Sirius Black and the Four Founders

By Lady Red

What is the Veil exactly? Sirius discovers this the hard way when he finds himself in the future as an 11 yr old and attending Hogwarts a second time with James Potter II. One thing's for certain, life sure has gone to the dogs.

Chapter Three

The Sorting Hat

Slowly Sirius began to wake. He opened his eyes a fraction and was rewarded with a stab of pain as his aching head informed him it did not appreciate the morning sunlight streaming into his room. Hastily shutting his eyes with a wince, Sirius lay still, not at all sure what had happened. The last thing he remembered was speaking to Hugo and James and after that, there was just nothing.

"Awake are we?"

A bright, cheery voice penetrated Sirius' thoughts and he opened his eyes more carefully this time to find a grinning face above him. The grinning face turned out to belong to a hunched over, old man. His bright blue eyes danced with delight as he began examining Sirius, poking and prodding him from every angle.

"Hey, cut that out," snapped Sirius, pulling back his hand. The old man laughed and hoped off his step, set beside Sirius' bed. He lurched over to the counter, with a rather pronounced limp, his wispy hair flapping about his shoulders and his faded blue robes dragging along behind him. He returned to Sirius' beside with a goblet which he thrust into Sirius' hands.

"What is this?" demanded Sirius suspiciously. The old man was a little creepy. He continued to grin, somewhat maddeningly at Sirius.

"That is a goblet with a simple headache potion in it. Drink it," he commanded, his voice high and squeaky.

"I'm Joseph Pomfrey though everyone calls me Old Jo. You're in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. It is 3:27 on a Sunday afternoon, the day after you were given into my care when you mysteriously collapsed down at the Quidditch Pitch. I highly suspect a case of mental trauma but I doubt you'll tell me that. Am I right?"

Old Jo gave Sirius sly smile as Sirius finally gave in and downed the potion. It tasted rather salty and made his insides clench as it slid into his stomach. Grimacing, Sirius handed back the goblet and lay back.

"How long do I have to stay here?" he asked.

"Oh you could probably leave by lunchtime. I just want to make sure you don't have a relapse," said Jo, tossing the goblet into the sink.

Sirius sighed. That didn't sound good, a whole morning with nothing to do. Old Jo surprised him however, when he ambled back over to Sirius' bed with a stack of magazines.

"Here, you can read these while you wait. The boys from yesterday also asked me to give you this."

He gave a rather disgusted look and dropped something into Sirius' lap. He was astonished to see it was just a box and it had Chocolate Frogs written on the top. Curious, Sirius opened the box and nearly fell off the bed when a chocolate frog literally jumped out of the box. It hopped onto the floor, across the room and before Sirius could blink, it had jumped out the window. He couldn't quite believe that James and Hugo would give him something like that as he stared after it.

Old Jo had apparently seen the entire event and broke into a wheezing kind of laugh.

"Ah you should have seen you're face!" he giggled, wiping a stray tear away. "Chocolate frogs do try to get away you know. You're supposed to eat them before they can."

"Really?" asked Sirius, a little horrified at the thought. "They actually taste like chocolate then?"

"Of course! It's just a spell, wears off after awhile," replied Jo airily.

"Oh," said Sirius feeling rather foolish.

Shrugging and still chuckling to himself, Old Jo left Sirius alone. After the disastrous chocolate frog affair, Sirius picked up the box and discovered that there were cards to collect in the box. He had gotten a card with an old man called Albus Dumbledore on it but after a cursory glance at the description on the back, Sirius set it aside and picked up one of the magazines. Most of them were woman's magazines but the morning passed rather quickly for Sirius as he became engrossed in them. There were so many interesting things that had happened to the people in them and Sirius found he had become totally absorbed in the various magical happenings before Old Jo came in around mid-afternoon.

"Still here are you?" he asked. He laughed at Sirius' startled look – he hadn't heard the man at all!

"You'd best get going if you want to be ready with the other students. The Hogwarts Express will be arriving in an hour or two and you'll need to get changed and find your way to the Great Hall."

