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Author's Note:

I've been fiddling around with the idea of this story for a while now, and I've finally decided to start writing it. Just so you know, this is the 10th Doctor, David Tennant.

Chapter 1: The Doctor

Danny looked outside; this Friday was looking to be bleak. Clouds so grey they were nearly black threatened to release a very violent storm, if not an electrical one at that.

"Ugh… I won't be flying today." Danny muttered under his breath. Getting struck by lightening was the last thing on his mind. So instead, for the first time in a very long time, he walked to the bus stop, meeting many of his peers there, including Sam and Tucker. They looked confusedly at him for being there, but Danny merely muttered "Lightening." and they knew why.

The school bus was cramped and crowded; there was no room to sit, so he gave the last two seats to Sam and Tucker while he stood, holding onto a metal pole.

"I managed to do Lancer's assignment last night." Danny said. "And it nearly killed me too."

"Lancer's assignment?!" Tucker exclaimed in shock. "Oh God I was playing Doomed all night last night and I forgot!"

"How could you forget?" Sam asked Tucker, rolling her violet eyes. "He said it no less than fifteen hundred thousand times yesterday! What's your excuse going to be?"

"I don't know!" said Tucker hopelessly. "Man, that counts for a whole quarter of our end of year mark!"

Danny thought for a while. "Tucker, don't worry, I'll get you out of it." He said, making his eyes turn glowing emerald green for a second, then changing them back. Tucker breathed a huge sigh of relief.

As the bus screeched to a halt, everyone got up and got off. Danny, Sam and Tucker got off the bus and stretched, they were stiff from sitting (or in Danny's case, standing) in the overcrowded-plus-a-little-bit-more bus. There was still half an hour until school actually started, so they went around to the back of Casper High and took a park bench.

"I hope the storm holds off until it's time to go to class." Said Sam, looking up anxiously at the clouds. "I don't feel like going inside that place until I really have to."

"You've got that right." Danny said, glancing over at the building. "I'll bet anything Dash is planning in his puny brain the next thrashing of Danny Fenton."

"Who're you callin' puny, Fentina?" came the voice of Dash from behind Danny, who swooped around to find his massive figure standing over him.

"Dash?! I… er… didn't see you there!"

"Too right you didn't, runt. Besides, you must be running a little low on vitamin thrash, with me home sick the past couple of days. So, are you ready?"

"Ghost!" Danny cried, pointing high up in the sky. It gave him enough time to split himself in half, one half acting as Danny Fenton, the other as Danny Phantom.

"You leave him alone, or I'm going to make sure I get the Fenton Crammer out on you again!"

Dash looked around and saw Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom side by side. Fenton looked surprised and Phantom looked angry, so he hightailed it out. As they were the only ones left outside as Dash ran in, Danny rejoined with his other half and sat down, smiling contently.

"Now that should keep him off my back for a while." Danny said, smiling. Suddenly Sam, who was on the other side of the table from Danny and Tucker, pointed wildly at what was behind them. They swiveled around in unison, and saw a man standing behind them. He looked serious but yet, in a way kind also.

"I saw that." He said to Danny. Danny gritted his teeth, he had been seen by a stranger, this could get very bad.

"Saw what?" Danny asked, trying to sound curious, he however, knew this wouldn't work.

"I saw you split yourself in two, one of you looked different than the other, yet very much the same. You made that person run off like a mouse from a cat, then fused yourself back together."

"What on earth are you talking about?" Danny said.

"Don't worry, I have no intention of telling anyone that you are a half ghost." the man said truthfully and seriously.

"How can someone be a half ghost?" Danny said, looking at him as though the man was a lunatic. "That's technically and physically impossible."

"Because the ability to duplicate one's self is exclusive to ghosts, and the only way a human can posses this ability is to be half-ghost themselves." The man said knowledgably.

"But nothing actually happened, are you feeling okay?" asked Danny, lowering an eyebrow.

"Well… fine. I'll just walk away then."

"Dude, who are you?" Tucker asked, stopping the man from going anywhere.

"I'm The Doctor, what are your names?" he asked them. The three found this to be odd, he just told them he was called The Doctor, nothing more.

"Before we say anything, Doctor Who?" Sam asked him slyly.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows. "I'm The Doctor." he repeated. "I'd like to know your names."

"Well… I'm Danny." Danny said, then looking over at his two friends. "And they're Sam and Tucker."

"You three should come with me." he said. "There's something you need to see… badly."

Author's Note:

Wow, I updated two chapters in one day! (on different stories though) I'm hoping that this will turn out well. It's not bad writing, I haven't come across any even minor writer's blocks at all, so I don't think I'll put the story on hold anytime soon. Anyways please review on what you think of it, as it's much appreciated.



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