Chapter Four---Potential

Lunch at Vincent and Yuffie's was pleasant; far too pleasant. Cloud knew Yuffie Valentine and she was far from the cordial, pleasant girl she had been pretending to be. She was up to something and even Vincent was watching her carefully, least she dabble in business not her own once again. Not that Vincent could really do anything to stop her.

Cloud was driving home and a weird feeling over came him. Like someone was watching him. Like someone was in the car. He turned to see no one but the creepy feeling persisted. Finally he saw his house come into view and relief washed over him. The quiet of his house was comforting despite the continuous feeling of being followed.

"You know Cloudo that Yuffie is an odd ball. Vincent's right she is up to something." Zack said, sitting on the table. Cloud nodded, washing the few dishes in the sink.

"I know she's always up to something. No doubt she's trying to set me up with Reno again." Zack snorted derisively.

"As if that would happen, he's been all about Rude ever since I can remember." Cloud laughed, falling into the lull of imaginary conversation with the man on his table.

"Yea, it's nice for them though. I wish… I wish we'd had more time. I know you never felt that way but I still sometimes wish." The room fell silent and Cloud thought he heard the rustle of fabric before someone grabbed him and whirled him around. He instantly recognized a pair of blue eyes before soft lips crashed onto his, wrenching the air from his lungs and sending his heart pounding, frantically trying to beat its way from his chest.

"Don't say that. God don't say that." Zack rested his forehead against Cloud's, ignoring the fact that the man he'd been watching over for 6 years could finally see him. Why or how it happened, he didn't bother wondering about; it didn't matter.

"Zack?" Cloud asked cautiously, as if he were afraid the apparition would disappear. Zack smiled at him and in seconds Cloud had grabbed him and crushed their lips together once again. As the moments passed and wove together, for one night all was right again and Cloud was whole.

Zack awoke with an armful of Cloud and for a brief moment he forgot all of the bad things. He was simply there with Cloud, like he should have been.

"Hey retard, wake up." Cloud's blue eyes fluttered open and Zack was sure he'd never seen anything so beautiful.

"I wasn't dreaming?" Zack shook his head, pulling the younger blond closer.

" Zack?" Cloud trailed off before the brunet looked at him expectantly.

"What's heaven like?" Cloud's fingers trailed over the white, feathery appendages that protruded from Zack's back. The man shrugged, burying his nose in blonde spikes.

" I don't know. I think heaven is right here. Watching you all these years, never being able to tell you what really happened or how I felt… it was more like hell. I don't care how this is happening or even why. I only care that you know that it wasn't your fault."

"But…if I had been-"

"No, it wasn't your fault. After you left…you remember Hojo, right?" Cloud nodded, scowling.

"Well, some student of his found me. I was so close to dead, I guess it didn't matter anyways. That's how I got the wings. Well, I don't really remember how but when I woke up, there they were. Except, something went wrong." Cloud listened attentively, pulling Zack closer. He wondered if Zack had been in much pain but then he laughed at himself; of course Zack had been in pain. Vincent could verify that any procedure of Hojo's was bound to involve obscene amounts of pain. Realizing that Zack was still talking, Cloud listened.

" It's funny, how with the sicknesses that have been eating away at the people and the crime, Heaven's gotten kind of crowded. So I was sent to watch over you. Too many people were dying and they need protection. I guess the overflow of those who've gone to Heaven are sent to watch over the living, to make sure there's still a future on the Planet. Maybe God felt sorry for us." Zack trailed off, enjoying the warmth Cloud emitted and the delirious haze that clung about them, creating a lazy, morning after glow.

"Whatever happened, I'm glad you're here. I missed you." Cloud whispered softly almost afraid to open his eyes. But when he did, Zack was still there, still smiling at him and still loving him. It was then that Cloud was sure Heaven really exsisted.

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