Chapter 4

Still in flashback mode:

'A dream,'

A dream he thought, but it was not

'Why am I lying in the snow? I-I can't get up… How long has it been?' He stared up at the sky, the falling snow was so hypnotic, just lying there. His eyes felt heavy, he felt drowsy, before he lost focus a yellow parasol came over him.

His eyes slowly slide open to reveal a white ceiling. He jolted up to see a room; it looked like something out of a castle, except it was completely white. He looked down at the bed he was lying on; white silk.

"What a strange place…" Gamma got up and walked over to the door. The hallway that he entered was the same as the bedroom, all white. "Hmm… really strange place" he paused, "How'd I get here? Umm… HELLLLLOOO…!?" He stood there for a few seconds, shrugged then went back to his exploring.

"This place is so big!" he said as he stood, in what he thought was the lobby like part of the building. Just then he heard something to the hallway on his upper right and then saw the something running down it. "Hey! Hey wait!" He called as the figure turned a corner. "Gamma quickly chased it though the maze of hallways, turning every which way.

He turned a corner to find a dead end at the end of it, "Hey…where'd that person go?" Click the door at the end closed.

Gamma slowly walked over to it. Put his hand on the knob, and turned it. He found himself in a large library, but this room was different. It wasn't white like the rest of the house. Gamma found that it looked like an 1800's library, with the big, lit fireplace and antic furniture. It had rows and rows of books everywhere. The room seemed like it was two stories high. He looked up at the ceiling, it was covered with an old painting of angels and clouds.

He saw the end of a cloak as the figure ran down an aisle of books. "Wait!" Gamma called walking over to the book shelf. He saw a person curled up under a white cloak. "Hey, come on, you don't have to hide from me. I won't hurt you." He keeled down and took a closer look at the figure. Then he realized that it was just a child! "Where are your parents?" There was a pause, "p-parents?" Gamma looked at the kid, 'No parent huh…' he thought. "Uhaha… so you live in this big place all by your self?" Another pause, "yeah."

'Jeez, this kid is hard to talk to,' he thought looking behind him, he saw some arm chairs next to a table. On the table there were some cups, a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits. Gamma had just realized that he was starving! "Hey kid, if you don't mind I'm going to help myself to some tea." He waited for a responds, but got none. 'Well I'll take that as a yes then' he thought getting back up and heading towards the table.

After he had eaten all the biscuits and drank all the tea, he looked back toward the bookshelf the kid was hiding behind, to his surprise the child was peeking its head around the corner of it and was watching him.

Gamma stood up, but the child jumped and hid again. Gamma shrugged and went to the opposite side of the room and looked at some of the books. As he thought the child came out and followed him at a distance. Gamma noticed that the child was a girl, about ten years old. "So," Gamma started, the girl jumped, "have you read all of these books?" The girl slowly shook her head, in a 'no' motion. She then pointed to a corner of the room. Gamma looked at it, the part of the room, seemed darker then the rest of it.

He put down the book he was holding and slowly walked over to the corner. The girl quickly hid behind another bookshelf. Gamma walked down one of the aisles and felt and eerie kind of feeling. 'No wonder she didn't read these books, it's too scary for her down here' he thought, 'but why is it so creepy?'

He turned the corner to see to skeletons lying on the floor. Gamma's eyes widened, he stepped back a few feet before noticing something. Gamma's eyes closed, "Her parent's were murdered…" he whispered. In each of the crops back was a long knife. The carpet underneath them was covered in dried blood. Gamma grinned his teeth together, "who would do such a thing?!"

He bent down, "They must have been he for a few years to be only skeletons left. So that girl was left to grow up all alone…" Gamma felt so pissed off. He noticed writing on floor next to one of the hands of the bodies. It was written in blood; a taylor

'So,' Gamma thought, 'Her parents recognized the killer and wrote down his name before they died…' He looked at the two bodies, "Don't worry, I'll find your killer. I promise!"

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