Thanksgiving pretty much sucked for me today, so I went to my room and wrote. The whole idea of this is that each word follows the alphabet, and I matched a person to each prompt. It took me about two hours to search the dictionary for each word, then match each word to a male that Sakura could relate to. I'm not posting them in order, though, but separately since each is a different pairing. Hope you enjoy, and I hope your Thanksgivings were much better than mine!

Title: Of Swirls
Pairing: TobiSaku
Prompt: Berceuse

She had no real idea explaining why she had been captured. To be brutally honest, she would've started to weep if they'd kept her alone in a cell like she had expected they would, just from the sheer fear she had of these men. She figured Naruto may have been the biggest reason for her kidnapping, but she also knew Itachi's eyes had been in severe need of medical assistance, too.

Regardless of their need for her, she'd been strategically left out of the loop, and days went by with different captors, days of silence and more sufferable thoughts. It was as if they were interrogating her by letting her sit and brew in her own mind, thinking she would get so fed up with ideas of her being there that she'd finally snap and just start telling them things.

The first week went by, each day a new person coming in to keep an eye on her and wait for something to come from her mouth. She rarely slept, only a few breaks of ten minutes here, twenty minutes there, and never once did she ask her purpose or reason for being there. She wasn't sure, but it seemed that her silence was as irritating to her captors as it was to her own mind.

That eighth day, when her new captor came in, she could see that her lack of sleep and lack of interaction with the people in her cell would be forced to an abrupt halt. When the man with the swirled mask came bouncing into the room, loudly proclaiming that his name was Tobi and that he was very excited to finally be able to meet her, Sakura had actually let out a soft laugh and wondered what the hell this guy was up to.

He talked to her even though she never responded to him. She would nearly nod off, but quickly she would force herself to pay attention to his voice and simply stay awake. It was an obvious ploy to get her to talk, she figured, and she'd be damned if it would work.

At some point or another, Tobi realized she was trying not to fall asleep despite her obvious exhaustion.

"Tobi will sing Sakura a lullaby if she wants Tobi to?" he asked, sitting on his hands.

Sakura was brought back from the brink of sleep by the calling of her name, and when she understood what he'd said, she started to laugh again, and she spoke.

"I don't understand why you are the way you are, but apparently there's no getting you to stop talking to me, so go ahead."

The man made a sort of happy squealing sound and ran over to Sakura who immediately leapt back in reflex. He seated himself beside her as she tried desperately to sink into the wall she was sitting against, but once he started singing a song she could remember from her childhood, her exhaustion took over and she became drawn into slumber by the beautiful tones of his lullaby.

Tobi stopped singing a few minutes after he was sure she was asleep before gently pulling her onto her side, head against his knee. He chuckled.

"Tobi made the pretty lady talk and sleep, so Tobi wins!"