Spanish Glossary:

Besa- to kiss

Baila- to dance

Tu- you

This has been stuck in my head forever, so I decided to get it out. ONE-SHOT! Pointless fluff.

Edward's POV

I was sitting in Spanish class, just doodling. Innocently doodling. You get the point. This was my third time taking Spanish, after all. Mr. Draper was rambling on about tu commands. I was about to pass a note to Bella, when Alice had a thought, accompanied by a death glare.

Bella needs to learn this! It's going to be on the test Thursday!

Like I cared what Bella put down on the test. I would just erase it and write down all the right ones before Draper collected it. Bella would get a perfect score.

Bella will never let you do that, Edward.

I admitted defeat, in my head. I didn't want Bella mad at me. But, there was another option. I slipped a sheet of loose leaf out of my folder, which had been through hell. It was kidnapped, held hostage, and decorated from Alice.

Hey Bella.

Hey Edward. Y aren't u paying attention?

Once you take Spanish more then once, it's a bore. It's my third time in Spanish Two.

Wow. Why is Alice paying attention?

She's not. This is her vision time; or her plotting revenge time.

Oh no.


I may be next.

What?! Why?

This note. I have to get her first.

Then I got my chance. Mr. Draper asked for volunteers to demonstrate tu commands. Silence. No raised hands. Nothing, nothing at all. Then, Alice, always the optimistic one, reluctantly volunteered.

"Okay, I want you all to give her a tu command, and if you say it right, she has to do what you say. Chi?" Mr. Draper said.

"Watch and learn." I mouthed to Bella. She giggled.

My heart (if I even have one) melts every time she laughs.

"Tu baila!" I pronounced perfectly.

And I knew it. She knew it. If her face could've gone purple, it would have.

"Baila!" Draper prompted.

Alice danced around in a circle and flipped her hair.

You will pay!

"Raise your hand, Edward!" Bella said.

"Why?" I asked her back.

"Participation is half of our grades, and you haven't raised your hand today!" Bella said.

That was true. Bella had raised her hand earlier in class. I was hopeless. I raised my hand.

"Cullen!" Mr. Draper said.

They all knew what to do. Especially Alice.

"Tu besa Bella."

She wanted me to kiss Bella? In front of the entire class? Oh well. I know the rules.

I took Bella's hand, and lightly pulled her out of her seat. She stood up. I kissed her passionately. The whole class, including Mr. Draper, wooed.

"What was that for?" Bella asked breathless.

"Alice told me to."