Warriors of Destiny

Warriors of Destiny

A Digimon Fantasy


Note: I do not own digimon in any way, shape or form.  I made a medieval/fantasy for the 3 other major animes I write for (okay, so Adventure of a Lifetime was actually a crossover, but it still counts!) so I thought hey, why not give Digimon a try!  This is about the digidestined and Gennai (the younger, cuter one!).  The digimon have nothing to do with this and there is no Digiworld.  However, some of the digidestined may have some animal friends/companions. Yet. I'm doing something new; I'm using their Japanese names.  This will be the first digimon fic where I use their Japanese names all the way through. (Some of my fics I mention)  So this will be new for me!  This has both the 01 and 02 digidestined.  If you please, leave an honest review. 

Here are the ages (Hope I'm right on the years apart they are):

Joe/Jyou: 21

Tai/Taichi: 20

Sora: 20

Matt/Yamato: 20

Mimi: 20

Izzy/Koushiro: 19

Yolei/Miyako: 19

Ken (I thought he had a Japanese name?): 19

Davis: 18

Kari/Hikari: 18

TK/Takeru: 17

Cody/Iori: 16

Living in the mountains was a wise and strong warrior by the name of Gennai.  He had no family and no friends.  He lived there all by himself.  It was rather strange for a man to live in the mountains, but there was a reason why.  He was waiting for 11 young people to come see him and when they finally came, he would teach them all how to be warriors of destiny.

But the eleven young people had no idea about their destiny as warriors.  They all lived their separate lives like ordinary people.  These eleven young people willl eventually become the warriors of destiny to stop the evils from their world…or ones that could possibly come from others.

Gennai needed to make a way so all the children will be the same and have their own abilities and powers.  He made 8 crests and 3 pairs of rings and sent them out where the right children could find them.

The first warrior to achieve one happened to be a warrior already.  He was a wandered warrior and sometimes people called him 'The Courageous Warrior' because no matter what scary thing he faced, he faced it to the end and he always did it alone.  Rather it was to slay monsters or save townspeople from a burning church, Taichi earned the title of the courageous warrior.  He had found the crest of courage in a wall of a cave after slaying a monster when he was only the age of 11.  It was a hard time for him because that was around the time his sister turned up missing.

Taichi adored his sister Hikari and when she was around the age of eight, she had disappeared suddenly without a trace.  From then on, Taichi vowed to find his sister even if it was the last thing he would ever do. 

Amazingly the next crest--which was the crest of love--also fell into the hands of a warrior.  Her parents died when she was young so she lived on her own.  She received it from a bird.  Her name was Sora and she was 'raised' or watched over you might say, by birds.  (Ha, you were thinking wolves or gorillas weren't you?)  She could even talk to them and they named her 'The Lovely Amazon'

There was a bard by the name of Yamato and he received the crest of friendship. (Come on, admit it, you can totally see Matt as a bard!) He found it while playing a song one night on a full moon.  The music was so peaceful it calmed the all of the wild animals, even the hungry wolves that were planning on making him their dinner. After he had finished his song, a wolf crept up to him with the crest of friendship dangling from its jaw.  The wolves made Yamato their only human friend.

Like Taichi, Yamato also had a brother.  His name was Takeru.  However, they were split up at a young age because their parents did not want to have anything to do with each other.  Yamato never heard of his younger brother again.  Or at least thought he never would.

Attending at a rather odd school in a city was a sorcerer in training.  This boy loved learning new things and sorcery and magic happened to be one of them.  His parents were surprised by this but also very proud of him.  Their son was adopted after his real parents were killed in a horrible accident. While doing an experiment, the purple crest of knowledge appeared.  Surprised and confused, but impressed and interested, this smart young man took the crest of knowledge.  He didn't know what it was or where it came from.  However, he knew, he just knew, that someday he would find out what it was.  He'd sacrifice anything on it.  That boy's name was Koushiro.  Sometimes his friends would call him, "Koushiro, The Knowledgeable Sorcerer' because when they had trouble coming up with at least one theory, they knew that Koushiro could come up with a dozen of them.

In a kingdom far away lived two princesses.  They were two beautiful sisters that lived in a beautiful castle (can you guess the 2 I am talking about?) and they had a beautiful garden.  Their lives were beautiful.  The youngest sister was adopted into the family when they found her wandering alone. The oldest sister, Mimi, loved the garden more than anything else around the palace.  She would smell each flower in the garden a hundred times a day and made sure they were well watered.  Where as the younger sister, Miyako, enjoyed being inside to study things about the world.  Miyako also liked animals, birds especially.  Miyako loved the garden too, but what she really loved was a knight in shining armor.  While Mimi was trimming the roses, she found in the bloom of one rose, the green crest of sincerity.  At the same time, Miyako a hawk flew into her window while she was reading something.  It dropped two rings from its beak to table.  One ring was the ring of love and the other, sincerity.  The servants called the older sister, "Mimi, the sincere princess," and the younger, "Miyako, the sincere and lovable princess."

Living in a temple was a young priest.  He never really thought of becoming a priest in his childhood until there was a very bad plague that broke out in the village he lived in.  He felt like he should to something.  The people were too sick to rely on their own strength so they needed to rely on others.  His father and older brother were also priests so he joined them to help heal the village.  After he healed a sick child, she gave him a gray token of thanks.  It was the crest of reliability and they villagers called him, "Jyou, The Reliable Healer."

