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Crap, thought Nita, as she reached in her bag for her geometry book. Her hand had brushed her manual, and she felt the buzz that notified her of a message. Kit was the only one that ever messaged her, and she had seen him only a couple hours prior. What was wrong?

She sighed, and pulled her manual out, and flipped to the message page. It wasn't from Kit. It was from her aunt Annie.

"Hey, Nita. Why don't you come see me tonight?"

That sounded like something a normal 14 year old would do. Go visit her dad's sister. But Nita wasn't a normal 14 year-old. She was a wizard and the fact that her aunt lived in Ireland posed no problem. Well, there was the whole overlay thing, but if Annie knew when Nita was coming, she could cover for her.

"Reply?" the manual asked, the words forming on the page.

Since it wouldn't do to have her classmates hear her talking to a book, she pulled out a pen and wrote,

"Sure, Annie, just let me know where and when, and please cover for me so i don't end up in deep space. Thanks, Nita."

"Send?" came the word on the manual.

"Yes." she penned.

"Okay class, open your books to page 135."

With that, Nita closed her manual and pulled out her geometry book.

"So what are you up to this afternoon?" asked Kit, as they were walking after school.

"Well, I'm going to visit Annie tonight. Speaking of which...." Nita reached in her bag for her manual. Sure enough, it buzzed. She pulled it out and read the reply,

"How about 4:30 your time? You can eat dinner here. Come to the living room. Don't worry, sweetie, I'll cover for you. See you then, dear!"

"Oh, just visiting Annie?" asked Kit.

"Yeah. I haven't seen her since this summer, and haven't talked to her since this whole thing with my mom....." Nita broke off, her throat constricting.

"Are you okay?" Kit prompted, concerned.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, she's okay for now, but..."

"Well, if you have plans for tonight, I have a proposition for tomorrow afternoon."


"Come on a walk with me and Ponch."

"What? Oh." Nita recalled what Kit had told her about Ponch.

"He's been dying to go squirrel chasing again. It's hilarious to watch."

"Sure. Right after school?"

"Yeah. "

"How's S'reee doing?" Nita and kit had helped the whale with a pollution problem. They had had a fight right before the first spelling, and Nita had ended up walking away. At the "check up" meeting, Nita hadn't been able to come because of her mother's health.

"She wants us to come back on Saturday."

"Okay. Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow." They had reached Nita's road.

"Yeah. Tomorrow."

They exchanged good-byes and Nita hurried home to change and talk to her mom for a few minutes before she left to go see her aunt.

"I'm home!" called Nita.

"Shhh...." scolded Dairine, walking down the stairs, her computerized manual following her, "Mom's sleeping."

"Where are you going?"

"Out. On business."

"Ah. Did you leave a note?"

"I talked to Dad. I'll be back for dinner. Oh, and he said he'd be home early."

"Okay. Good Luck." Since Dairine had lost her original "umph" of power, she had been distraught over her wizardry. Nita was glad to see her back in the swing of things, so to speak. Nita headed to her room to change into jeans. It was a lot cooler over in Ireland.

"Dairine? Nita? Are either of you home yet?" came her mom's voice.

"I am. Just a sec!" Nita pulled on the jeans and headed to her mother's room.

"Are you feeling okay?" Nita asked, concerened.

"Yes. Great. The day of the surgery worked wonders."

The day of the surgery. Not only surgery had gone on. Nita had tried to save her mother with wizardry. Things had gone wrong, and it had come to Nita trading her wizardry to the Lone Power for her mother's life. Kit and her mother had intervened, and ended up keeping Nita from making that dreadful mistake. Her mother's life had not been saved, but they had bought her a little more time.

"I'm glad."

"So where's Dairine?"

"She had something to do. She promised to be back for dinner. I may not be, though."

"Why? What to you have to do?"

"Nothing. I'm going to go visit Aunt Annie."


"Yeah. She left me a message inviting me over at 4:30 and said I could eat there."

"Well, you better get a move on! It's 4:25 now!"

"It is?"


"I'd better go! Bye, Mom! I love you. I'll be gone a couple hours, at most. Tug if you need anything." Kit and Nita had set up, along with Dairine, a wizardly chain between Nita's Mom and her Dad, so that if her mother had a problem, she could easily reach her husband by mentally "tugging" at the chain.

Nita left her mother's room, grabbed a jacket, and activated the spell that Kit usually referred to as the "Beam me up Scotty" spell. Seconds later, she was standing in her Aunt Annie's living room.

"Nita!" She turned and saw her aunt. She didn't even have a chance to say hello before she was swept in big hug.

"I've missed you so! How are you?"

"Fine." Nita started, before changing her mind, "No. I'm not fine. But I am getting better."

"I'm glad. I can only imagine what you're going through. I read the report."

"It didn't work. Not completely, anyway."

"But it bought her some time. And some is better than none."

"Yeah, but...." Nita broke off, swallowing hard.

Sensing a need for a change of subject, Annie said, "Well, how about dinner?"

After eating a light meal together, Nita helped her aunt do the dishes. "I miss having you here," Annie said, "Especially having you wash the dishes." They both laughed.

"You're welcome to come visit anytime. Just leave me a message in your manual, so I can cover for you. The overlays are getting weaker, not much, but slowly getting weaker, since the Renactment."

"That's good. How's Ronan doing?"

"He's been doing good. He's opening up a lot more, and has spent a lot of time talking to Shaun. Speaking of him, if you want to visit, I wouldn't be opposed. Just check in here before you go back home."

"I might take you up on that later. I think I'll go and talk to him before I leave. I'll stay here for a bit more, though."

"Would you like some tea?"

Remembering her tea-packed weeks here, Nita groaned before replying, "Sure."

Nita and her aunt sat at the kitchen table for the next hour or two, talking over cups of tea. Finally Annie said, "If you're going to go see Ronan, you might want to go ahead. It's 11:15 here, and you don't want to go over there too late."

"What's the easiest way to get there from here?"

"Let's look."

Annie pulled up a wizard's map. "Look," she said, "here, about five minutes walk from Ronan's, is free of overlays. Go there, then it's east to his house. His mother is working the night shift these days, so you won't have to worry about disturbing her."


"And you're leaving late enough that you don't have to come back here before you go home. I'm going to go to bed. I have to get up early tomorrow."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to keep you up so late."

"No, you didn't, dear. If I wanted you to leave, I would have told you to leave. I'm glad you came. Come back again soon."

"I'm glad you asked me over. I needed the night away and I glad I talked to you. I need that to. Thank you."

"Anytime, dear. I'll see you soon." They hugged, then air rushed in to the place where Nita had stood.

She walked the five minutes to Ronan's house, her mind swimming. She missed him tremendously, but she wasn't sure how he was going to react when she showed up, uninvited, on his doorstep, at 11:30 PM at that. She wasn't even sure how SHE would react at seeing him again. She guessed she would find out. Nita drew in a deep breath, and knocked on his door.