Naruto sighed as he slipped on his ANBU mask and reported to Tsunade. He had another mission to go on. Over the past few years he started to tire of the mask that he always wore. He was sick and tired of acting like a fool and hanging around his so called 'friends'. He was sick of it all.

He had gotten into the habit of accepting mission after mission after mission. He didn't want to stay to long in Konoha and was thinking about transferring to Suna. At least there he would be with his one true friend and brother, Gaara. Naruto sighed again and looked in the mirror one last time. This would be the best time to confront Tsunade about it and turn in his hiate.

His face was covered in a Kitsune mask. He was wearing a black tight fitting Chinese style shirt and a pair of black baggy knee length shorts with big pockets on them and black shinobi sandals with Tsunade's necklace around his neck along with a dark garnet bead necklace. It the texture of the garnet was so deep it looked black. His ANBU uniform was folded and in the closet. Beside him was his hiate. His golden blond hair fell past his shoulders and down his back and was tied back while some stray bangs framed the mask. He was still the shortest male among his peers at 5'7" and for some reason or another he never seemed to develop any bulky muscles. He was slender and toned. Then again it could be from merging with the Kyuubi a few years back. Kyuubi had also left another gift before he left. Naruto was now able to carry children. After loosing interest in females, Kyuubi had immediately assumed that he was into the same sex…the damn Kitsune was on the mark. Naruto snorted and left his apartment and to the Hokage tower. When he got there he saw another person standing there.

Uchiha Sasuke was also an ANBU after returning from Orochimaru 3 years ago. He was immediately welcomed and made ANBU by the will of the council. The Rookie 9 were wary of him at first but eventually accepted him back. Sakura stopped crushing on Sasuke after she got with Lee so just saw him as a friend. The only person that didn't come around was Naruto. Naruto refused to have to do anything with him after rescuing him. And so far, he hadn't seen him or anyone else from the Rookie 9 for the past 2 years with all the missions he took.

"Tsunade-sama, I wanted to tell you that I am ending my career as of right now." Naruto said before Tsunade could speak.

Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened while Sasuke stiffened.

"You…you what?" she asked.

"I quit." Naruto said. He put his hiate on the table in front of her and took off his mask and put it beside the hiate.