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Wolf Daughter

"Grandpa! I'm going to go to the corner store! Can you watch Kagome for a bit?" I heard my mother say. My grandpa looks at me, smiles a little, then turns back to his work.

"Sure thing, Seta, I've got it," he said from his work. I heard the front door slide close, and then the only sounds to be heard were my grandpa's tinkering and the steady tick of the old clock in the other room. I sat there, sucking my thumb, and kicking the blanket off my legs. Grandpa subconsciously put the blanket back on my lap.

"Must be nice being two…" he grumbled. "Let's see… OH! I've never seen this marking before…" He set down the wooden object and scuttled to an ancient looking book shelf, and began digging. Suddenly, I felt like my mom calling me. I got on my feet, stumbled towards the door, then fell, crawled out, and found my way towards the kitchen. I saw the end of the kitty my mom got me swish its tail as it left through the little door, to go outside.

"Ki ki!" I crawled towards the little door, and made it through, and outside. The outside was red, orange, and the wind blew a little. Then, the familiar pull was felt again, and I looked towards it. The wind blew ajar a wooden door on a familiar shack. I'd seen it many times from my mother's arms, and I made my way to it.

I went inside, where it was warmer, and made it one step at a time, down inside, towards a wooden-looking box. The top creaked up; eyes peered at me from inside.

"Wahh!" I cooed at the person. She lifted the top, and slowly came towards me, and then she picked me up.

"Well, this seems easier then I thought" she hissed at me. "Perhaps, I should take the jewel from you, than have you as a desert, hmm?" I grabbed at her hair, and giggled.

"Hehehe… too easy; come, child, we must be going."

She took me in the box with her, and the she began to glow blue. The light shined off her and I looked up at the cloudy sky outside of the top of the box. We both came out, but my house was gone. So was the kitty, and my outside toys. There was just red and orange trees.

"Maaamaaaaaa!!!" I cried, rubbing my eyes. The lady hissed in my ear.

"Shut up, you disgusting little beast," she said as she dropped me onto the cold ground.

"Maamaaaa!!!" I cried as I got up, and looked at the lady. Her eyes scared me; they were beady, and she had fangs like a monster.

"Be quiet!" she hit me in the face, and I fell, I hit my face in the grass and dirt. "You ugly, little human! Shut up, or I'll spill your blood here!" She rose completely out of the box, towering above me, and I could see, she was a monster.



A young boy no older then twelve stopped in mid run and scanned the horizon. His bright blue eyes looked out above the trees, his pointed, elven ears twitching in his straining. He turned to his wolf companion, the wolf also had his eyes and ears trained in the same direction. His dark brown, shoulder-lengthed hair, whispered on his skin. He smelt his father coming, his tail wagging slightly.

"Kouga! Did you find anything?" an elderly man with the same color hair, but green eyes and much taller then him said as he peered at him. Kouga pointed to the horizon.

"Shiron and I heard a wailing from over there," he said. The she-wolf, Shiron, whined at them. "I agree, father; something is telling me that I need to go there." Just then, another scream was heard, far more painful this time. Kouga tensed, and faltered in his step.

Shiron began to whine more pleadingly. Kouga's father watched at their responses, then looked at the origins of the yell.

"Very well, Kouga, you'd better hurry," he said. Kouga smiled a wide-toothed grin, then began to run, Shiron right on his heels. He watched his run off as others came behind him.

"Chief, should we follow Prince Kouga?" One beta male, Kouga's pack brother asked.

"Yes, but let him fill his couriousity first. What ever it is, he can handle it for the first few minutes; we will follow shortly," the Chief said. The beta male exchanged looks with another pack brother. "And the fact that he followed the voice of a human pup?"

"We will see," the Chief replied with a knowing grin.

Kouga huffed down the unbeaten path, this unknown force pulling him. He scanned the forest with trained ears and eyes, looking for his objective. A whine from Shiron made him look to his left, towards the east. A whiff of what he caught startled him.

"A human?! She's bleeding…" he exchanged looks with Shiron, then began to run towards the scent. "Might as well see…" He entered the clearing, and was rushed with an amazing aura. He saw the lady centipede first, but she wasn't the source of the energy, it was her prey. The overwhelming aura came from a human girl, no older then three years old. She lay shaking and bleeding on the ground.