Sirius didn't need to be told twice as he hopped out of bed and shot out the door like a rocket. He was glad to be free of the ward but quickly realised he had no idea what part of the castle he was in. He was forced to seek advice from the paintings once again and nearly had another encounter with Booger, who was lurking in a fifth floor corridor. Luckily, Sirius saw the gnome before it did and he managed to skirt around it and keep going.

At long last Sirius found his room again and tore inside with barely half an hour to spare before he'd have to be down in the Great Hall with the other first years. He threw on the freshly pressed robes laid out by the house elves for him on the bed, frantically dragged a comb through his hair and then rushed out the door again, barely hearing the painting's disgruntled yell at him.

It took Sirius a little longer than he liked but he finally stumbled into the Great Hall, panting and surprised to discover it was almost completely empty except for a few house elves setting out the finishing touches to one of the tables.

"Sir!" squeaked Dobby, spotting him in the doorway.

He leapt down from where he had been arranging plates and came hurrying over, as fast as his little legs could carry him.

"Sir is early Sir," said the house elf, coming to a halt in front of Sirius. He wasn't surprised to see the house elf was still wearing his pink cardigan.

"Old Jo said the feast would start soon," explained Sirius.

"That it does Sir," replied Dobby. "But Sir should be down in the foyer with Professor Longbottom. All the first years are to be sorted before the feast begins."

"Sorted?" queried Sirius. It wasn't the first time he'd heard the term and he was beginning to become rather uneasy about it. What if it was some kind of test? What if Sirius failed and had to go back to knowing nothing? Sirius didn't even want to think about it. Hogwarts was the first thing that had made sense to him, that just felt right. How could he give up his only link to his past?

"Sir really should be going," said Dobby. "The students will be arriving soon."

"Well alright," said Sirius, resigning himself to his fate.

He left the Great Hall and headed towards the foyer. He vaguely realised that he'd walked past the doors to the Hall a few times now and had not even realised it was there. Never the less, the foyer was familiar and easy enough to find.

Sirius found a rather tall and gangly kind of man standing in the foyer. Professor Longbottom was absently chewing the end of a quill as he stared down at a sheet of parchment. Sirius guessed it was probably a list of first years. He had a rather dopey but friendly sort of face and Sirius found it easy to approach the Professor as he stood, mulling over the list of students.

"Excuse me Professor?"

Professor Longbottom whirled, shocked to see Sirius behind him.

"Oh sorry," he mumbled as Sirius stumbled back, a little startled by the Professor's rather nervous reaction. "Didn't hear you."

"That's alright," replied Sirius. "I didn't mean to scare you."

Professor Longbottom laughed.

"I could say the same. Afraid it's a bad habit," he admitted.

"Still, I wasn't expecting the first years to be here yet although I see there's only one of you."

"I'm Harry Thatcher," said Sirius, introducing himself.

"The Headmaster brought me to Hogwarts a few days ago. Got in a bit of an accident," confessed Sirius, his cheeks burning.

"Oh that's alright – I'm always getting into accidents to. Broke my third vase on the way here actually," said the Professor.

Sirius laughed, already beginning to feel at ease with the clumsy professor.

"Sounds like they're coming," said Professor Longbottom and indeed, they were.

A stream of students wearing black robes just like Sirius' came pouring around a corner and up the steps. They were following the most enormous man Sirius had ever seen. His grizzly iron grey hair hung about his shoulders as feet the size of two large watermelons strode up the steps. It strangely looked like he was grinning because his small, little black eyes had crinkled up at the corners.

"Hagrid! Good to see you," beamed Professor Longbottom stepping forward.

"Ello there Neville – ah – Professor," replied Hagrid.

"Got the first years here 'though it looks like you've already got one with you," said Hagrid, his eyes coming to rest on Sirius.

Sirius shifted nervously from foot to foot. He hated to admit it but the giant rather intimidated him.

"This is Harry Thatcher," said Professor Longbottom, introducing Sirius.

