The Birds and the Bees (OT5 Style)

The Epilogue

Ryoma awoke the morning after. Wow. It had actually happened. No pale faced Sanada or blushing Tezuka. No horny Monkey King and no smiling Fuji. Well maybe there was still that. And yeah, Atobe would probably be horny when he woke up. So. Two out of four isn't too bad, eh?

The arms that were wrapped around his waist tightened slightly as Atobe woke up. Slowly, the others woke up too. Though, Tezuka did have to be kind of punched by Sanada in order to get him up.

"So, that was…" Ryoma trailed off.

"Mmhm." Atobe responded. Or grunted.

"And wow, my ass is sore," Echizen said.

"It should be," and if it hadn't been Genichirou, Ryoma swears he was smirking.

"Well, Ryoma, what did you think?" Tezuka asked softly.

"Mm, it was good, but." And Ryoma stopped there, burying his head in Fuji's chest. Atobe stroked his soft hair.

"Go ahead, Ryo-kun." Keigo coaxed.

"Well, I just realized," Ryoma paused and looked around at the other four. Then he smirked," that I haven't fucked anyone in the ass yet."

The other four just groaned slightly and Ryoma got four pillows to the face.

"Hmph, Mada Mada Dane," Ryoma snorted.

"Shut up and go back to sleep," Kunimitsu muttered into Sanada's chest.

"Yeah, you'll need your strength for later," Syuusuke said. His smile grew slightly sadistic.

"Why? What's later?" No, Ryoma totally wasn't panicking. Y'know, except for the part where he was.

"Oh, just you informing us of your virginity made us realize that there's a lot of things we haven't done yet." Keigo smirked.

"Like rimming." Fuji said.

"Or spanking." Keigo supplied.

Tezuka mumbled something that sound like," Double penetration.

"I am fond of handcuffs," Genichirou mused.

"Uh, I think I forgot to feed Karupin," Ryoma said, attempting to get out of the huge bed.

Atobe rolled over, pinning both Fuji and Echizen under him,"Karupin can wait until later."

"Just enjoy it," Fuji whispered into Ryoma ear as he began thrust against his ass.

"Whatever." Ryoma snapped, only it came out more as a moan because not only did Sanada grab his cock but Kunimitsu shoved two fingers into his afore mentioned sore ass. And then everything else was kind of a blur.

But somewhere, Nanjiro snickered and looked through a lot of very compromising pictures or five very handsome men doing some very naughty things. Oh yes, these were getting their very own scrap book in his porn collection. Maybe 'Ryoma's Deflowering' or 'Baby's First Fuck' or maybe 'The Birds and the Bees.' So many wonderful choices. Nanjiro snickered again.