Words of the Heart

From Karou to Hikaru

I love Haruhi, Hikaru…

But the truth is……you are more important to me.

No matter what happens… it is impossible for me to not regard your feelings.

I love Haruhi, Hikaru…..

But I would be happier if you can love someone and expand your world.

Even if I knew this answer long ago, breaking apart will probably be lonely.

I love you, Hikaru….

And I thought it will be good if our current relationship can continue forever.

But I know that, if this continues, you will never find happiness.

Hence, I pretend to be mature, to be a person who understands others.

But in reality, I am still the same as before - Incompatible like a spoilt child, who depends on you more than anyone else's.

I love you, Hikaru. That's why, please……

You must be the one who server it.

I want to see a true smile of yours. Not one full of worries.

It's alright if you hate me.

It's alright if you detest me.

I just want Hikaru to be free…


Yup, it has been a while since I wrote anything new!

This is a major spoiler of what is going to happen in the manga series. Still, after reading it, I really cannot resist posting it here to share with everyone. The thoughts are basically of Karou's, with the changes made to the language to make it a tad more poetic.

If, after reading, you still cannot understand it, no worries, all will be revealed with the manga

Hope you all like it. Till the next new story!