girlfriend

28. Giant spiders shoot pink goo

29. Leo cares too much, especially about criminals

30. Mikey needs another hobby

31. Four 5'2" turtles can hold up steal beams

32. Casey has family issues

33. Spaceships frequently crash, but no one notices

34. According to alien customs, hair is a first-rate goodbye gift

35. Breaking into power plants is apparently quite easy

36. Guards are stupid

37. Bishop likes to mutate things a little too much

38. Raph could do with some anger management classes

39. Apparently one can fall of a building and walk away unscathed

40. Mikey enjoys befouling things

41. Foot Mystics need help with their "hiding the truth" skills

42. The American and Japanese navies don't notice random giant ships sailing in their waters

43. Aliens are real

44. The Ancient One seriously needs some etiquette classes

45. Gen needs to look up inconspicuous in the Dictionary

46. Usagi and Leo have similar tastes in gifts

47. Halloween is a mutant turtle's favourite holiday

48. Nobody has an identity crisis

49. Mikey is more fashion conscious than any of his brothers

50. Everything happens in New York City