Hagrid looked him up and down, his smile slipping just slightly as he gave Sirius a rather odd look.

"My but you don' look like a trouble maker. I knew another student just like you," said Hagrid.

"Course it was a long time ago but he was a nice chap – grew into a right wonderful young man. 'E was always up to no good mind but he had his heart in the right place."

Hagrid sighed, apparently lost in memories. All the other students were now looking curiously at Sirius which did nothing to make him feel any more comfortable.

"Ahem, well yes, got to go Hagrid – sorting and all you know," said Professor Longbottom, breaking the awkward moment.

"Course, right you are Professor," said Hagrid, apparently back on Earth.

With a quick wave, Hagrid disappeared down a side corridor.

"That's Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts," explained the Professor out of the side of his mouth to Sirius.

"Right," he said loudly, now addressing the students. "If you'll follow me."

Professor Longbottom turned and promptly tripped over his robes. He righted himself with an embarrassed laugh and then led the way onwards.

This time Sirius was able to enjoy the return trip to the Great Hall rather than the blur it had previously been. As it was leading towards the main part of the castle, the hallway was rather extravagant with several items on display that Sirius couldn't quite believe. In a school of students about to learn magic, it seemed silly to have so many breakables. Vases of all descriptions and colours where lined up on delicate glass pedestals on either side of the hall. Several students seemed a little awestruck by the fragile looking glassware although Sirius quickly forgot about that when he someone suddenly careered into him, their arm snaking around his neck and nearly knocking Sirius into Professor Longbottom's back.

He looked over his shoulder to see the familiar face of James Potter. Hugo was a half a step behind, smiling brilliantly at Sirius.

"Harry! Didn't expect to see you up and about," said James.

"Err, yeah…Jo let me out. Wasn't anything serious," said Sirius quickly.

"Blimey," said Hugo. "You sure? Fainting isn't exactly an everyday kind of thing."

"I didn't faint," retorted Sirius defensively.

"Well it looked like it," replied James. He smirked at Sirius and suddenly Sirius wasn't feeling quite as friendly. He remembered James' earlier attitude with a grimace. He wasn't at all surprised to see Hugo roll his eyes and send Sirius an apologetic look. Apparently his cousin was always like this.

"Quiet back there," said Professor Longbottom. "We're nearly there so I expect everyone to enter in two, straight and orderly lines."

The students hurried to obey and before Sirius realised it, they were sweeping into the Great Hall. Hundreds of students swivelled in their seats to look at them. Sirius found that his nervousness only increased as they made their way up the aisle towards a long table of teachers. Professor Weasley was sitting right in the middle and Sirius was a little surprised to also see George next to him.

"Uncle George is a Professor to," said Hugo, catching Sirius' look. "He teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts."

Sirius nodded and before he knew it, they had come to a halt in front of the head table. Professor Longbottom disappeared momentarily only to return with a stool and a somewhat frayed hat.

Sirius looked at it, confused as to what was supposed to happen as Longbottom set down the stool and placed the hat on top. He retreated back a few steps and stood, looking as if he were waiting for something.

Then, to Sirius' amazement, a tear seemed to open in the hat and suddenly it began to sing!

Gather round and listen hear,

For all those entering first year.

You're in for a treat tonight,

Even if it's just to see the sights.

For you're about to enter Hogwarts,

Full of spells and potions and all sorts.

But alas, business first,

No time to eat or quench your thirst.

You must be sorted to your place,

So the long years you can face,

Don't be afraid, step up, step up,

Put me on and I'll read your nut.

You might belong in Gryffindor,

Such courage and bravery do those adore.

Or perhaps in dear Hufflepuff,

Who are clearly made of harder stuff.

For you it may be Ravenclaw,

On wings of knowledge you shall soar,

Or last but not least, Slytherin,

Where dwell those of great skill and ambition.

So try me on, you needn't worry,

Come on now, you must hurry.

You mustn't keep your classmates waiting,

So let's go now, time's a wasting.

As the hat finished it song the students burst into a round of applause. Sirius joined in, clapping enthusiastically.

