Heroes and Rivals

Chapter One: The Beginning

A dark figure stepped up to a glass tube. There was a young man floating in a tube of liquid. The figure checked the computer, life support...good, artificial growth...90 percent complete. The figure smiled, red eyes glowing, his greatest experiment was almost complete. The figure turned around and left the room.

The tank bubbled as the figure opened his eyes, that smile was etched into his memory forever. It soon close his eyes again and slept. The bubbles rose around him.

Sinister Records 00-124

Welcome to the Age of Apocalypse, a world that I helped create. A world that not only feared mutants but also respected them. Respect that was earned by fear, fear of Apocalypse and his Horsemen. In the beginning there was on four, but over time that number grew, even I am a Horseman. In the late 1970's Apocalypse came into power, after staying in the shadows for a few millennia he decided that it was time to come into play. He watched the growing fear of mutants came into the limelight. Gathering a mass army of mutants, he conquered the US and Canada. What normal humans, or "flatscans" as the mutant population; that could escape knew them fled to Europe and Asia. Those that couldn't escape were either killed by cullings or by Apocalypse's first strike. The figure stopped typing and raised a hand up to his mouth, the figure sort of sighed and began to type again. I was brought in for my talents, red lips parted showing the figures gleaming white teeth. The name that was given to me was Sinister; it was given to me personally by my master, Apocalypse. It sounded better than my original name I must say. Below me in my section of control were my prelates, Scott and Alex Summers, brothers by blood, enemies by ego. When I found the two of them, they were near death. I brought them back with me, nursed them back to health and taught them to be two of my greatest soldiers. I gave them the code names of Cyclops and Havok. Alex received Havok for his uncontrollable temper, and for his white-hot plasma bursts. Cyclops was given to Scott because he was able to fire out a burst of energy from his eyes; they were only controlled when he wore a special visor made of ruby quartz. With my guidance they became true killing machines, each completely loyal to me, but Scott lost one of his eyes for my cause. It was during a break out from my "pens" when it happened. A rogue mutant named Weapon X had broken in and was trying to free his girlfriend, a telepath of the highest order, red head beauty Jean Grey. Scott chased them down and cornered them, Weapon X was known through the Apocalypse administration for his brutality when he was mad, a berserker rage. He lashed out taking out one of Scott's eyes, making him a true "Cyclops". Scott fired back taking off of Weapon X's hands. An eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, but alas X and Grey escaped. That is when Apocalypse pulled me in to start to genetically create humans, his true nature of keeping me around was clear. I was brought in for my brilliant scientific mind. Fine if that is what he wants, I must not turn against my master, both of us being immortals, he was not an enemy that I would like to have. So I begun my experiments, by bringing in a lower soldier of mine, his name was Dr. Henry McCoy. He was very interested in the genetic splicing, so much that he started to experiment on himself, turning him into a blue furred monster, a Beast, a Dark Beast. But alas between Dr. McCoy's and myself hard worked and accomplishments, our experiments never lasted long. By this time I was getting bored with Apocalypse, and appalled at his atrocities that he was doing to normal humans, murdering entire human families, men, women and children, no one was spared in his genetic cullings. One of the worst was the Horseman of Death, Holocaust-Apocalypse new "adopted" son. Holocaust led the army of "infinites" that were now calling themselves, in a rampage across the country, seeking out normal humans, and destroying them. Holocaust was once known as Nemesis, when Apocalypse attempted to steal the US's nuclear stockpile, he sent Nemesis to Magneto's school, to destroy it. Apocalypse was thinking ahead, knowing that Magneto would stop him using his "X-Men"; he would leave his school open. Nemesis attacked, killing numerous students and Magneto's daughter-the Scarlet Witch. Needless to say, Magneto was upset. Fighting Nemesis until he had destroyed him. But luckily Nemesis's mutant power was that he was able to control the ions of his body, allowing him to survive. Dr. McCoy created a body suit that contained Nemesis's ions, instead of it becoming a handicap; it ended up making Nemesis a living weapon. Allowing him to create powerful blasts of energy out of his "hands", with enough power to destroy anything it was fired at. Nemesis also decided then that his human name had no meaning to him now, since he was leading a holocaust of humans without the X-gene, he would forever be known as Holocaust. I was simply amazed at the power he contained; I had never seen anything like it in my years of being by Apocalypse's side. He was almost like an android, having no compassion, no conscience-a perfect killing machine.

More tomorrow...

End of Sinister Records

Sinister stood from the computer and walked over to a window. Sinister stood by it and watched the blood red sky, the smoke rising from the factories below. The smell of charred flesh, both human and mutant, wafted in the air. No matter where he was at on Apocalypse Island, he could still hear the screams coming from the "Pens". New York city was destroyed, it was Apocalypse's territory and he chose it first, in territory buildup he split up the country between himself, Holocaust, myself and countless more Horsemen. Sinister smiled at the world he had helped create, if he ever dies, a hot burning hell would await him for all eternity, Sinister wasn't worried at all, he was immortal, nothing could kill him. Sinister walked from the window and over to his lab. The lab was completely destroyed, a wall missing, the glass tube that once contained the boy was also destroyed, the boy gone. While he had Jean Grey in the "pens" he had taken sample from her and joined them from some he had of Scott. With the two most powerful mutants combined, he created a mutant with enough power to rival even Apocalypse. He dubbed the mutant Nathan Grey, whose main reason of being alive was to take on Apocalypse and his adopted son. The hole in the wall looked out over Apocalypse Island, formally Manhattan. Apocalypse showed his true power by replacing the Statue of Liberty with homage to himself. A grim reminder to all those who attempted to overthrow him. Sinister had taken the head of the statue as his own lab, who knew that someone had the nerve to attack it. It had been an entire week since the boy had become missing, but the question is: Who let the child out??

Who indeed...?


Next up: Sinister leaves Apocalypse with a bang. The introduction of Nathan and Forge. Nathan and Forge meets a new stranger, what does he have that connects to Sinister and Apocalypse?