I had this amazing dream, and it inspired me to write a Kouzumi fanfiction. It is Kouzumi, so if you aren't a fan of this pairing, then you don't have to read it. For those who want to read it, feel free to comment, but no negative comments.

I hope you enjoy this fic!

Chapter 1: Opportunity

"Now are you sure about this, Miss Orimoto?" the man in the dark suit questioned her with a raised eyebrow. He was carrying a medium-sized valise that contained important files of his customers, as well as other information. His eyes were covered by his dark sunglasses that reflected the sun's rays.

The blonde girl with bright green eyes ,named Izumi, nodded briskly. She looked directly at the man's eyes, even though they were covered, with a fierce look. She then replied to the man.

"Sir, I've been living in this orphanage my entire life. It's been my dream to see the world, meet new people, experience new things. I've told myself, no matter what it takes, I will meet this dream. Now the opportunity has arrived for me and I can't miss it. Do you understand sir?" Her voice told the man she was sure about her decision.

He sighed and then said,"Allright. You're a very determined girl, I can tell you that. I can't say much about where you are being sent, just that it's in Japan. I assume you can speak their language?"

"Yes, I've learned Japanese, as well as many other languages. I even learned one of their martial arts, kendo." Izumi said proudly.

The dark man couldn't help but grin at her reply. He was impressed and suprised at the same time that such a bright girl was raised in an orphanage. Even though he normally didn't take particular notice of his customers, he was glad for the girl and the opportunity that was granted to her.

Not showing how he felt, he told her,"Then you'll manage. Listen very closely now: one of my assistants will be here tommorow morning to take you to the airport. She will be with you throughout the entire trip until you arrive at your destination. Be ready by when she arrives. I wish you the best of luck."

He exited through the front door, leaving the orphanage, heading towards his next destination. Izumi watched the man through one of the windows, until his car disappeared among the others. She had a pleased expression on her face.

Sighing, she sat on one of the comfortable sofas, her mind visualizing the trip she was about to embark on.

I can't believe it. Sixteen years living in this orphanage, and now, I'm leaving it. Japan...I wonder what it's like there? The people I'm staying with, how will they react when I arrive? Will they be nice, or cruel? her mind buzzed with these thoughts. She was interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the winding staircase.

Izumi turned and appeared suprised to see the rest of the orphanage. The variety of kids whose ages reached from three to twelve, stared at her silently. After a few minutes, she asked them why they were staring at her.

One of the bravest children called Kim, came up to her. She said in her sweet, innocent voice,"Is it true? You're leaving us?"

All Izumi could do was look at her and the rest of them in shock. It never occured to her when the opportunity arrived, that she would be missed. Now as she heard Kim's voice her mind went back to the good memories of her childhood, instead of the horrible ones. It was true that her entire life she had wanted nothing more than to leave the horrid place, but was it really as horrible as she thought it was?

She slowly replied to Kim and the others,"Ah...yes, I am."

"Why? Do you hate us Izumi?" the pale faced girl inquired.

"No, I don't hate you. I don't hate all of you. It's just that...none of you have been here long enough to know how I feel. By at least next month, most of you will be living with a new family and will be very happy. I've lived her for 16 years, and no one has ever considered adopting me. I don't know why, it just never happened. Now, I've been offered the chance to go somewhere new."

Izumi paused, and then continued, "I'm too old to be adopted now, but I will be sponsored by someone as a foreign student, and that someone has a family who might become my family. I'll get to learn their customs, their personalities, and much more. I'm sure all of you heard what I said to the man who came here: I can't miss this chance. Someone has listened to my wish, and is granting it. Look, no matter what you think, I'll never forget any of you. You are the family I grew up with, and still are."

She waited for her message to sink in the children's minds, and for their reply. Then, something unexpected happened. One by one they all began to cry. They ran downstairs, their footsteps sounding like the clatter of rain, and went to hug Izumi. All she could do was sit there, and then, she too was crying softly, though she had to force herself to do it.

"We'll miss you Izumi." the children chorused alltogether, with tears still in their eyes.

She closed her eyes and hugged all of them, replying,"I'll miss you guys too. If you want, I can write to all of you. I can ask the headmistress if she will let me know when one of you has been sent to a new home, and I'll send you letters to there."

One of the twelve year old boys, Jake, asked,"Will you tell us about what you are doing there?"

Izumi nodded to him. "I'll tell you what you want to hear, okay?"

He nodded and then went back to hugging her. After a few minutes, Izumi said in a joking manner,"Okay now. Get off me, you little tyrants."

The children laughed sweetly and let go of Izumi. At the same moment, the headmistress walked in, suprised at the sight. She smiled and then turned to Izumi.

"They're not the only ones who will miss you dear. I hope you will have a wonderful adventure in Japan." Mrs. Burkins said to her kindly.

"I hope so too."