Thanksgiving pretty much sucked for me today, so I went to my room and wrote. The whole idea of this is that each word follows the alphabet, and I matched a person to each prompt. It took me about two hours to search the dictionary for each word, then match each word to a male that Sakura could relate to. I'm not posting them in order, though, but separately since each is a different pairing. Hope you enjoy, and I hope your Thanksgivings were much better than mine!

Title: Of Spandex
Pairing: GaiSaku
Prompt: Akimbo

She could remember being younger, her cotton-candy pink hair long and as perfect as she could make it. She could remember being excessively loud, obnoxiously irritating, and possibly even a tad bid over-emotional. From her memories, she could recall pointing at people a lot and while she may not have been as bad as Naruto, she had to admit that she'd had proximity issues. Being stuck with Naruto on her team wasn't all that bad, now that she really thought about it. He'd protected her and listened to her and he'd never done anything to hurt her, either. Karma had just decided to be a bit bitchier than usual and had made her mature all too fast and couldn't let her be smart enough to see Naruto was the better choice for her.

Rock Lee had taken an interest in her, and karma still couldn't have been nice and just let her determine who was best for her. Oh, no, no, no, she couldn't let go of the emotionless iced pain in her butt for anyone in her youth. Even after he was gone, it took years to overcome his offensive attitude and inhumanly perfect features.


Sakura flinched in surprise at the obtrusive call and spun around, watching Maito Gai in all his green spandexed glory perching atop a tree branch, hands on his hips and his 10,000 watt smile on his face. Sakura waved enthusiastically at him before he bounded down to land in front of her.

They shared a chaste kiss and a warm hug before they intertwined their fingers and began their trek back to town for a quick dinner before Sakura's twentieth birthday party.

It was easy enough to say that she had the patience and tolerance of a god at this point.