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Wolf Daughter

Chapter 8

A stern female voice sounded.

"Now daughter, it is unbecoming as the Lord of the Lands betrothed, to be jealous; more so, of a human…" The dark purple looked into the eyes of her mother; the most beautiful woman she knew. She had inherited her mother's looks and charm. With her orangeish-red hair, and dark purple eyes, she knew she was a sight to behold, and outranked the human cub in both class and looks. But as she turned her vision from her mother to the other… girl, she couldn't help to be possessive of her Lord Sesshomaru.

Was her mother blind? Did she not see the same thing she had seen?

Sesshomaru, the same great demon, known for stoicism, which seemed indifferent in his announced betrothal to her, who didn't flinch when he was given news of his fathers failing heath, had, in fact, lost all sense of himself at once glace to that plain, filthy human!

Perhaps the Lord Sesshomaru had not expected her arrival…. No, he would have known, he makes himself well informed… Then perhaps it was that the girl was supposed to be dead? No, it was not that kind of surprise…

She bit at her thumb nail; she would bide her time; her mother was right, the human posed no threat. She, Yumia, was the betrothed, not the girl.

At that conclusion, she straightened her stance, and walked through the crowd, her head held high. Her family, after all, was one of the last great noble dog families.

She shifted her eyes towards the girl, just as said girl; apparently saw something both surprising and wonderful.


Kagome felt an aura that she recognized, but had shifted so much that she almost didn't recognize it. She turned her head towards its direction. What she saw made her smile; a frown, on tan skin, on a white-hair covered head, with little white dog's ears swiveling back and forth. She saw Inuyasha for the first time in 6 years; he was only 7 years old… yet she could tell; he was already bigger then her!

"Inu... Yasha…"

White ears turned towards the summons, and he lifted his eyes to meet with her. A pause, slow at first, then recognition lit his face. His frown upturned into an awkward, unpracticed smile.


He bolted at her, and got to her in no time, latching himself to her in the most endearing way. He looked like he wasn't sure whether to laugh, dance, or cry. Kagome took pity on him, and walked outside where it was more deserted.

"Gods, Inuyasha, look at you! Your taller then me!" He smirked at that.

"Hehe, that's 'cause you've always been short, 'gome."

They smiled at each other a little bit, and then his eyes belayed his exhaustion, and she sat them down on the grass. He looked at her, knowing she understood, and awkwardly grabbed her pinky finger, like he did when he was younger. Kagome looked at her hand, smiling at him.

"You only do that when your hurt," she said, a sympathetic smile on her face. He cast his gaze away, to some trees off in the distance.

"What do you think? My only lifeline is going to leave me…" Kagome was hurt that he didn't rely on her, but how could she blame him after her 6 year absence. "He was never really all there I guess, Sesshomaru said he was different when he was young. Did I make him that way…?"

"No, of course not!" Kagome grabbed his hands and pulled his attention to her face. "Inuyasha, besides family, who do you love most?" Inuyasha seemed startled at the turn of conversion. And after much grumbling, and Kagome's insistence, he sighed in compliance.

"Prob'ly you, 'gome…" Kagome smiled. "But, in a totally not weird way…"

"Heehee I know." She paused before she continued.

"Inuyasha, when you love someone, it's different, when you're in love with someone. Take your love for me; take that and triple it. That's sorta what being in love is like…"

Inuyasha looked at her quizzically, looking her over.

"How do you know? Have you been in love?"

"Wha-?" At this, she blushed down her neck. "N-no! I haven't! I've read on it in books that my master has in her town!" Inuyasha looked at her for a couple seconds more, and then inclined his head. She cleared her throat. "Anyways, my point is, imagine having that; that wonderful, enormous amount of love and passion, then, the next second, being stripped dry, only feeling intense sorrow and pain." Inuyasha seemed to pale visibly. "Your father went through that twice; once with your mother, and once with Sesshomaru's mother before that."

"Hm…" Inuyasha looked at Kagome for a second. "You won't leave like he is right?" Kagome's eyes widened. Sure she was the wolf princess, but by all terms, she was a human. She was saved by her father, though, from answering.

"Lord Inuyasha, Kagome, please come inside," he bellowed out to them. They rose up, Kagome leading with a grumpy Inuyasha on her tail. "We have to see Lord Inu Tasho now Kagome." Kagome tried to swallow past the lump in her throat and nodded.

They were lead up a deserted corridor, Kagome's eyes switching from the floor, to Kouga, to her father. Finally, they stopped at a shoji screen, and were let in. Kagome, in the huge room, saw the large white bed, and the man who use to be so jovial, and now he was laid out, looking like he had passed on already.

She followed her father closely, just beside Kouga. Just as she felt fear well up in her stomach and chest, Kouga grabbed her hand, and gently squeezed it.

Inu Tasho was in a state far worse then any she'd seen before. His skin was almost as pale as his hair, but more clammy and sickly looking, a look she had yet to associate with demons. He looked… old, and very tired. But he still was aware of his surroundings, because as the approached his beside, he opened his eyes, and gave their little group a tired smile.

"Old friend," he said in a raspy and unused voice. "And Kouga and the little one; you've grown into a beautiful young lady." Kagome smiled at him, trying not to cry.

"Hm, you look a little worse for wear," Jiro playfully jibed. Inu Tasho responded with a tired laugh.

"It's unwise to poke at a dieing dog." At this they silenced again. "No need to be so solemn, I'm old, and my time here is more then used up. I had a long happy life, and I will be going home soon."

"We'll miss you…" Kagome sputtered out, trying her best to hide her tears, "all of us will. You're a wonderful individual, and a great demon. I'll miss you…" She stopped talking for fear of her voice cracking.


He had walked into the room silently, not wanting to disturb the visiting going on at the moment. He heard the wolves' human cub simpering, the smell of tears and stress coming of her in nauseating waves. But when she spoke, he stopped in his tracks.

"We'll miss you…." Indeed, this whole land will feel its loss. "I'll miss you." That struck a chord; even as his own father lying dieing he had yet to express such sentiments. Though he was normally against such shows of affection publicly, he felt something in the air, that he didn't have time for such formalities. He approached the bed, standing next to the crying girl, and looked at his father; he heard his labored breathes, his dieing heart fluttering like an expiring butterfly in his chest.

No, this Sesshomaru was not a sentimental demon, but he was honest to his self, and he would do this last thing for his father.

"Yes, esteemed Father, this Sesshomaru…" but he stopped. He couldn't continue; he never faltered. His father raised his head to look at him, an old smile on his face.

"I see…" He looked from Sesshomaru to Kagome, then back to Sesshomaru. "I see …"

And with that last word, the great Lord Inu Tasho was gone.


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