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Niwasae Shiina

Naruto sighed as Kyuubi and Genkai went at it…again. They were currently in the den, well, Naruto was in the den. Kyuubi and Genkai decided that destroying the garden was a good idea at the moment, so Naruto was watching as they upturned the flower beds and put a dent on the tree.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a pair of strong arms go around his waist and pull him into a hard chest. Naruto smiled when Itachi laid his chin on his shoulder and watch the Kitsune and Spirit Wave master tear up the garden.

"How was the patrol?" Naruto asked as he raised a free arm to run his fingers through Itachi's bangs.

"There is no one near the property, but just in case, we, Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, and I, set up a few barriers about a 100 meters away but around the property so we can be prepared if someone comes." Itachi stated.

"Do you truly believe that it's Orochimaru that's coming?" Naruto asked after a minute.

"One can never be to sure, love. Orochimaru or not, we must be prepared for the worst case scenario. At the same time, we should not jump to conclusions." Itachi said.

Naruto nodded.

"You're right. There is no absolute proof that there is another person right behind Sasuke. But then again, Kyuubi's theories are usually right at least 8 out of 10 times." Naruto muttered his brows furrowed.

Itachi grasped the hand shifting through his bangs and kissed the knuckles reverently before lacing their finger together.

"If push comes to shove, and we are in the worst case scenario, I want you to promise me that you will run as far as you can until you feel that you're safe." Itachi said seriously.

Naruto stiffened. Eyes wide, he unlaced their hands and turned in Itachi's arms and gripped the shirt in front of him in a vice like hold.

"What are you saying?" Naruto whispered as he searched Itachi's eyes.

If I am unable to fight, I want you to run. Itachi stated.

No, I will not leave you behind! Why are you saying this? Are you telling me that you're going to die? Naruto asked desperately.

No, it is very unlikely that I will die. I am just telling you as a precaution. But I want your promise.


Promise me!

Why are you making me do this? You're scaring me; I don't want to lose you Itachi. Naruto nearly sobbed.

Naruto, my love, you know as well as I do, why I left otouto alive after killing the clan. Itachi said softly as he placed a gentle hand on Naruto's wet cheek. He brushed away the tears with the pad of his thumb and rubbed Naruto's back with this other hand.

You wanted him to end everything for you. Naruto said stiffly.

That's right, I did. But that was before I met you. Before you, I had no life. I had no reason to live, just the next battle. I had nothing to protect and cherish with these blood stained hands of mine. I wasn't living. Then from out of the darkness, you came in and lit up my world. My heart and soul were alive for another reason other than killing. I thank Kami everyday that I have you in my life. You, Uzumaki Naruto, are the most precious person in my life. And I will die before I let anyone else hurt or take you away from me. I wouldn't be able to go on if you left me. So, please, promise me. Itachi begged softly as Naruto shed more tears at the love filled words.

Only if you keep your own promise, promise me that you will never leave me. Swear it. Naruto said staring Itachi in the eye.

Itachi stared into the hardened sapphire jewels and swore.

I swear that I will never leave you. Even in death.

Then, I promise that…if push comes to shove, I will escape to some place safe. Naruto promised reluctantly but also relieved when Itachi swore to him.

He leaned his head against Itachi's chest and closed his eyes tiredly. Distantly, he remembered that Kyuubi and Genkai were still arguing in the garden, but dismissed it.

Suddenly Yusuke barged into the den, breaking the door again in the process, catching everyone's attention.

"Someone entered the barrier, and is headed this way. Kurama and Hiei are on the opposite side of the property but Kurama is making his way to the intruder. Hiei is going to finish the rest of the patrol just in case someone else gets in while we're distracted." Yusuke said quickly and regained his breath.

Suddenly, they heard a roar.

Kyuubi stiffened at the familiar noise as did Naruto and Itachi.

"It's the damn Tanuki!" Kyuubi said and rushed out, Yusuke and Genkai not far behind.

Naruto was still standing there before he snapped out of his shock and turned to Itachi.

"It's Gaara."