As Plain as Black and Pink
A Naruto FanFiction
By Krabby Patties

Story Preview

Sasuke was watching the rest of the Lord of the Rings movie while I was in the kitchen, preparing lunch. So when the door rang, I asked him to answer it. After hearing a sharp crack, a grunt of pain, and plenty of yelling, I literally dropped what I was making and ran into the foyer, leaving behind the new mess of a broken plate and lettuce on the floor.

I first noticed Sasuke holding a hand to his nose. Blood dripped from between his fingers. His other hand was clenched and ready to fight, and the look in his eyes was murderous. Then I saw Kiba snarling like a canine and Naruto, knuckles bloody, screaming at Sasuke.


Sasuke grabbed a fistful of Naruto's shirt with his bloody hand, and his fist drew back to deliver a great blow. Kiba crouched a little, ready to pounce.

"Hey!" I yelled. "Stop!" I grabbed hold of Sasuke's punching arm, ceasing his movement. He turned to look at who was holding him back, baring his teeth.

"Sakura?" Naruto's eyes widened and Kiba straightened.

I ignored Naruto and Kiba when my patient care instincts took over. I put a soothing, cool hand on the side of Sasuke neck. He was flushed with rage. "Hey, hey," I said, like Sasuke was a child. "Let go of Naruto, and I'll fix you up." He didn't immediately listen to me, so I prompted again: "Come on. Let go of Naruto." I used both of my hands to pluck Sasuke's fingers off Naruto, leaving the front of Naruto's shirt in a crumpled, bloodstained mess.

I took Sasuke into the kitchen, telling him to keep his head down. While he stared at the ceramic floor, I pulled the first-aid kit out of the cabinet. With a wet dish towel, I began to clean the blood from his fingers. I noticed Naruto and Kiba start walking into the kitchen from the corner of my eye. With my rage-face on, I spun on them.

I pointed in the direction from which they had just come. "WAIT IN THE LIVING ROOM UNTIL I'M DONE!"

"Jeez," I heard Naruto mumbleas he and Kiba walked into the living room. "She reminds me of that old lady Tsunade-sama."

I knew it would be annoying to look up at Sasuke's nose as I tried to fix it. "All right," I said. "This isn't going to work." I backed up to the countertop. "Help me up." I couldn't put the bloody towel on the counter, and I knew I couldn't get up onto it with just one hand.

Sasuke lifted me by the waist as I jumped a little and pushed with my free hand. Once I settled, I opened my legs and drew him in between them. He looked up at me to continue my cleaning. After being incredibly gentle in removing the blood I could finally assess the condition of Sasuke's nose. He had two red wounds on either side of the bridge, and his nose was very swollen and slightlycrooked. Both of his eyes looked like they were becoming black eyes as well. Naruto got him good. I touched his nose to feel the damage, and he grimaced.

"I'm sorry," I said quickly removing my hand.

He shook his head and urged me to continue.

"Are you having any trouble breathing?" I asked. I knew that if there was any obstruction to his breathing, I'd have to take him to the emergency room as soon as possible

"I'm fine," he said.

"Do you want to go to the emergency room?" I asked. "Because your nose is crooked, and that's not good. I can set it for you, but a doctor should really do it. I'm not even a nurse yet. I'm a certified nursing aid, but that means nothing in relation to your nose."

"Do it," he urged.

"And that's pretty much all I can do. If the break is clean, it will heal okay. I can't tell because it's too swollen. We'll just have to watch it." I prepared myself to do something I had only done once before.

He nodded.

"This is going to hurt."

He nodded.

"A lot."

He nodded, an annoyed scowl beginning to form.

"I mean it." I sighed at Sasuke's be-a-man attitude. I steadied one hand on his nose and the other on the back of his head. "Are you ready?"

He couldn't nod now, so he said, "Yeah."

In a quick movement, I shifted the position of the nose so that it was centered again. I could feel the sickening snap. Sasuke had made a sort of "oof" sound. He was gripping my knee hard, and there were tears in his eyes. You can be the manliest man of them all, but it's hard to keep your eyes from tearing up when the pain is so close to your eyes.

I brushed away a tear that had fallen with my thumb. He blinked a couple times to try to keep the tears under control. I touched his cheek. "You can cry in front of me you know," I said. "I know that hurt."

He shook his head, and I smiled at his clean face. I felt his hand move to my nape. He pulled my head down toward his, and I didn't have time to prepare myself for the contact of his lips. He took complete control, and he angled my head in the way he wanted. I didn't pull away, so he kissed me again. God, I could only think about how I missed his lips from the few times we had kissed ages ago.

I heard the doorbell and Naruto yell, "Don't worry! I got it!" This caused me to realize what I was doing, and I pulled away from Sasuke.

"I can't do this," I said shaking my head, shaking away the sensation from Sasuke's lips. I pushed on his shoulder, and he stepped back so that I could jump down. I went to the sink and tried to get the blood stains out of the cloth.

"Sakura," Sasuke called. His voice told me he wanted me to look at him so I did. He hadn't moved from his spot. He had only turned to face me.

"Do you still love me?" he asked. His expression was solemn.

I opened and closed my mouth once. I wanted to say no, but that was very far from the truth. So I answered, "I don't know."

His expression became a a guarded mask, and he stared at me as if I might change my mind. I wondered what sort of emotions he was feeling to make him put on such a cold façade. I didn't really know what to say.

I turned back to the sink to wash my hands. I muttered a "Sorry."

I saw Sasuke spin and walk out of the kitchen.

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