Thanksgiving pretty much sucked for me today, so I went to my room and wrote. The whole idea of this is that each word follows the alphabet, and I matched a person to each prompt. It took me about two hours to search the dictionary for each word, then match each word to a male that Sakura could relate to. I'm not posting them in order, though, but separately since each is a different pairing. Hope you enjoy, and I hope your Thanksgivings were much better than mine!

Title: Of Mentality
Pairing: IbikiSaku
Prompt: Indict

When she started dating him, everyone she knew began to ask her out more often. She had already had a relatively full schedule before, but ever since she and Ibiki had been "official", it seemed like everyone knew who she was.

People she barely said hello to were giving her full intellectual conversations and on more occasions than one, she found small presents on her desk at the hospital, bouquets of flowers not from Ibiki –granted, she would start to wonder if they were from him. She never quite understood what the reasoning was behind this sudden popularity she had, but she wasn't one to complain about free jewelry and flowers.

Her apartment, once plain and filled with empty bookshelves and tables, now had decorations and objects to fancy with no room to spare. It was as if dating Ibiki had made her into some sort of princess.

One day, she overheard one of her colleagues talking to Tsunade. The older woman was explaining that Ibiki's ways of showing affection were different, and that the gifts Sakura had been receiving were all from Ibiki and his vast outreach. He loved to see her happy and felt she deserved the attention, but it wasn't his zone of comfort to give her presents and conversations so often by himself.

Tsunade explained it was to make her happy, but also to keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't cheat on him. It was a preemptive strategy that would allow him to see if she took an interest in someone else while they were dating by tracking the gifts she received.

Sakura was utterly surprised by the news she was hearing, and hurried back to work before Tsunade discovered she'd been listening in on the conversation. As she scuttled down the hall, stopping to talk to people initiating conversations with her, she couldn't help but think one thing the whole time:

Who would've thought the most feared man in the village was insecure?