Book 5

Chapter 1

So I was thinking, Zombie powder has stopped at book 4 so why not continue with book 5? I hope you like it; I can't say that it's the best cause I haven't written since school started :s

Elwood slowly sat up in his bed. He blinked and looked around. There were two beds next to him; they were all made and looked like no one had even slept there that night. "Where is everyone? Gamma usually sleeps in later then this."

Elwood got dressed and walked over to the room down the hall to see Wolfina sitting on the coach with a nervous look on her face. "Hey!" Elwood waved, but she just kept looking at the door. He slowly sat down.

"H-he's still in there…" She finally said. There was a long pause before Elwood spoke, "Have you been sitting here all night?" She slowly nodded, "I can't sleep, not with my brother still in there."

Elwood remembered when his sister had to go to the hospital for her heart; he always got so worried and nervous too. "D-don't worry…" he slowly said. Wolfina looked up at him, "As long as you believe in your brother, nothing bad will happen!" Wolfina gave a small smile, "Yeah…"

"So… where's Gamma and Smith?" Elwood asked looking around the room. "Oh… they uhh… kind of… left." There was a pause. "They what!? How could they leave me behind? Did they forget about me? What the h…" Wolfina cut him off, "Hang on I'm not done!" She grabbed him and put him in a headlock (you know where his face is now) "They told me to tell you to that it's your choice too continue with them or not. The roads ahead are tougher and longer." She released him. Elwood backed away and looked at the floor. "I-I thought I proved that I could stay with them and not need protecting when I fought that fire breather. Why do they keep testing me?"

"This isn't a test Elwood. They said it was your choice"

"Well what do they think!? They know what my answer is!"

"No Elwood. Gamma also told me this; you can go back home, take the ring and join them, or... or…"

"Or what?!"

"Or take the ring and go on your own." Elwood's eyes went wide, "O-or-or… wha…?"

"You know, become an enemy of Gamma's and steal his rings instead."

"Why would he even think about something like that?! Is he being stupid?!"

There was along silents. Elwood opened his mouth to say something and then, "Hey guys!" Angelle cried jumping on Elwood's back. He fell flat on his face, Angelle sat on his head. "What are you doing down there you little privy boy? You better not look up or I'll kill you♥"

"Angelle how's my brother? Is he ok? Are there any problems in there, because I'll go help. Maybe he'll lis…"

"Whoa! Slow down big boobie lady! I don't know what's going on in there. I'm not aloud to even go in that room while there's an operation or experiment goin' on."

"Oh…" Wolfina said taking a wobbly step back and falling back onto the couch. See resumed her focus on the door again.

"Meff moff mehh!"(Get off me) Elwood cried. "Oh, he he, your still down there! What's the magic word?"

"Meff moff mehh mow!"(Get off me now) He replied. "Nope that's not it. It starts with the letter P!"

"Gwrr, ihne, preahse." (Grr, fine, please).

"Ok, only cause you asked so nicely♥" She said standing up and moving aside. Elwood gasped for air. But before he could say anything Angelle grabbed his arm and started dragging him off. "Come on Elly, let's go play touchier!"

"Play what?!" Elwood asked as he was pulled off.

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