Don't hate me. I never was one for extremely happy endings (Don't apply this to Hidden From Sight, I'm not sure how I'm going to end it, but it will probably be happy), even though I have trouble writing sad endings myself at times. When I intend to kill a character off, I usually characterize him/her and then become too attached and decide not to. I was afraid I wouldn't characterize Angie enough, because I was dead set on setting her dead (not sure if that sentence made sense, but it's nifty, so, yeah.) But I think I did okay.

I'm going to do a sequel to this, featuring Lexi. I hope you understand at least half of what the Powers things were saying; a couple things that you are probably clueless about still will come up in the sequel. However, I think I'll put the first chapter of the sequel, which is coming along s-l-o-w-l-y, but surely, up in about a month. I want to leave some time for "reading and reflection" to give more people the chance to read the story and reflect on it a bit before I rush on to the sequel.

I never finished the Quintin thing, maybe it will come up in the sequel.

I know some of you thought I did some foreshadowing with Kit/Ronan's feelings and to be honest, I planned on them having a confrontation... but then I wrote it and forgot that part. So, I added an argument so that I will not get a reputation as a writer who writes deeply involved beginnings and then endings that don't even fit.

Feel free to ask me any questions: I'll e-mail you a reply, or if I get a lot of questions, I'll post the answers on this story. If you asked about the Powers, and it's something that will come up in the sequel, I'll tell you that I won't tell you want it means, because I don't want to ruin the plotline of the sequel.

Also, my title makes little sense, I know. I HATE making up titles before I finish the story. Just... ignore the title. it seems silly to change it now.

I was relieved and happy when I typed the final word of this story. (Which was actually the part about getting from the stopover to the gray realm; the last words of the story I wrote a while ago, and then started skipping around.) However, I was also kinda sad that it was over. This story was a lot of fun to write. I had fun devolving Angie, and writing Ronan and Nita's romance. Kit and Nita's fight was fun, too, cause I was having a poor week when I wrote it, and it was a good vent. Writing their make-up was tricky— I was afraid you guys would mutiny against me for falling back on convenient fluff— but luckily, most of you are a bunch of saps, and others were happy I didn't take "the easy way" {I thought what I did was} and put Kit and Nita together.

I spent too much time on the romance— I had planned about three chapters to establish the romance, but before I knew it, Kit had a crush on Nita, and had kissed her, and I had posted it. I had planned on introducing Angie in chapter 4-5, but...well I was only about 7 or 8 chapters late... no biggie. :P

I don't know how many times I made the stupid mistake, when I was writing quickly and not paying attention to my letters, of writing "Kita" instead of "Kit and Nita".

I want to thank all my wonderful reviewers, especially those who stuck with me through it all. Special thanks to Brasenia, who offered to beta read, and though it never ending up working out, it's the thought that counts. (If you are still interested [or if anyone else is, for that matter] I still need a beta reader for the sequel, *wink, wink*) Thanks to Wandering Blue Andalite (Sorry to Ax if I totally butchered the spelling of that), and Smile 7499, for their e-mails. Again, love and thanks to everyone for their support and "constructive" (*cough, cough* ;D) criticisms. I hope you all read and like the sequel! (Which will be a whole lot better than this story!)

Now, go and review this story one final time. Make it a good, long review. I want to know exactly what you thought of the entire story, what I did right, what I did wrong, how it could have been better, what parts you liked, what parts you hated. Thanks again. Now, review!