Just outside a village in a beautiful rainforest lived a happy, hopeful little elf.  Well, he wasn't very little compared to some. He was pretty tall.  His name was Takeru and he was the lost brother of Yamato.  Takeru used to be human just like his brother until one day, Takeru missed his brother so much that he ran away to go and look for him.  But being a mere human boy and being out in the dangerous forest where he got lost, he would not be able to get to his brother alive.  That was when he received the yellow crest of hope.  When he had thought all was lost, he, he looked up at a tall and huge mountain and he saw the sun rising over it.  All doubt left Takeru and he became hopeful again.  He reached the mountain, where there was a hole near the bottom of it.  He saw something yellow glowing inside it and reached inside and pulled it out. The crest changed him from a human boy into an elf, to better suit him to live in the forest.  He was able to see perfectly at night and learned to hunt for food.    It gave him the hope to go on and he gave himself, "Takeru, The Hopeful Elf."

In the same rain forest, lived a fairy.  She used to be human and she had a brother too.  But one day when she was eight, she wandered to the rain forest to pick flowers for her older brother but unfortunately, the girl got lost.  She became very scared and missed her brother very much.  The rain forest got very dark and spooky at night, but somehow, through it all, she found a bright light in the heavens.  There was something falling from the sky--like a falling star. It was pink and glittering.  It fell right into her palms and she gazed upon the crest of light.  The crest changed her into a fairy so she would have a better chance of surviving in the rain forest.  She met new fairies and they called her, "Hikari, The Delightful Fairy."

Every villager heard the legends about "Taichi, The Courageous Warrior," and there was one certain boy who wanted to hear everything about what he did to become so brave.  He wanted to be brave like him someday.  When he was twelve, the church caught on fire during a thunderstorm.  Despite his age and experience, the young boy gathered whatever courage he had and went in to save the scared people that were trapped inside and put the flames out.  After he did this, he found a red ring that was in the fire.  Everyone thought he was very brave, like the legendary, "Taichi, The Courageous Warrior."  When the other villagers where in trouble, he stepped in to face whatever the trouble was.  Whether it was dragons or other monstrous beasts, the youth stood up fearless with his sword and slew each foe.  When he became thirteen, he went on a quest to slay another dragon.  In the dragon's cave, it was quiet and empty.  Then he tripped over something. When he looked to see what he tripped over, he saw a blue big egg.  It was a dragon's egg.  The young boy watched the egg hatch and a blue baby dragon pulled out of the egg.  Instead of killing the young dragon, the youth made it into his friend.  It was just a baby so there was no point into slaying it.  He took care of the dragon until it was old enough to live fine on its own and whenever the boy was lonely, he would just have to whistle for his dragon friend.  The dragon had for him a present, another ring--the ring of friendship.  The villagers made a name for the youth, "Daisuke, the Courageous but Friendly Dragonslayer." 

There was a young boy who lost his father in a war.  He had just his mother and grandfather to watch over him.  The boy wondered why his father had to die the way he did and his grandfather, who gave him many words of wisdom said to him, "Iori, people need others to rely on." Iori was a very smart lad and had many ideas or theories why his father had to die the way he did, but he never thought about reliability.  He liked learning new things and then one day, he found something in the ground.  It was a purple ring--the ring of knowledge.  Just a day later, after rescuing his grandfather and mother from an intruder, he got the ring of reliability.  His father taught him swordplay and kendo and earned the name, "Iori, the Knowledgeable and Reliable Samurai." 

It was not easy to find very gentle and kind people in some places of the world. It's very cruel out there.  There are assassins, robbers, very cruel people who will take away people's lives and money.  There was a boy who was very kind and gentle.  When his brother died, he wanted to become like the cruel people.  He would sneak out and steal money from people.  That did not last very long.  He found a caterpillar's cocoon that was opening and the green creature was soon to become a butterfly.  The youth waited partially for the beautiful butterfly to emerge from it's slumber and when it did finally, it flew to his hand and he held it with extra gentleness.  From then on, the boy became his gentle and kind self and was kind to every living creature.  But it was still a cruel world out there and he wanted to prove that kindness goes farther than cruelty.  So one day, he dressed himself in black and went out on the streets.  There he found someone being inhumanly cruel to others so he went to set them straight and sent them away.  People were scared of him at first because he looked like a ninjas and many ninjas were not as kind as he were.  They thought it was strange for a ninja to act so kind.  He found a violet crest in the sand. It was the crest of kindness.  The youth earned the title, "Ken, the Kind Ninja."

Gennai looked into his campfire.  Now those children have grown since they found the crests and rings.  He saw them grow and become stronger with the crests and rings through his magic fire. 

"The time as come, children," Gennai said, "the time has come for your destiny."

How's that for a start?  Sorry that there wasn't much action.  I wanted to give a little background first. This is the prologue that explains how they all got their crests.  Do you think I was good at picking the digi-destined's new titles?  The 01 digi-destined was pretty easy but I got stumped when I got to Cody and Ken.  Because Cody does Kendo, I can kind of see him being a Samurai and most ninjas aren't good so….a ninja Ken is pretty much close.   Trust me, there will be more action in the next chapter!  Oh, and if you can give me some ideas as some villains or help, that'd be nice!  I can't put any digimon in here though.  I can put Ogres instead of Ogremon or a vampire instead of Myotimson…yeah…good idea…glad I thought of it!

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