The Birds and the Bees (OT5 Style)

Echizen Ryoma was an intelligent individual. He also had four, very protective, boyfriends. Even though he had both of these things, he had never really been taught…well, y'know.

About…the birds and the bees. Sex. Fucking, screwing, intercourse. Whatever you want to call it. Sure, Ryoma knew how you were supposed to insert tab A into Slot A but…only with a girl. It had to be different with a guy…right? And even with his boyfriends many attempts to get into his pants, he had only ever managed to receive (or give) handjobs and blowjobs.

Well, Ryoma decided it was high time to remedy this little problem. So, he decided to ask his father, who totally should have explained the intricacies of gay sex when little Ryoma had come out as gay.

The exchange went something like this:

"Dad, how do you, um, have, er, sex? With uh, another guy?" Ryoma was silently cursing himself for even considering asking his father about this.

Nanjiro's response was," Hehe, you're not serious are you? Hahahaha, well son, hahahahaha!"

After five minutes Ryoma got tired of his laughing father and left. Nanjiro didn't even notice as he was on the ground choking on his own laughter.

Ryoma decided he would just have to ask his lovers how to…well…make love. Hm, maybe he should have just waited for Nanjiro to calm down and then force his father to answer his question. Or maybe he should have just surfed the internet…but he didn't think of that because of plot convenience.