Hermione, hated the Hospital Wing, and if she went there she would be caught and accused of intruding. Instead of tending to her fracture she wrapped her arm in a towel she had obtained from the kitchens. It was rather tricky to explain why none of the house-elves have ever seen her before. Her excuse was she was a Beauxbatons exchange student who moved here about two weeks ago.

It had been several hours since her encounter with Ron. She was yet to return to the Gryffindor Tower, but that morning she woke up Catalina Greengrass, and was the last day she would ever be found there. She knew by now Ron had told them how she had magically changed overnight. Everyone would believe him; after all, anything in the world of magic, had to be true in a witch or wizards point of view.

She slowly walked through the corridors heading outside to the Owlery. She still had not come up with an excuse for her changes to her teachers yet. She was sure that maybe somehow, they would understand and let it pass, and she would just hide from her peers all day, but no matter how many times she pictured it she knew she had to consult Dumbledore.

She stepped outside and felt much more comfortable, this time, she was wearing a coat. She trudged through the snow towards a tall skinny toward at the edge of the castle grounds overlooking the black lake. The sky was a cross between black and grey. Snow was falling silently, and the only noise was her shuffling the snow. She found it incredibly peaceful, not having anyone there to help her with their homework, or the annoying cheers from Harry when he beats Ron in Wizard's Chess. Ron's profane vocabulary was at its worst this year, before she knew about the truth of her identity; she would learn a new curse word each day.

In a way, she sort of missed them. But this is just the way it is. She looked down at her boots, and then forward. She decided there, from then on, she would be Catalina Greengrass. She would be a new person. She thought of it as a second chance, at a new life, and she should be grateful and never look back.

As she climbed up the frosty steps of the Owlery she looked over the edge and saw the icy lake below, the giant squid's shadow peering through the ice cover. At the opposite edge of the lake, she could see the trees from the Forbidden Forest, where the snowy mountains tops peaked over the dusted tree tops.

She then felt the corners of her mouth curve into a smile; she had not smiled in a long time. She knew she would probably never get a chance to see this again, the pure elegance of winter, so peaceful and silent, all to herself. She sighed and continued her way up the stairs, to the top floor. As she reached the room that was alive with the sound of howls chirping, she wished she could go back to the moment on the stairs, where it was quieter.

She sniffed; the room did not smell the usual, but the crisp winter wind had probably taken away the foul fragrance of bird droppings. She walked over to a snowy white owl. It was Hedwig, and she knew Harry would not mind Hermione using it, even though she was not Hermione he had to understand. She had no other choice. She smiled sadly at the bird. In away, the bird strangely looked like Harry, it a brown mark on its forehead, strangely reminding her of his scar. The bird cooed at her, as if he was accepting her proposal to what she requested. She gave the bird a bigger smile, the bird must have recognized her, for some strange reason, and maybe there was still some Hermione in her. Catalina, deciding to call herself by her true name now, pulled out an envelope from her pocket and handed it to the bird.

The bird clamped its beak tightly to the letter and waited for Catalina to tell her where to go.

Catalina sighed, "To my parents…well…Mr. & Mrs. Granger."

The bird then fluttered away and exited through the window in the Owlery. Catalina looked down at her feet. She had sent the letter to the Grangers telling them she had transformed, and that she was no longer their child. She turned around to walk out the door of the Owlery.

As she reached to grab the handle of the door, she heard a crunching of some sort that was gradually getting louder. Her eyes widened, someone was coming. Catalina desperately tried to find a place to hide. There were not many hiding places around. She chose a shadowy corner in the back of the room where letters to people where usually kept. She hid next to the area with the largest letters.

The opened just as she entered her safety zone. She turned around to see the person from her shadowy sanctuary, her arm accidentally hitting the shelf rather hard, causing her to cry out in pain. The person who had just entered the room jumped and shouted,

"Who's there?"

Catalina had a bad view from her corner of the person, but she was not paying much attention to the person there, but the pain in her arm.

"Come on, this is not game, if it's Daphne I am sorry, I never knew about your father being…whatever."

Catalina recognized that voice.


Blaise Zabini was the as perverted as you can get Slytherin there ever was. He was a good looking bloke, his hair was a curly black, and his eyes were a deep blue violet. He had bronze skin and a muscular, tall, and lean body. Catalina being a couple inches taller, Blaise would still tower over her. He did draw a lot of attention. He was the Slytherin's Italian Sex Icon. He was similar to Draco Malfoy's reputation, only Draco only shagged the decent women multiple times and had been known to be good at it. Blaise was of course a God in Bed, but had the rep to screw anything with two legs in a mini-skirt. He was also surprisingly brilliant, and Catalina had learned that the other year when he was assigned to tutor other students because it was mandatory or students with grades higher than the average grade to tutor those failing.

She walked out from her hiding spot. When he saw her his eyes widened to the size of mega grapes.

"Um, Daphne, I am sorry, again."

Catalina shook her head.

"I am not Daphne." She said in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

Blaise gaped. He knew exactly who this person was. Her voice practically gave it away. There was no way, no freaking way that this could possibly be…

"I would be Catalina Greengrass." She said.

"Oh at first I thought you were…wait Greengrass? You mean like Daphne Greengrass?"

Catalina sighed, "I guess so."

"I could have sworn you were someone else, you sound exactly like…"

"Hermione Granger?"

Blaise nodded while Catalina smirked an extremely Slytherin like smirk.

"Do you know her?"

"Hermione Granger, never even existed my friend, she was but merely a whole bunch of fucking lies."

"Wait? You are Hermione?"

"Was Hermione."

"Well, wait, what the bloody hell happened, I saw you just this morning?"

"I really do not have time to explain this."

"Make time, because I am here and listening."

Catalina sighed sadly and looked over at him with eyes begging, I WANT TO LEAVE!

"Christmas break my parents sat me down, told me I was never there kid but a friends, and that I would turn into…"

She trembled, feeling and ache that kept returning when she thought of her parents, or Hermione's parents. She looked away, not wanting him to see her tears.

Blaise cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably, "Whoa, that's deep shit."

Catalina sighed and swallowed a sob, "Tell me about it."

Her voice cracked. Blaise had the instinct to hug her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear just to take away her pain. But that would be inappropriate, especially since he barely knew this girl, who barely knew herself.

"You know Hermione, nothing is different. No matter what you look like or what your name is, there will still be some Hermione in ya." Blaise said trying his best to cheer her up.

She sniffed and tried to smile, but only embraced more tears, "Thanks."

"When did you wake up and see yourself looking just as stunning as before?"

She took a deep breath trying to keep her lip from quivering into sobs, "Couple of hours ago."

"Have you gone to Dumbledore?"

She stared at him blankly and did not respond; he took that as a no.

"Come on, he would be the best to see at a time like this."

Catalina looked down at her feet.

"I wish I had only thought of it earlier."

"Its fine pet, I mean this whole mess you are in, I would be in too much shock to think."

He chuckled and she nodded at him. He pulled his arm over her shoulder in a friendly gesture, but instead she winced in pain feeling the painful wretch in her wrist. Blaise jumped, scared her had done something to her.

"What's wrong?" He asked feeling terrified he had fucked up something else for her.

"My arms broken…" She muttered under her breathe.

Blaise Zabini shook his head and wrapped an arm around her waist, "You sure are a mess kitten."