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Here's a little sneak peak at

Chapter 32- THE WEDDING!!!!


The man I've loved for so many years is standing before me. His eyes are filled with love

and joy. I can hardly believe these gorgeous, loving eyes staring back into mine were the very same

ones that threw hatred my way so many years ago. Still, with all this disbelief, a part of

me almost expected things to end up this way... well not exactly this way... I had not

anticipated Jason...how cold and empty his touch made me feel. I cannot supress a shudder.

"Sakura? Are you alright?"

I nod with a smile as my focus returns to his eyes. Today he and I will be bound by Holy

Matrimony in front of all our friends and family. My heart is racing in anticipation.

"Yes Syaoran, I feel perfectly alright".


Her voice is a beautiful melody to my ears...and though her smile matches her words, I fear

that Jason lurks in the back of her mind...and there isn't a damn thing I can do...


(A/N: Here's a REAL teaser)



No. This cannot be happening. Not to her. Not to my sweet darling Sakura. Not to my fiancé!

You can't die on my now Sakura...you can't!

"It's over Syaoran. She's dead. All that blood- you know she's dead. You killed her."

I lift my head slightly and find myself face to face with the devil himself.



She's dead? No. It can't be! Sakura cannot be dead! My mind refuses to believe what my eyes

are seeing.

"Sakura...you're not dead...you can't be"


I feel as though I have just awoken from a comatose state. It happened so fast... The devil.

The shot. The blood. The release of cherry blossoms into the air.

"This can't be happening.."


I reach for the devil's throat, and to my surprise, he does not bother to evade my fingers.

"You killed her Jason. You will pay."

*IS SHE DEAD??? Wait and find out :) ta ta!