Ron and Hermione: Yule Ball

This is Hermione's point of view

"Okay one more pin and … DONE!" I said as I finished my complicated hair-do

I smoothed my dress out and went to the stairs

I popped my head out to make sure he wasn't snogging on some girl or had ditched me but he was there

I slowly walked down the stairs and heard a very nice comment

"She looks beautiful!" said Parvati

"Yea she does," said Harry but then turned his attention to who his date was referring to

I looked at Krum who was now at the bottom of the stairs handing his hand out motioning me to take it

I took it and I could feel blushing slightly he cares I thought unlike that arrogant git who thinks that no one would ask me to the ball

STOP don't think about him you are here with one of the best quidditch players in the wizarding world VIKTOR KRUM

I was about to go talk to Harry and his date but the bells started ringing so I just waved at them

As Viktor led me to the hall I could see death glares pointing at me but I smiled triumphaly because I saw Ron with his date and I could see anger and jealousy filling him

As we stopped to dance I felt like it was so peaceful and Voldemort wasn't out to get us

But then the classical music turned to hard rock and actually I, Hermione Granger, was dancing to it

After the song ended Viktor went to go get drinks then he kissed my hand 'He adores me' I thought

I spun around and thought 'Earth to Hermione'

I took this opportunity to go talk to Harry and that git

"Hot isn't it?" I said "Viktor went to go get drinks, would you care to join to us?"

Harry was about to say something when that ignorant prick interrupted him "NO we would not care to join you and Viktor!" Ron said jealously

"What's gotten into you?" I asked

"He's from Durmstrang; you're fraternizing with the enemy!" he said the nerve of him!

"THE ENEMY!?" I exploded as he stood in his chair confident "Who was it wanting his autograph?!" I said as he slumped back to his chair

Yea that oughta show him

"Besides the whole point of the tournament is 'International Magical Cooperation', To make friends!" I explained

"Well I think he's got a little more than friendship on his mind!" he said

I couldn't stand it any more so I walked off to where Viktor was

"What's wrong?" he asked

'See he cares' I thought

"Friendship problems" I said coolly

"Do you want to talk about it?" he asked concerned

"No I don't want it to spoil your night too" I said

About an hour past and Viktor said something came up (family problems I assumed) but that's when…

"He's using you!" he said

"How dare you?! Besides I can take care of myself!" I said

"Barely! He's way too old for you!" he said

"What! Is that what you think?!" I said

"Yea that's what I think!" he said as if he knew everything

"You know the solution the don't you?" I asked

"What's that?" he asked

"Next time there's a ball, puck up the courage and ask me before anybody else does, and not at the last resort!" I said angrily 'Did that just come out of my mouth?'

"That's completely off the point," he said nervously, "Harry"

"Where have you been? Never mind off to bed both of you!" I spat out I sounded like such a mom but you haven't heard anything yet

"They scarier when they get older!" he exclaimed

"Ron you spoiled EVERYTHING!" I said angrily tears threatening to fall out

I basically fell to a step on the stairs breaking down

I decided I would go to the roof to think as I always do

So peaceful

Until I heard footsteps behind the spot I was sitting at

I basically whirled around but turned back as I had now seen who it was

Harry and that arrogant prick

"Go away!" I yelled

"Can we talk?" asked R-the git

"About what?" I questioned him angrily

"He wants to talk about his 'feelings'" said Harry teasingly, "I'll leave you two alone."

"What?!" I asked more angry than concerned

"ilovu" he said quickly

"Excuse me?" I said because I hadn't understood a thing he said

"" he said slowly

I looked at him bewildered

"Tonight when I saw you with Krum, I wanted to go up to him and punch him right in the face and swoop you off the floor and kiss you." He said

I looked into his eyes I saw sincerity he meant it! Krum was nice and all but I liked him as a friend

"It's not too late." I told him

So he swept me off my feet and kissed me on the lips 'He truly LOVES me!'

After the kiss we sat there it felt weird something was off

I finally figured it out

"I love you too!" I said sincerely

He let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding


Wow took like an hour to write hope you liked it!