"What do you want, wolf-pup?" the centipede hissed. "She my prey, now run home to your mother." Kouga scowled, then stepped forward. He growled under his breathe, and Shiron ran to the girl. The girl yelped, and shuffled back. Shiron bowed her head, folding back her ears and whining. She slowly nudged the foot of the girl, and the girl calmed down a little. Shiron the turned to Kouga, who was standing between her and the centipede.

"The first mistake you made, Lady Centipede, was hunting for prey on wolf land. You're be lucky that I'm letting you go without a meal. Now LEAVE!" Kouga puffed out his chest, and stared daggers at the giant bug lady.

"That's rich, and what does a wolf-whelp plan on doing to someone like me, hmm?" she chuckled darkly. "I suppose you'll make a good meal for my babies." She smiled widely, showing her enlarged fangs. Kouga dodged the oncoming attack with ease, then went to tease her, when he realized that the centipede was headed straight for Shiron.

"Shiron! Watch out!" Kouga ran after the slithering bug, catched her tail, and digging his claws into her flesh, reveling in her yelps of pain. By then, Shiron had picked up the girl by the shirt and made a mad dash for some cover. The centipede when to lash out when she was pinned down by three more bodies, those which where twice as big as the pup, Kouga.

"Why, Lady Centipede, I would have thought you would know better then to attack Prince Kouga on my lands," the Chief said, holding her down by the neck as she writhed on the ground. The overgrow bug hissed at him, and, with that, he beheaded her. He stood to look towards his son, who was slowly creeping over to Shiron and the human pup. Kouga sniffed a little, then fingered a puddle of blood, and went a little faster to Shiron's side.

"Father, she is dieing," Kouga said. "For just a little one, she put up a good fight." He turned to make eye contact with his father, his eyes looking for something in his father's. Shiron was licking her wounds, at an attempt to help the healing process; The girl had a large gash in her upper thigh.

"Kouga, you know the pack and the rules of the pack. You are a beta, so you must look at this from the packs perspective," the Chief said evenly. "And don't think I don't smell her miko blood." Kouga looked at his bloody fingertips, then to the girl. "I know how you see humans, so remember if you make this decision, what the possible consequences are."

His father walked away, knowing all too well what his son's decision would be. Kouga walked to the little girl, and saw her eyes were open.

"For a little human whelp, you sure are tough," he chuckled. She looked one at him, he could smell her fear. "No need to fear me, I want to help you. Do you want to live?" She looked at his eyes, the blue clashing with blue. He could tell by her stern look what her answer was. "What's your name?"

" 'Go-cough 'Gome," she said, trying to sit up, her eyes welling with tears.

"Gome? What a weird name… well, anyways, my name is Kouga, and I'm your new pack brother," he said lifting her up in a bridle style. Shiron walked by him, padding silently. "You must follow my instructions if you want to live, ok?"


"Well, I tell her one thing, and she does another!" Kouga tromped out of his cave to the outing of the rocks, into the packs den. The wolves slept here, near the cave openings, and this was were the pups went to play. Kouga marched his way towards the group of pups were he knew his ward would be. Sure enough, Kagome sat with some wolf pups, watching the other wolf youki pups chase each other. 'At least she listens when I say not to join in their rough housing.' He sighed and walked towards Kagome.

"Kagome," He said, standing behind her. It had only been a year, but she had gotten much taller, though her eyes were just as wide and happy.

"Brother Kouga!" she said, launching into his arms. He sighed happily, and then shook his head.

"Kagome, I told you to stay in the cave today!" Kouga berated her, huffing slightly.

"But, Brother Kouga… I want to meet Father's friends too!" she looked at him, whining a little; a trick she picked up from the other pups. Since she had been adopted by the chief, she had been accepted by their pack, smelling like a wolf youki, and getting a longer lifespan.