"Right," said Professor Longbottom stepping forward.

"When I call your name out can you please come up and sit on the stool. I will place the sorting hat on your head and then you will be sorted into your house. Anderson, Loki!"

A slight, blonde haired boy slipped past Sirius and walked up the dais. Apprehensively he took a seat and the Professor Longbottom placed the hat on his head. It was so big it slid down over his eyes and hunched up a bit, as if in deep thought.

A moment later, the hat suddenly cried, "HUFFLEPUFF!"

The boy took the hat off and sprang off his seat to go and join the long, yellow table of students. As Sirius watched, the inside of his robes and his neck tie turned yellow to match the rest of the Hufflepuff students.

Baxter, Douglas was next and he became a Hufflepuff to.

Julia Longbottom became the first Gryffindor followed not long after by James Potter. Finally Sirius' turn came.

"Thatcher, Harry!"

Sirius hesitated half a second but Hugo gave him a small push in the back and Sirius moved forward, dread filling him.

He climbed up the steps, feeling the eyes of the entire hall burning the back of his neck. He didn't dare look up at the teacher's table. He had never felt so exposed before in his entire life and strangely, he didn't like it. His instincts were shrieking at him, demanding to know why he was out in the open like this.

His vision began to darken around the edges and suddenly, Sirius understood what was happening. Forcing down the panic, he tried to gain some sort of calm, refusing to succumb to another fainting incident in front of the entire school.

His face white with the strain, Sirius sat and was enveloped in darkness as the hat was placed on his head. It made him feel a little better now that he couldn't see anyone but he jumped violently when the hat suddenly spoke in his ear.

"My, my! How very unusual," said the hat.

"What it?" thought Sirius, still a little shocked.

"Why, it's the first time I've ever had to sort anybody twice."


"Yes although I can't imagine what you've been up to Sirius Black. Still, you aren't going to be any easier to sort than last time. Of course, the potential for trouble was always there but I see that same stubborn and rather reckless streak hasn't abated any. Plenty of brains too and a good work ethic. Also rather sharp and determined…yes, well," continued the hat to itself. "I suppose this is going to be a very interesting year."

The hat was silent a moment, apparently reaching a decision.

"Alright then, might as well put you where you belong in –


Sirius could hardly believe it but he slipped of the stool quickly, feeling it was rather miraculous that he'd passed the test. He nearly forgot to take off the hat and had to hastily give it back to Professor Longbottom before he made his way down to the Gryffindor table. There was a clear space next to James, Sirius found rather unfortunately, which he took.

The other Gryffindor turned, grinning brilliantly at Sirius.

"Can you believe it? My Dad was a Gryffindor to. It's become the most popular house since his day. Nobody wants to be in Slytherin although that can't be helped if your whole family's always been in there."

He shot a rather dark look at the green table across the hall and Sirius noticed the glare mostly seemed to be directed at a small, blond haired boy. He was staring sullenly at his plate and sitting a little apart from the other students.

"Who's that?" he asked curiously as Hugo slipped into a seat next to Sirius.

"That's Scorpios Malfoy. All the Malfoys have been in Slytherin. They're all purebloods and his dad and grandfather were big supporters of you-know-who," said Hugo.

"What do you mean you-know-who?" asked Sirius. "Do you mean the Dark Lord your Dad defeated?" he said to James.

"Yeah," replied James. "He's only the most terrible wizard to have ever lived. Killed hundreds of people including my grandparents. Poor Dad had to grow up with the Dursleys. They treated him like scum – weren't magical themselves you see. Absolutely hated him. Dad never talks about them if he can help it although he seems to be on better terms with Dudley now. They see each other a bit even though Dudley still hates magic. Gets all stuttery the moment you mention the M-word around him."

"Anyway," continued Hugo, pointedly dragging James back on track. "It's no surprise Scorpios has landed himself in Slytherin. There hasn't been a single decent witch or wizard to have come out of that house in years. I suppose it won't be long before he and James are at one another's throats. Their father's were – I don't expect it to be any different."

