First Date

By: Xenos Kadmia

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice, or any of the characters mentioned here, including John Travolta.

He did it
. He, Tsubasa Andou, had asked her, Misaki Harada, out on a date.

A real date this time, since, he decided, all the times that they spent hanging out didn't count as real dates.

Tsubasa wasn't exactly the type to dance, in fact, he had two left feet that stuck out at 90-degree angles. But on that day when he had asked her out and she said yes, he was dancing in his room like John Travolta on sugar rush.

Tsubasa and Misaki were best friends for the longest time. There wasn't a side of Misaki that Tsubasa hadn't seen. He had seen her bossy side more than necessary, he had seen her happy, angry, irritated, peeved, smug, indifferent, and, on rare occasions, sad. As much as he lied to himself that they were best friends and that was all that they were, he couldn't help himself.

He had fallen in love with her.

He knew that he couldn't be the kind of macho, super-hot guy that Natsume was, not that he thought Natsume was macho and super-hot, but he knew Natsume was the kind of guy women fall for. Tsubasa would always be the shy and quiet kind, never attracting attention to himself, the master of the invisible.

And yet there was somebody who cared to hang out with him.

So, there he was, invisible, shy Tsubasa Andou, in his bedroom, dancing because he had asked the only girl who probably ever liked him out. He didn't know where they were going, and he didn't know what exactly they were going to do, but that would come later.

For now, he was happy remembering how he had asked her out.

Tsubasa and Misaki were under a tree, eating their lunch in peace. They were always quiet when they ate, because if they talked, they would never finish.

Tsubasa watched the sun bounce off Misaki's pink hair, making it glow, illuminating her eyes, and her features.

"What are you looking at?" Misaki asked slyly. She caught him staring at her.

"…there's a bug on your face," he replied dryly. He was a bad liar.

"You're a bad liar," she said, smirking. Had there actually been a bug, then she would have felt it.


She looked at him.

He looked back at her.

It was a staring contest of sorts. Misaki's face had an "I know what you're thinking" look on it, while Tsubasa had a "No, you don't" face on.

Yes, they knew each other that well.

"Has anyone ever asked you out before?" Tsubasa asked.

"If I said yes, would you be jealous?" Misaki countered.

"Just answer the question would you?" Women could be so complicated.

"Fine, nobody's asked me out yet."

"Yet? Why are you so hopeful?" Tsubasa teased.

Misaki punched him on the shoulder. Oh, have I mentioned she punches like a man?

"OW!" Tsubasa cried out in pain. "What was that for?"

"For being so mean. I'm not that ugly."

No, she was not, Tsubasa thought, in fact, she was quite the opposite.

"No, you're not…" he mumbled.

"What did you say?" Misaki asked.

"Would you go out with me?" Tsubasa was looking at her straight in the eyes, looking dead serious, while nonchalantly munching on his sandwich.

For a while, Misaki contemplated his question. His face looked like he was about to crack up any second now, but he didn't, so he must've been serious. Then again, she couldn't take any chances.

"Is this a trick question?"

He smirked, but the look on his eyes told Misaki that he was disappointed, but he was trying to pull it off as a joke.

"Never mind," he said, "I've got homework anyway."

"So, you would rather do homework than go out with me? Because I would have said yes," Misaki said.

"Well, in that case, no. If you had said yes in the first place, then I wouldn't even be doing homework."

"Well, in either cases, you wouldn't be doing homework because it's our break next week, and we don't have homework."

Tsubasa mentally slapped his head. He forgot it was their break. He was so busy being a nerd and enjoying math that he forgot breaks even existed.

Note: the sarcasm.

"It's a yes, Tsubasa. Now admit I win," Misaki said smugly.

"Fine, you win."

Misaki playfully pulled his hat off his head and tossed it about two feet away. She always thought he looked better without the stupid hat, but he insisted on wearing it.

"Hey…" Tsubasa said, reaching for his hat. He got on his side to be able to reach it. "What was that for?"

Misaki shrugged. "You look better without it." Then she stood up and sat beside him.

"So you can't control my shadow," she said in response to the puzzled look on his face.

He hadn't noticed it, but the sun was facing him, and since she had been sitting opposite him, the sun cast her shadow directly where he could control it.

He could have, but he didn't feel like doing it.

They sat in silence, finishing their food. Misaki leaned her head on Tsubasa's shoulder.

He smirked inwardly. He didn't think the shadow was the only reason.

Tsubasa finally flopped down on his bed, exhausted from bouncing around. He turned on his side to look at a picture on his bedside table.

In the frame was a picture of him and Misaki, her arms around his neck. They really looked like a couple there, but reality was Misaki was about to strangle him.

Oh well, he liked to pretend. Besides, they looked pretty good there, the photographer, whoever he/she was, had managed to get his good side.

He was pretty sure that after a long argument, Misaki would agree.

Then, he fell asleep, dreaming of a date with a certain pink-haired girl.

Somewhere else, Misaki was dreaming of Tsubasa without his stupid hat.

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