s t u c k i n reverse

what of the things that could've been? drabble.


Bella dies.

Renee sobs for her daughter, her best friend, and wonders what would've happened had she really understood her. Wrapped in layers of complex and intimidating thoughts, Bella was a puzzle that Renee had spent little time putting together. Sometimes she'd thought that Bella really had wanted to move to Forks.

Charlie cries for the little girl he knows, and the woman he never met. He'd secretly hoped that she'd come, some day, but she never did. He couldn't help but feeling an overwhelming sense of loss at her sudden and nearly inevitable death.

Jacob thinks nothing of it, and turns, without remorse, to join his friends. He could spare some thoughts for the interesting girl he met years ago, but he's faced with his own problems, and can't always push them aside.

Edward feels an unfamiliar pain in his chest, and tries to figure out what caused it. Lately, he's been feeling lonely, somewhat trapped. Everyone else had someone-- Carlisle and Esme, Rosalie and Emmet, Alice and Jasper. He hates thinking that he is somehow destined to be alone or, perhaps, that he missed an opportunity.

Alice frowns, and wishes that she'd never seen it in the first place. The prominent vision of that strange woman with Edward had given her some hope, but the thought that it all fell through just about devastated her.

A/N: This was a spur of the moment thing, kind of random. However, I like it. I know it's not exactly poetic, but I like it. Feel free to review. One of my first Twilight fics ever, so I'm up for constructive criticism.