A Father's Worst Nightmare! (Revised)

It was getting late that night when a father and his 7 year-old daughter named Jessie were heading home from a busy day at the police station. You see he was the chief of police named Ben Miller. Jessie had short red hair, and blue eyes.

Anyway they were heading for the subway station. His daughter had gone a head of him and had already taken her seat. Some guy needing help, he was trying to find a certain store and needed direction.

He quickly gave him the direction and was about to aboard the train when the door had closed shut and was rapidly beginning its departure.

Realizing that he had missed the train with his young daughter aboard, he began to worry. He really didn't like that fact that his child was alone in New York, at night.

He only hope that she will remember everything that he had taught her in situations like this and get off at the next station.

After the train had departed from the station, it took a few minutes for her to realize that her father was not on the train. At that moment all she wanted to do was cry, but instead of crying she was going to be brave.

Thankfully she had remember what her father had always told her. Once the train stopped, she made her way to the door. She then took a seat on one of the benches for the arrival of her father. Hopping that he was even on the next train.

She was all alone, once all of the people left the station. There was one guy though; he was waiting for the next train, when he saw a little girl sitting on a bench all by herself.

Instead of waiting for the next train he though he would have a little fun.

He walked behind her and grabbed her, placing his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming. She kicked and screamed trying to break free. But was no use. He tossed her in the back seat of his car, like a bag of potatoes.

Once she was seated he quickly pushed down the execration pedal and sped off.

Ben soon arrived at the next stop only to find his daughter gone. He wondered if she had not gotten off and kept on going. His only hope is she alright.If she wasn't waiting for him a the stop they were going to get off. He was going to order his deputy to help search for her.
Jessie sat behind her kidnapper. He has dark eyes and dark hair.

She was very scared, but knew that she needed to stay calm. Crying wasn't going to help.

Instead she was going to try and escape. Her plan was when he comes to a complete stop, she was going to run hoping that he doesn't stop her before she even got out.

Finally after a good ten minutes, he came to a stop at a red light.

"Now was the time to put my plan into action," Jessie replied to her self.

But here is where the bad news come into play. Two words. CHILD LOCKS.

Yep he did it, he just had to put the child lock on, go figure. Her plan had went down the drain.

"Boy what a day, first I get separated from my father and now I am stuck with this creep. What should I do next? I'll have to think of another plan," She thought to herself.

"Sorry kid, but you aren't going anywhere," replied her kidnapper.

"This was going to be a long night," She thought to herself


Author's Notes: revised this story a little bit. I hope you like it. I will have another chapter up soon this week.