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He Completes Me
Chapter 1- Some Things Never Change

I watch in horor as the scene rolls on before me. I can taste the fear that surrounds me. I now stare at the oozing liquid that claims the floor as it's own. Another step has been taken. I feel a sudden jolt as I fall backwards, into the darkness, into the deprivational darkness that willingly consumes me whole. A sudden bright light welcomes my arrival but there is something holding me back. I hear the chaos suddenly drift away, voices are faint whispers. I see myself growing up in a matter a seconds before my eyes, scenes from my life
just flashing before me. This was it now, I'm floating over the many bodies that surround me, so many in so little time. I see my friends huddled in a corner shocked and in tears. I hear them screaming my name...screaming...screaming...just yelling "Sakura" I can no longer see them... I can no longer comfort them...and soon I will no longer be near them....Just then I hear someone yell to me! Syaoran, I know it is, it has to be, his melodic voice ringing in my ears unwilling to leave him, the only one that will ever complete me, the only man I will ever love...its all over now... The whispering in my ear, words of encouragement he yells to me soon stop...I am left in darkness yet again...I am alone...Perhaps I am dead...this is it...I will die incomplete...I never gave myself to him...I lived incomplete...I die...an incomplete soul and soon I find myself fading into the background, I no longer exist....I am incomplete...because he completes me...and I never said so...I never showed him....

I hear screams, screams and more screams...yelling louder louder...


"Sakura time to get up for school!"
I hear my dad call and I jump to my feet, was it all just a dream? Suddenly I realize Touya is halfway out the door so I dress with haste not wanting to be even more late for school.
Its funny how people say some things never change, so many things I can pin point that will never change, me always being late is just a thing I've come to accept. Alarm clocks just don't work on me,
phone calls don't work on me, my dad has to call every few seconds so I dont drift back into oblivion. I guess that's me, Kinomoto Sakura 18 years of age and I will never learn that the early bird gets the worm.

I blade to school and make it inside before the teacher turns back to the class.
"10 minutes late eh Sakura? It's your record, you've never been so early!" whispered Syaoran Li from behind me.
"ha ha very funny" I reply quietly trying not to attract attention to me.

First period rolled on and I only fell asleep once, I was improving I suppose. I had this really weird feeling I just couldn't shake.
That dream was pretty intense, I wonder what it was about.
Lately I've been having dreams that have been somewhat disturbing, Kero hasn't thought much of it, so he says. I know Kero though, he isnt making a big a deal because he doesnt want to worry me, but I know
he's been concerned. I havent used my magic in a while, there hasnt been any danger, any problems recently, other than the obvious.
The Li Clan has been sending Syaoran letters and phoning almost every day saying he is the new Li Clan leader but he shows no leadership by staying in Japan,
with the Card Mistress. You see, Syaoran and I have been friends for a while now, about 8 years, but at some point things rose to a higher level...6 months ago actually and it was the best night of my life....

end of chapter 1

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