Sirius snorted, earning a surprised look from the other two and even another first year sitting across from them. Sirius vaguely recalled her name was Lucy Prescott. She was sitting beside a taller student who'd apparently been there for a few years already. He to, was now looking at Sirius.

"Well that can't always be true," said Sirius at their disbelieving looks.

"I mean, the hat just said Slytherins are ambitious. It didn't say they were evil. Surely not all Slytherins are that bad," said Sirius.

"You think?" retorted Hugo sceptically.

"The only half way decent one was Severus Snape and even then, he was still a slimy git apparently."

"Who was he?"

"Old headmaster. He was a double-agent in the war," explained James.

"He and my grandfather loathed one another at school. It wasn't till the end that Dad found out he'd always been on our side. My brother got named after him. Dad and Snape might have hated one another but Dad respected Snape for what he did in the end. In those days it took a lot of guts to lie to you-know-who and get away with it."

James would have continued but Professor Weasley had suddenly stood.

"Well it's nice to see you all once again. I'll spare you a lengthy speech tonight as I know it's been a long trip. Just a few school rules though that the first years should take note of. Some of the older students could also use a little reminder," said Professor Weasley, shooting a grim smile at a group of guilty looking Hufflepuffs further up their table.

"First of all, please be aware that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds. Our caretaker, Mr Bolton, would like me to remind you all that magic is strictly prohibited in the corridors between classes as are several joke items. Please see the list outside his office so that you are aware of the banned items and will not be caught unawares should anything on the list be found in your possession. That way there can be no excuses."

Professor Weasley paused, allowing that to sink in and then moved on.

"Students should also note there is to be no fighting amongst houses. A little bit of rivalry never hurt anybody but the lengths to which students have gone in previous years is totally unacceptable. Any students caught fighting will be forced to spend time with one another until they can resolve their differences. Is that clear?"

The headmaster fixed his students with a sharp glare and several heads hastily nodded, including Sirius' own. He had no intention of getting into any fights; unless of course somebody else started it then it was free for all as far as he was concerned.

"Alright, let the feast begin!"

With a clap of the professor's hands, all the empty plates the house elves had carefully laid out suddenly filled with food. Sirius' mouth watered at the sight of it and without needing any further prompting, he tucked in.

James tore into his food just as relentlessly as Sirius leaving Hugo to sigh and roll his eyes - a practice that was apparently becoming a habit.

"So what were you saying about Slytherin?" piped up Lucy from across the table.

"What?" replied Sirius, struggling to recall the conversation.

"About them not possibly being bad?"

"Oh that," said Sirius, hastily swallowing.

"All I meant was I just don't see how every single person in that house can be utterly evil. Just doesn't sound right."

"Well you give it a few weeks and you'll see what they mean," interrupted the tall boy next to Lucy dryly.

"I'm a forth year and the moment you find me a decent Slytherin, you let me know."

"Right," replied Sirius, irritated by the turn in the conversation.

"I'm Peter, Lucy's older brother," explained the blond haired boy. He had a rather honest face and bright green eyes noticed Sirius, which was strange because his younger sister was brown haired with matching brown eyes and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose.

"Harry Thatcher," answered Sirius, trying to sound polite.

"Well, that's funny," laughed another boy sitting beside Peter. He was smaller with a rather narrow face and bucked teeth. He wore an amused expression however, as he looked between Peter and Sirius.

"Your brother's a Slytherin after all."

"My brother is also a spoilt, little brat," sighed Peter as if they had had this argument many times before.

"Don't talk about Ed that way Peter. He's not all bad," said Lucy. She gave Peter a hurt look which made the other boy wince and apologise with another sigh.

Sirius shrugged to himself and tuned out the rest of the conversation. Hugo later chose to inform Sirius that Peter and Lucy were two of four siblings, all muggle born. They had an older sister in third year who was a Ravenclaw but she didn't tend to associate overly much with her siblings. Edmund (their younger brother), by all reports, was prone to insults and rash decisions, the later being a rather Gryffindor type of thing to do apparently. He was also known however, to be rather quiet and immensely overshadowed by Peter who was not only handsome and popular because of his noble personality but was also an outstanding Quidditch player who was keeper for the Gryffindor team and had helped the House secure the Quidditch Cup the last two years running.