"This isn't like meeting our pack brother's from the Northern tribe! This is a council with the tai inuyoukai! He may not look well on father taking in a human!" Kouga berated her. Kagome looked down, if she were a youkai, her ears would have drooped. Kouga sighed, than sat down next to her. He knew of the other pups' teasing, and he could only do so much.

"I'm sorry," she said standing. "I'll go wait with Shiron." Kouga looked at the other pups, than went after Kagome. When he reached the cave, he tackled her to a pile a pelts, laughing as she struggled.

"Don't be sorry! I'll play with you, once I greet the guests, k?" he saw her smile, getting up. "Now don't get into to too much trouble, ok?"

He walked out of his cave, going to where his father would be waiting for him. His father, turning towards him, motioned him to come to his right side.

"Where's Kagome?" he asked steadly.

"In the den, waiting for me; hopefully, she stays there," he let out an exasperated sigh. His father laughed, seeing his son drained from his routine of watching his adopted younger sister.

"Well, I'm sure she…" but he stopped; both him and Kouga caught the inuyokais' scent.

"Who is with him?!" Kouga said a little upset; his father laid his hand on his son's shoulder.

"It's most likely his son, Sesshomaru; there's no need to get upset," his father soothed.

Two figures dropped in front of them; they both wore white hakama and haiori, with steel armor. The larger dog demon had a two tails, black stripe markings on his face and arms; his eyes were amber, and he seemed to have a jovial aspect to him. Just like k\Kouga and his father, he had his pure white hair in a high ponytail.

Sesshomaru, to the older inuyoukai's right, was a mini version of his father. He had his snow white hair down, and had maroon stripes instead of black. His one tail laid behind him, going to the ground. His eyes were drawn taught, and had older looking features for someone who was the same age as Kouga.

Kouga realize that this Sesshomaru seemed a tad nervous, his tail twitching back a forth; he also seemed to be opening and closing his hand, trying not to let anyone else notice.

'Why is he so nervous, its just a meeting,' Kouga huffed and looked down to some rocks around the den. 'I just like the fact that we're meeting by our den…'

"Well, have you been Taisho?" his father asked. InuTasho seemed to look at him longways.

"Always with the small talk, ay Jiro?" InuTasho said snidely. Kouga looked nervously away; he'd never heard about this youkai, but were they on bad terms?

Suddenly, throwing both preteens off, the older youkai started laughing uncontrollablely. Kouga looked up at them, gaping; he looked at Sesshomaru, who had a similar look on his face.

"Father," Sesshomaru started; his voice very smooth for a young boy, "what is the meaning of this?" InuTasho just ruffled a now agitated boy's hair.

"Jiro and I go way back, before we were tais; we grew up knowing each other," InuTasho stated.

"In fact, we were the most mischievous pups in our lands," Kouga's father proclaimed proudly. Kouga seemed to sigh in relief.

'So, there was no chance of InuTasho threatening Kagome…'

"Infact," InuTasho started again, "I believe you, Prince Kouga, received your wily ways from your father." Kouga just smirked at that. "And your arrogance to boot, I see." Both Kouga and Jiro looked dejected at that.

A smell was caught on the breeze, and Kouga quickly turned to his left. Down, on a grassy hillside, Kagome tumbled and wrestled with some other pups.

"Kagome…" Kouga said, sliding his hand down his face. Just as he was about to yell at her, his father put his hand on his shoulder.

"Go ahead and play with her; one so young doesn't really know how to follow directions," Jiro smiled at him. Kouga smiled, then ran off a little, then turned back.

"C'mon, Sesshomaru!" Kouga said, running towards Kagome, and then tackling her to the ground. Sesshomaru stared out at them, his tail swishing a little. He got a look of disgust, but when his father was once again talking with the wolf taiyoukai, he got curious, and slowly walked out in the field, only to sit a little bit away from the other pups.

'She's a human…?' he had no doubt; underneath the wolf smell was the definant smell of human. He also smelt her powers; she was a miko, interesting. He watched as she wiggled out from underneath Kouga, then, as if sensing his eyes on her, she sharply turned to look at him dead pan. He seemed a little shocked, though he hid it well. She just smiled at him, turning back to Kouga to pull on his buckskin shirt.

When he knew no one was looking, he let a little smirk show.


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