Chapter One--- Angels Cry

The blonde sobbed quietly into his pillow. Each breath made his heart break into smaller and smaller pieces and his tears seemed to never end. It wasn't supposed to hurt this much. It wasn't supposed to still haunt him after all these years. It should have gone away.

Every time he laid his head down to sleep, he saw him again. Saw that gorgeous smile that had once been his. And then the pleasantness disappeared and he saw the blood again. He saw Zack dying again. And that's when the tears came. It had been so many years since the day Cloud's best friend had died and yet it haunted him like ghosts of yesterday. It followed him and clung to him, refusing to let him go, refusing to give him peace. It was his fault after all.

If he'd been stronger, quicker, Zack wouldn't have died that day. He'd been right there with Cloud and the world wouldn't seem so wrong. Lifting his head, Cloud looked around the room, frantically. For days now he'd been hearing Zack's voice echo about him like a whisper, calling to him again. But every time he looked, Zack was still gone, gone, gone.

The shrill ring of his alarm clock alerted Cloud to the fact that he'd once again cried the night through. Wiping cerulean orbs, he stood and shook off the guilt and pushed it far back into his mind where it would stay until the night freed it. His phone rang and Cloud answered it with a tired grunt.

"Cloudy-kins!!! You picked up, I'm so glad! I need a huge favor!!!" The energetic voice brought a reluctant smile to Cloud's face. Yuffie's enthusiasm never failed to ease the ache in his chest.

"Hello Yuffie." The woman yelled at someone on her end and then returned to Cloud.

"Sorry! Anyways, I'd really love it if you went into Midgar and picked up a package for me!"Cloud rubbed his tired eyes and waited for her to explain. She didn't make him wait long.

"It's this new kind of material. Resta…..resto….anyways, its in my name and I have a doctor's appointment today and I can't go!" Cloud could almost see the woman pouting and he caved, even though he really didn't want to go into Midgar.

"Alright Yuffs, I'll go. Where's Vincent?" He heard her grumbling something obscene underneath her breath before answering.

"He had to go out of town for some private job. He knows I hate those private jobs. Besides, he promised to come with me today!"

"How about I come with you? I'll pick up the package and meet you there." Yuffie squealed and he held the phone away from his ear.

"Oh thank you Cloudy-kins! I can't wait, I'll see you later!!!" Cloud hung up and pulled his jeans on, stretching lazily.

The sun shone brightly and Cloud's mood steadily worsened because of it. There had been so many wonderful days…shaking his head, Cloud sighed. He would conquer this. He was much stronger than he'd been then. He wasn't 16 anymore.

Cobalt eyes watched the blonde sorrowfully. How long had it been? Five years? Six? Raven spikes swayed with the shaking of his head and he trailed along after the blonde, hands in his pockets. Dying had been…interesting to say the least. But even heaven was hell without the blonde who'd been his sole reason for breathing. But he'd never told Cloud that and now he spent every night watching his best friend relieve that horrible day, wishing he just would have told him.

"God, not that stupid bike… Hey, Cloud! I can't fly that fast! Do you hear me, blondie? I'm going to kick your fat ass when you stop!!!" He called after Fenir, the engine roaring to life and speeding off with Zack's blonde ward. It was a good thing he knew where that bleach blonde walking steroid add was heading anyways. When he finally caught up, he found the young man's eyebrows drawn tightly together, a pout on his full lips.

"I'm not fat…" He muttered to himself, leaving Zack staring after him with an amusedly dumbfounded expression on his face, dragging his white wings behind him in shock. He heard that?! Jesus, how long had he been able to hear Zack, anyways? Was he ignoring him?!

"Hey Cloud! It's nice to see you again. Yuffie talk you into it?" Cloud nodded, his gaze wandering around the shop rather than looking at Shera. He never met anyone's eyes anymore because every time he did, he saw Zack's blue-green eyes staring out at him.

"How's she doing anyways?" Cloud scratched the back of his head awkwardly. He hated conversation…

"…I'm going with her to the doctor today…" Shera suppressed a grin.

"Vincent on call again? Let me know how that goes, alright?" Cloud nodded and accepted the package from the woman's hands and strapped it to Fenrir. Zack laughed when he saw Cloud's face wrinkle in disapproval.

"My bikes not stupid…I've got to stop talking to myself like he's here…jesus. Get over it cloud." Zack's heart broke into a million more pieces when Cloud's eyes forced themselves shut, halting the onslaught of tears.

"Soon, Spike. Soon."