Hugo continued to prove to be a wealth of information following dinner when the first years made their way back to their dormitories, their stomachs so full Sirius thought it would have been more appropriate to roll them there. He explained to Sirius a range of things including when student holidays were, what type of classes they would be having and what teachers were best to steer clear of.

Sirius didn't hear half of it and quickly forgot the rest of it although he did learn much to his surprise, what had been the reasoning behind George's reaction to the Bogger incident on the Quidditch pitch.

According to Hugo, George and Percy Weasley came from a wizard family of seven children. There were two brothers older than Percy. Bill, the eldest, was married and with a daughter in seventh year named Victoria. After him came Charlie who worked with dragons in Romania. He was married with a set of twin sons who were the beaters for the Gryffindor team and also a younger daughter who would be coming to Hogwarts the following year.

After Bill and Charlie came Percy and then Fred and George, twin brothers apparently. The youngest son was Ron, Hugo's father and finally was the only girl in the Weasley family, Ginny, whom had married the famous Harry Potter and become James' mother.

All seven Weasley children had become heavily involved in the war and of all the siblings, Fred had been the one lost to them. Uncle George had never fully recovered from the loss of his twin and his joke shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezers, had only lasted a shaky three years before George had finally packed it in.

Percy offered his brother a place at Hogwarts and George immediately took it and didn't look back. He'd sold everything in the shop and the only thing he had taken with him was Bogger who had skulked in their back workshop since Fred and George had bought the place. The gnome was a reminder of happier days or so the story went and he had been brought to Hogwarts and left to wage constant war on the students ever since.

Sirius felt immensely sorry for the Weasley family once the whole, tragic tale had come out. Hugo and James however, shrugged it off.

"That doesn't stop Uncle George," said James with a grin.

"He gets the students to call him George and it's widely known that he's a mischief maker. Half the pranks that go on around here can't be explained but it's no secret it's probably him. Uncle Percy puts up with him I guess, probably because he can't prove it."

"Or more likely because George would prank his own brother to death if he sacked him," interjected Hugo dryly.

The three boys looked at one another and promptly burst out laughing.

"Alright boys, move aside," ordered a voice from behind them.

A raven haired, Asian girl moved past them as they leaned back to make way for her. A shiny, gold badge glittered on her chest as she pushed her way through the students and up to the head of the line.

In the middle of the tale Sirius hadn't realised they'd come to a halt on the stairway. He watched curiously along with everyone else as the girl stepped up to a large painting of a rather fat woman dressed in a pink gown with so many ruffles on it she looked like a giant pom pom.

"Password," asked the fat lady.

"Alucard," answered the girl promptly.

The fat lady nodded and swung aside to reveal a concealed hole in the wall. The girl stepped through and the other students followed her into the Gryffindor common room.

Sirius felt a sense of strange familiarity surround him as he stepped into the large room. Many older students were already there and seated comfortably around the room. Most of them were talking and catching up on the summer holidays but a few were playing games and one girl was even writing what looked like a letter.

The common room was decked out in deep reds and a lot of dark wooden furniture with gold furnishings. Squashy red armchairs and lounges littered the room but Sirius couldn't shake of the feeling that he'd seen all this before, some place else. Unconsciously, one word sprang to mind and Sirius muttered it under his breath before he even realised he'd said it.


"Did you say something Sirius?" asked Hugo, half a step behind him.

"Oh nothing," replied Sirius hastily.

"So what do you think," asked James, sidling up with a wide grin.

"Pretty cosy looking huh and the best thing is only a Gryffindor can get in here," he added.

"It's great," agreed Sirius, truly meaning it.

For the first time in awhile, he finally felt like he was getting somewhere and any place that seemed familiar and made him say 'home' out loud, was the best place to be.

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